We're not kidding - the Saints Row The Third remaster is exceptional

Impeccably retooled for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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solideagle11d ago

many are complaining that it's not 60 fps...

Eonjay11d ago

The 30 FPS cap can be removed on Pro and X. Neither are a locked 60 and here the X is more consistent though.

ocelot0711d ago

Ohh I didn't know this might get it now.

bishup2510d ago (Edited 10d ago )

it does look a lot better for sure with the models being completely redone and textures increased. i may even go on to say the character models even exhibit smoother edges and sharper textures than found in sunset overdrive. which was a pretty sturdy launch title. very impressive indeed.

ElementX11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

One X is and let's you uncap frame rate

10d ago
Phantom6810d ago

If they are complaining about frame rate (no issue on ps4 pro) then they should play Nafia 2 remaster. That has serious frame rates issues

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luckytrouble11d ago

PC version is locked to Epic Games Store until 2021. Kind of a weird one. Are they really expecting that much extra profit from a remaster of the most popular game in a series that, as a whole, hasn't been relevant in most of a decade?

They put a lot of effort into the remaster, but at the end of the day, it's still an older game that many, many have already played to death.

Oh well. Look forward to picking it up on Steam for $5 during the 2021 Fall Sale lol

Movefasta199311d ago

They have bought exclusive rights for a remaster?? WOw, like... eh.

2ndhandcorn11d ago

Looks good may pick up good to see a proper remaster , 4k 60 fps on x .

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Ghostbob10d ago

going to wait for nextgen consoles to buy this so i can play it at 60 fps.

Sm311M3Fart10d ago

Me too. I would probably get it now if had XOX.

10d ago
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