Halo Infinite Officially Confirmed For July's Xbox Series X Reveal Event

We've been assuming that Halo Infinite would be part of Microsoft's first-party Xbox Series X showcase in July--but now we know it for sure.

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RaidenBlack1114d ago

Better be gameplay.

CaptainHenry9161114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

More Halo? I thought we would get a new IP from 343

1114d ago
bouzebbal1114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

is Halo even relevant anymore?
they milked this franchise way too much, and it's time to move to something else and not have halo as the main IP

CaptainCook1114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

? The last Halo game 343 created was 5 years ago.

CaptainHenry9161114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

5 years is a long time. I would still like to see 343 make a new IP and create their own unique game

Spurg1114d ago

That's like expecting Santa Monica to make something other than God of war.

Neonridr1114d ago

More Halo? You act like this is an annualized thing or something.

spicelicka1114d ago

You realize 343 is a halo term and the studio was made for Halo. It was announced 2 years ago, where have you been??

darthv721114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

@bouz... you dont even know how to use that phrase do you? Milked is something like Mario... that dude is in racers, rpg, action, fighting, sports, puzzle games... THAT is milked. Halo is nowhere near that.

And 916 (still trying to figure if thats your area code or special date) Halo took a nice long break compared to the previous gen. In the 6th there were two games. Halo and Halo 2. In the 7th there five games (3, 4, ODST, Reach, Wars). In the 8th there were two. 5 and Wars 2 (if you want to get technical there is the compilation of previous games with MCC).

Most big PS franchises have a routine of releases per generation. Up until this gen we could count on two GT games and two GoW games (for example). GT1 & 2 (for PS1) GT3 & 4 (PS2) GT5 & 6 (PS3). This gen there was one GTS. And then you got GoW1 & 2 (PS2), GoW3 & Ascension (PS3) but then you also had the remasters of 1 & 2 as well as the PSP ones for PS3 and then a GoW trilogy compilation. But we won't count those. This gen you had GoW (and technically a remaster of GoW3).

So spare me this concern trolling of "More (insert game here) from Xbox" when even Sony is guilty of doing it as well.

pinkcrocodile751114d ago

@bouzebbal Final Fantasy 15 anyone?

rainslacker1114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

@Captain is infinite now....which means it's not numbered anymore. That's kind of new, although infinite isn't terribly creative nomenclature.


There are Sony articles that can be commented on, but they're flooded with Xbox fan boys saying, "XSX can do that too, and do it better. Not sure why, but I believe it to be true because of all these features I'm about to list, which I don't even know what most of them are, but here's a list provided to me by people on reddit who seem smart".

So, the discussion there has kind of run it's course.

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notachance1114d ago

you know what, I'm still laughing because Halo Infinite was revealed just a few months after Phil said "we won't show games too early again"

we still haven't see any gameplay to this day lmao

1114d ago
notachance1114d ago

@stevej336 sure buddy, next we will forget how we defend cloud power to death as soon as phil said to praise them tflops, OG hardware power am i right?

EmperorDalek1114d ago

I think you missed Phil's point.

Ausbo1114d ago

2 1/2 years from announce to release isn’t that long.
Sony and Microsoft do things a little different. Neither are right or wrong

Sitdown1114d ago

What must life look like if you are still laughing. You should get out more.

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Ausbo1114d ago

I hope Microsoft learned their lesson on that one. I don’t need a long gameplay demo of every first party game, but from your biggest titles, I need more

indysurfn1114d ago

To be fair Halo's demos are usally gameplay all the way back to the ORIGINAL xbox.

Obscure_Observer1114d ago

"Better be gameplay."

On Xbox side, gameplay is confirmed for both Halo Infinite and Psychonauts 2 so far.

Let´s wait and see what Sony has in store for us regarding next gen gameplay for PS5 games at the reveal.

