10 Video Game Worlds That Would Be Pretty Great to Live in Right About Now

Nelia writes "There are so many video game worlds we would just love to live in. We've put together a list of some of the best of these locales you would love to move to."

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NecrumOddBoy399d ago

The Witness island for me.

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phoenixwing397d ago

i'd love to live in a pokemon world

Tross397d ago (Edited 397d ago )

Assuming you don't die horribly or suffer to some extent due to how dangerous many of the creatures in that world are, yes. Of course, you're culturally encouraged to be obsessed with zoology and likely seek some kind of career in that field if you don't achieve the highest honor of getting your revenue from battling. Failing that, you might employ an animal to assist you so you don't look completely out of sync with the local culture. Not to mention, when you're 10 or 11 you're kicked out of your home and have to strike out on your own, which can work out if you're good at glorified cock fighting, but less good if you're not.

You should have a secondary interest regardless, both because you can have something else to fall back on if battling creatures doesn't work out for you, and also because if you do end up being successful enough to become a gym leader, you need something to theme your gym after so you can shove this irrelevant thing about you in the faces of those who drop by. Bonus points if it's completely unrelated to zoology, and even more bonus points if it's something most people couldn't care less about as they really just want to get a badge from you. You're also encouraged to be super obnoxious about it and with any luck, it will make you look like a very simple, shallow individual.

I'd rate the Pokemon world higher than most videogame worlds though, by virtue of it at least having a hook to it. It's very easy to not notice that in many a world, there's only really excitement if you're the hero of legend or something like that, or a sidekick to said hero or part of a party he/she might form. If you over-analyze like I just did with Pokemon, life must really suck for the average NPC. If it's not bleak, it's sure as heck boring. As hazardous as the Pokemon world seems, at least it wouldn't be dull.

phoenixwing397d ago

They don't kick you out and you can easily take up other jobs. That's like looking at a basketball movie and acting like everything in that world revolves around basketball. Just because you see a portion of a world doesn't mean it's only about pokemon battling.

Everyone is brimming with pokemon to the point they give them out for free to children. I agree that battling isn't so great though. But the point is they don't only fight with them.

inStereo397d ago

Frankly, I'd take "Scorn" at this point.

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