7 Big Games We Could See At The PS5 Reveal Event

Ready the soapbox, here are some mostly reasonable and not too out there predictions for what we might see at the PS5 event.

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UnSelf393d ago

7 Big Games We Could not See At The PS5 Reveal Event

ilikestuff393d ago

They might show one of those games but said game will come out years after the console hits the shelves (watch dogs from ps4, killzone 2 from ps3).All I hope they show is a good launch game like resistance fall of man was for the pa3.
Looking forward to ps5. I know I’m a minority but I’ve been for the most part disappointed with ps4, this console has been lousy with remakes and remasters, I do love the god of war, Spider-Man, and One or two more. With ps3, 2, and 1 they had great games on games on games. I’m hoping ps5 has a bunch of great games.
Ok hit me with those disagrees

RpgSama393d ago

" I know I’m a minority but I’ve been for the most part disappointed with ps4"

If you've been disappointed by the PS4 I cannot even begin to imagine how you feel about the Xbox One, it must have been a dumpster fire turd covered in burnt hair

russo121393d ago

It seems you are more concerned with your popularity than logic, or subject in discussion.

remixx116393d ago

hasn't all of the consoles been kind of riddled with remakes and remasters this isn't really a PlayStation thing so much as at this gym thing I mean the switch is absolutely covered in them and Xboxes coming up kind of hard too not to mention the Xboxes exclusive offerings have been terrible so I'm kind of with RPG you should have been disappointed with Xbox this gen if that's the case

crazyCoconuts393d ago

I think it's clear you've outgrown gaming and are ready for the next phase of your life. Please proceed to yard work, fiddling in the garage, and following more professional sports teams. Congratulations, you matured.

ilikestuff393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

I haven’t really followed Xbox or Nintendo’s games that much, I’ve been a Sony guy from ps1. If y’all are legit happy with the the lack of great games this gen then I’m sorry for y’all. This is off the top of my head so it won’t be super accurate.
3 uncharted
2 infamous games
2 gta games
2 god of wars games?
3 resistance
2 good cod games
3 little big planets
2 killzones
A good last of us game
A good metal gear game
I know I’m missing some
1 uncharted
1 infamous
1 god of war
1 dreams game
1 Spider-Man game
1 crap killzone
1 crap last of us
Ghost of whatever looks like it will be good
Remakes, remasters galore
No gta game

I know I’m missing some, this gen has been disappointing, developers have been lazy, last gen they said how hard the ps3 was to work with but they still pumped out the games. This gen no one complains about working with the pa4 but we get a third of the good games. We did get a lot of indies though, if you’re into that kinda thing.

RpgSama393d ago (Edited 393d ago )


You're ONLY missing from this generation games like:

- Bloodborne
- Driveclub
- Little Big Planet 3
- Knack 1 & 2
- The Order: 1886
- Until Dawn
- Horizon: Zero Dawn
- Gravity Rush 2
- Ratchet and Clank
- The Last Guardian
- Shadow of the Colossus (even if it is a remake, it's still one of the best games of the generation)
- Detroit: Become Human
- Concrete Genie
- Days Gone
- Farpoint
-Astro Bot Rescue Mission
- Death Stranding
- Concrete Genie

But ok, I guess there were no great games this generation for you on the Ps5.

And I didn't even put a bunch more of PSVR and PSN games in there.

DOMination-393d ago

Compared to what Microsoft have churned out this gen, Sony have done pretty well. It's night and day, no doubt.

But I feel that console gaming has become very souless. With the exception of _at_most_ a handful of games a year, Playstation and Xbox may as well be the same thing.

I look back two generations and have a real fondness for that era. Yes, Sony dominated of course but PS2, Xbox and Gamecube felt like they really had their own identities. Third party exclusives were common, in fact I'd say they were more normal then multiplats. You really had a reason to own all three.

That's not to discredit the first party games, particularly Sony who keep producing products of real quality. But despite what people may think, it's nowhere near as much as it used to be. Back then, games were cheaper so I get it. I just don't think we will ever reach those heights again and its one of the main reasons I prefer PC gaming these days.

indysurfn392d ago

I'd be happy if instead of showing us FFXVI they showed The Legend of Dragoon 2!!! I'd be MORE than happy in fact. Or even a new arc the lad. I think Some JRPG will be there because SWITCH has over 600 RPG's and Sony wants the JRPG crown back. Sony is not going to give up. It just takes years to make a jrpg compared to a action JRPG.

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RpgSama393d ago

At the begining of the generation you're buying a console on the history of what came before and on the promise of what will come, I know on a PlayStation the history of generation defining games, generation after generation, whatever games we don't get at first for the Ps5, I KNOW that in the long run Sony will never let me down, and I KNOW this because they never have in 26 years

393d ago
jambola393d ago

sony have let me down
I love my ps4 and have been playing on ps consoles since ps1
but they had problems
eg years of terrible ps+ titles
needless censorship
months of psn being down

RpgSama393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

@Shaggy2303 & Jambola

For me 26 YEARS of quality consoles and quality games > a couple of months of PSN being down or a couple of months of ok games with PS+ here and there (which they introduced the giving you games for a service, before that you guys were paying Xbox Live for nothing else but to play online and were super happy and braggy about it.)

