CliffyB video interview: Gears of War 2?

The game is essentially Band of Brothers with monsters.", Cliff Blezinsky tells Bobbi Rebell in an interview at E3 06. Although there is no official release date of Gears of War, we've got CliffyB mentioning Gears of War 2.

justin6189d ago

This has crazy high production values. No wonder MS is hyping this game.


i keep reading october 4th as a release date

OutLaw6189d ago

The same here I saw that release date on the GameStop site.

FamoAmo6189d ago

I think that date could hold true. A month before PS3 launches!! I think August would be an even better date to launch it! The more time it's out the more the word gets around of the killer app. on the 360!! Let's all hope no delays if anything let's hope for a early release!


anything earlier than oct 4th would be a rushed product i think, i dont want a buggy gears of war!

PS360PCROCKS6189d ago

Oh wow I just posted my own news story about 30 mins ago about that EXACT thing, it's the 3rd of October, and their taking pre-orders...$60 and $70 for the collectors edition, and your guaranteed the game the guy said...I cant wait for this game and to know their will be a number 2, holy moly

Marriot VP6189d ago

of course they'll be a second one. It's a solid title and will sell.

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