Treyarch Releases Black Ops 10-Year Anniversary Recap Video, Includes Hidden Message

Today marks the Call of Duty: Black Ops 10 year anniversary and Treyarch has released a new video just for it! There's even a hidden message at the end.

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RaidenBlack282d ago

Shouldn't be Black Ops 4 in the description.
And the numbers at the end seems like standard numbers that used to pop up in the game's cut-scenes.
And some of the voices are redone?

porkChop282d ago

Please no. The last 2 BlOps games weren't very good. Just leave BlOps and make a new sub-series.

anonymousfan282d ago

I would gladly take BO1 remaster a la MW1 :) but otherwise yeah I agree with you no more sequels please

Lore282d ago

Yup, nothing stacks up to George on the snow map. Where the growth of Zombies as a mode all started. So many secrets

Nitrowolf2282d ago

the current rumors say it's BO again, but getting the MW 2019 treatment

I hope they just stick to one era this time

porkChop282d ago

Hopefully it sticks to the Cold War, or Vietnam. No more futuristic stuff.

L7CHAPEL282d ago

what they're celebrating,
is yet another marketing strategy.
and this is the first seed in it...
can't wait for the first "leak" and then the second.
and then the third.
and then the reveal.
and then... well... we all know the drill, don't we ?

Christ, do these people do ANYTHING original anymore!?...

Dirtnapstor282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Agreed. BKOPS 1&2 remasters. Reboot the Black Ops series liken to MW2019. Clean slate, reworked story.
Additionally, have more of a tangible story to Zombies (less ridiculous) so I don’t feel like I’m running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.

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hanko14282d ago

black ops 4 hasnt been out for 10 years

L7CHAPEL282d ago

no, but that's when the grinding into the ground of yet another call of duty franchise began, for this one.
first Black ops (even the second one) was good.
after that it became a sticker on the outside of the box.

joster282d ago

the question is can we play it online or only story mode?

excaliburps282d ago

I gather we won't be able to

NobleRed282d ago

Black ops master series when It comes to shitty netcode/lag and shitty hit detection.

NarooN282d ago

I loved the first two BO games but Treyarch has had awful hitreg since WaW at least lol. Sometimes it's just outright baffling

Gardenia282d ago

I don't see much difference with the other COD games. All of them use terrible net codes and the lag compensation is way too strong. The lower your ping the worse the connection gets.

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