393d ago
jambola392d ago

1, way to ignore the censorship point, couldn't weasel your way out?
2, just said it was a thing that let me down, i can enjoy something overall while still having problems
3, never owned an xbox, are you really such a delusional fanboy that someone can't say anything bad about sony without being an xbox fan?

RpgSama392d ago


It looks like to you the censorship of those kind of gamesh it's a big issue, for me it hasn't affected my enjoyment of the entire PlayStation ecosystem, if for you that's important, then vote with your wallet and more power to you.

Just like I vote with my wallet when I don't buy games with Microtransactions, or any EA/Ubisoft/Activition game.

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russo121393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

Maybe, that remark would have been more appropriate for your beloved game's provider, announcing a big gameplay event and then shows nothing at all.
OT- I would love another Killzone something more like KZ2.

393d ago
YungDragon393d ago

KZ2 was the best in the series, in my opinion of course. I'd love for them to bring something similar in a new KZ title

DOMination-393d ago

Outside of N4G, the world views KZ, KZ3 and KZ:SF as fairly average. Although KZ2 was genuinely excellent, it's not hard to be the best in that series.

jambola393d ago

If Final fantasy 16 shows up i'll shit my pants

borneFROMblood393d ago

I actually feel that they all could be there.
Horizon 2 is probably 90% chance , biggest out of everyone else

Ratcbet and Clank is possible cause Insomniac has several teams not just one working on Spiderman. But it also could be Resistance remake/remaster/sequel, can be anything of that.

Demon's Souls, Chance 80%. So many rumors and talk about it has to come from somewhere. And it would be a perfect fit for "Our biggest and most ambitious project yet" description. And i want it so bad.

Resident Evil 8, We heard rumors about that, and RE 7 was 2017, the team had enough time to develop something, at least a demo to show off. I personally hope it has Co-Op in a survival horror.

SIlent Hill, okay this one is also 80% chance, because recent rumor or more of a confirmation it's existence. Developed by Sony Japan and the holy trinity of originals is back.Yamaoka,Toriyama and Ito, after 15 years to bring us real Silent Hill title!

Gran Turismo 7, this onei s 85% because they always reveal the game 4-5 years before releasing. That logo was a funny mistake.

Final Fantasy 16, lowest chance out of all of these mentioned. But still a chance, 35%. Director of FF14 in helm for several years now. It must be deep in development at this point. If the deal SE with Sony continues after FF7, This could be an exclusive as well.

Why these crazy titles are possible? One word : Future.
Sony probably will want to show off games that might not even come out next year to hype up PS5.
"If you invest in the system at launch, you will not regret because there's so much more coming".
And i personally would love that, a real next gen exclusivity show off. It would make me feel like it's an E3 event.

I also would drop there Agent from Rockstar Games , because what the fuck? They still have it on their page "Coming Soon" With a PS3 Logo under it. One could only imagine a Rockstar title exclusively made for a Sony console, the things it could achieve. But this would definitely be a 1% chance, one could only hope.

Talking about Rocks, Rocksteady could also reveal their title. The history shows, they always had their games on Sony's stage with some exclusive content. It's safe to think they will be there once again. 40% chance, not so bad.

People also tend to forget, but Housemarque are working on something as well, and they said it will be a huge departure for them from games that they have made before. Goodbye small top-down games and welcome AAA third person open world ? or maybe FPS ? We have no idea, but the chances are high , 60%.

It can be any of these, or none. But one thing for sure, this event will be a bomb!

393d ago
crazyCoconuts393d ago

Looking at their big studios, Guerilla could squeeze out a HZD2, Japan Studios is due for something, Insomniac seems to pump games out quick, so outside chance of Spiderman 2, and Polyphamy would probably only have time for upgrading GT Sport for PS5. The others have recently released stuff and won't have games ready for launch in my estimation. Of course PS5 enhanced versions of games like LOU2 should be expected...

IRetrouk393d ago

I need a racer, arcade or sim I dont care, it just has to be good.

PixelKnot393d ago

If Evolution was still around, I would've loved to see a potential Drive Club follow-up from them.
I hope WipeOut comes back with an original title and the next Gran Turismo game isn't too far away.

IRetrouk393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

I still say sony getting rid of evolution was their biggest mistake, driveclub was an amazing arcade racer and I know a followup would have been so much better, it's a real shame man.
I'm sure gt will show up sooner or later, thankfully we have bc this upcoming gen so sport can still be played for now lol.
Wipeout has to come back at some point, fantastic series.

IRetrouk393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

Depends, if it's in the older vein then yes 💯 if it's like the newer stuff no thanks.

Deathshadow90393d ago

Motorstorm 4 with insane real time graphics & mud physics would be a dream come true. This time rivaling or exceeding the level of fidelity seen in E3 2005 CG Trailer.

SirBruce393d ago

The new Gran Turismo as launch title... A new WipeOut for PSVR2... That could make de trick. But, really, with so much Assetto Corsa, Project CARS, F1, NFS, DiRT, etc. on consoles... What I really need is a better PC that support iRacing VR at 180fps minimum full specs for my HTC Pro and driving rig.

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TheGamez100393d ago

The games im pretty much expecting are horizen 2, Spiderman 2, and the demons souls remake/bluepoints new game. Really hope to see wild and project awakening make a return perhaps.

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