5 Nintendo DS Games to Cure Your Nostalgia Fever

Yagmur Sevinc from NoobFeed has compiled five games that are guaranteed to help you reminisce about the good old times.

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Mario Kart DS - The Best Handheld Mario Kart

Mario Kart DS still plays a fine game of handheld Mario Kart more than 20 years after its initial release.

OtterX68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

I really liked the Mission Mode. They had you doing crazy stuff like driving backwards, or collecting all the collectibles as quick as you can between a litter of enemies.

They should add it to Mario Kart 9 for sure, along w online leaderboards for the mission stuff. That's how they could expand on the already excellent Mario Kart 8, bc track quality it's hard to imagine them getting much better beyond slightly tighter graphics and 4k on the Switch 2. Maybe more Diddy Kong Racing-esque adventure layout w more emphasis on boats and planes.

It's hard to say that Mario Kart DS is the best "handheld Mario Kart" though, bc Mario Kart 8 is handheld. It's definitely got some uniqueness that I appreciated. The 2 merged together would be amazing.

kevco3367d ago

I don't think Mario Kart 8 (and Deluxe) rank too highly for me, personally. There's just not as much life in them.

MaxiPower9067d ago

Mario Kart Double Dash, MKDS and Super Mario Kart are the only three that are actually fun to play. Sure MK8 is pretty but its just that. It lacks the soul of double dash. the DS one controls really really well and the orignial with the feather power up is cool.

BlaqMagiq167d ago

Mario Kart DS The Best Mario Kart.

Fixed it for you.

Number1TailzFan67d ago

Hard to disagree with that, really how can all the other games (especially after it) have less single player content?

DKR managed a better game on the 64 and Mario Kart gets away with literally the bare minimum all the time.


Super Mario RPG Remake Brings Us One Step Closer To Chrono Trigger

It's long been thought that a Chrono Trigger remake is impossible, but the Super Mario RPG remake could pave the way.

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Ataraxias331d ago

It's already been said that they weren't motivated to do anything with the series unless the gang was back together, not really for any legal reasons.

FinalFantasyFanatic331d ago

I'm honestly happy with the Steam port of the game.


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