New Characters and Enemies In White Knight Chronicles Site Update

SCRAWL: "The official White Knight Chronicles website has received a major update today. The new update adads a few new characters in the Character screen (one is a creepy old man) as well as some brand new enemies in the World screen (shown above). That's not all, they've also revealed a (flying?) ship in the World screen as well. Along with that, there is some new battle information in the System screen."

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Magic_The_Celt3832d ago

hows them JRPGs on the 360 doing? last time i checked all of them flopped haha and i mean REAL flop, talking 50-60% on meta, i know you dumbasses consider a game a flop if its 80+ % just because its a PS3 exlusive.

Baba19063832d ago

the tree thing is pretty cool =D

Raoh3832d ago

Looks good. Could be RPG of the year for Japan since everything else has been mediocre.