Dark Souls Series Surpass 27 Million Units Sold With Dark Souls 3 Selling More Than 10 Million Units

The Dark Souls series has cumulatively sold more than 27 million units globally, publisher Bandai Namco has just announced.

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phoenixwing432d ago (Edited 432d ago )

i prefer nioh series myself, probably not the most popular opinion

VerminSC432d ago

It’s good, but can’t hold a candle to Dark souls

pwnmaster3000432d ago

Nioh 1 good but no, but nioh 2 most def from me.
I might boot it up now lol

l33t_haxx0r432d ago

i thought nioh was better but nioh 2 has let me down

Movefasta1993432d ago

Do you prefer creating a character or the narrative style of the first game?

Movefasta1993432d ago

Nioh is lacking the level design and atmosphere of the souls series, and diablo style loot makes weapons feel less special, just saying

Th0r34uX431d ago

The combat mechanics in ds3 are so much better imo

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Darkborn432d ago

Same here I played so many hours of all of them it's insane. I have probably 10 characters in each game all at over 200-300 hours each lmao. At the very least all of them are over 100 hours for sure.

GameStallion392d ago

I’d be curious to know what your favorite build is?

Most of the time I love being a simple tank (not Bloodborne obviously), but have tried and love many others too

VerminSC432d ago

It deserves every sale. Very few games give me the sense of accomplishment a souls game does.

rawshack432d ago

Dark souls 2 on switch please

432d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.