Mass Effect 1 should get the Final Fantasy VII Remake treatment

The original Mass Effect deserves more than just a fresh coat of graphical paint. It should be expanded and split up into multiple games, along the lines of the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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Iamnothuman12518d ago

I'd prefer Mass Effect 2 instead.

fulldeepdive518d ago

do it with Mass Effect 2 and just have some conclusion at the end of 2 like 3 never existed.

Profchaos518d ago (Edited 518d ago )

Yeah let's just make 2 the only title 1 can be a quick intro and Andromeda is stricken from the record.

ajax17518d ago (Edited 518d ago )

I'd prefer the whole trilogy

pwnmaster3000518d ago

I’ve waited (and probably several others) All gen for a trilogy remaster or a remake.

Cmon EA give the fans what they want.

Thunder_G0d_Bane518d ago

2 is already still good visually.

Mass effect 1 badly needs a remake the visuals are too dated now.

NecrumOddBoy517d ago

Mass Effect 2 is good though. The first one is rough; really rough.

kreate517d ago

EA will just screw it up .. Mine as well leave it.

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After10Ben518d ago (Edited 518d ago )

I like the sentiment of the article. A lot of the points brought up were things I hadn't considered. Call me a sucker, but I just bought in to most of what Mass Effect was selling and for me, the series delivered. However, I think there are some good ideas in the article on how to improve the experience. I'm all for giving the Mass Effect Trilogy the FF VII treatment. Mass Effect 1 especially needs more than a simple remaster. Still, even if that's all we get (and HD remaster with all of the dlc) I would play it again without a second thought.

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Garethvk518d ago

I think the plans was to announce a remastered trilogy next month at their EA Online event.

WarCouncilGaming518d ago

Of all the ME games, the first has definitely aged the worst - most noticeably the combat. I'd be ok with them retroactively applying either ME3 or Andromeda's combat into ME1 and ME2 if only to make it a more uniform experience for newcomers and to prepare them for whatever comes next for this series.

Movefasta1993518d ago

I beat the game last year on pc, second time since 07, and honestly I loved it again, but the combat in some combat scenarios could use some tweaking , more so because of the bosses but the regular grunts it is fine.

Princess_Pilfer517d ago

The combat in ME2 and 3 is friggin boring. They basically streamlined all the fun out of it by turning it into gears of war and locking off all your powers until the enemies shields were down (at which point most anything you do would 1shot them anyways) when what they should have done is lean into the physics manipulation side of the combat and let the player spend the whole trilogy coming up with new and interesting ways to win fights.

phoenixwing518d ago

i would definitely like a remake of mass effect 1

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