RaidenBlack1114d ago

Sony is rumored to have a host of titles stacked up for the PS5 event.
And MS do have a healthy number of talented studios now.
It just boils down to the fact how many makes the cut for the launch window.
X:Halo, Psychonauts, Senua and Forza are the obvious candidates. Fable & the one from The Initiative, maybe?
P:Godfall, Games from Bluepoint, Insomniac, Guerilla and Ready at Dawn, maybe?

Obscure_Observer1114d ago


Nice. You have a pretty solid list of developers and their possible games that must be be showcased soon. However, with all this pandemic thing going on, I wouldn´t worry much about on whether those games might be available on launch day or not.

rainslacker1114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

"Let´s wait and see what Sony has in store for us regarding next gen gameplay for PS5 games at the reveal."

Why? What could that possibly have to do with MS showing Halo Infinite game play? Since the OP was referring to MS not showing game play at a game play reveal event they just hosted, what possible connection could Sony's time frame for showing next gen game play have to do with what the poster was referring to? Does Sony showing game play some how effect MS plans for showing game play? Is MS actually that reactive?

I know Xbox gamers love to "wait for" things. But if you're waiting for Sony to show something more than the showing of a MS staple high profile flagship franchise, which is supposed to be the harbinger of next gen awesomeness, then I think you really need to question your own preferences about what it is you find interesting about Xbox.

You are trying so hard to discredit others by making it about something else, as if Sony's actions, or people's preference for Sony somehow negates MS own failings.

Obscure_Observer1113d ago


If you are expecting Sony to show CGI trailers for their next gen games instead of gameplay for those games and not face the same kind of response after all the downplay and backlash MS faced since Hellblade II´s announcement,... well... brace yourself for major shock.

Nothing particular wrong with Sony, though. Just fanboy business as usual.

rainslacker1113d ago

Again....why suggest we wait and see what Sony has to offer? Is what Sony shows somehow relevant to what MS is going to show, or relevant to MS own mistake this past week when talking about their event? If Sony somehow has some crap showing, does that remove MS mistake?

Why is your criticism or praise of MS based on what Sony has in store for us regarding next gen gameplay? Is Sony the metric by which you hold MS accountable?

Should the OP have said "Better be gameplay....and Sony better show some too?"

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Sayai jin1114d ago

This news is really no surprise.

rainslacker1114d ago

I think after this past week, if MS wasn't planning on showing much game play in July, they are certainly rethinking that now.

Obscure_Observer1113d ago

Indeed. UE5 also helped to highlight the "issue" with non gameplay trailers.

Brace yourself for the incoming "Gameplay Wars".

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Vasto1114d ago

Gonna have to take off for this one.

E3 digital here we come!

spicelicka1114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

Man the PS fanboy bias on this site is such a turn off. I have both consoles and i'm absolutely excited for Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima but just as excited for Halo Infinite. Anything Ghost of Tsushima related is automatically praised by the hordes of fans and if you scroll here it's mainly people who don't know shit about Halo, will probably never play it, but just want to announce their blind dislike for it. I ask anyone who thinks otherwise to look at the disagrees on anything positive in these comments and compare that ratio to anything PS related.

I can understand not being hyped for it or caring about it if you're not into it, but no one can deny Halo is one the best FPS franchises to this day. No other FPS gives you this much content and customization options while having smooth competitively gameplay. On top of that it actually has a story and characters to care for. Yes Halo 5 story dropped the ball, but let's compare that to call of duty where the campaign is like 5 hours of linearity and the same cookie cutter military story over and over.

You can see I praised both Xbox and PS games in my comment but people will disagree simply because I praised an Xbox game.

_dangerclose_1114d ago

First and foremost you're taking dislikes on a website way way to seriously, secondly your comment is hugely biased in spite of your effort to sound impartial. The reality is there is fanboy bias on both side and xbox fanboy bias is just as much of a "turn off" on this site and if you go back and look through the Ghost of Tsushima comments you'll see people making negative comment cause I sure did, there was obvious xbox fanboys calling it "bland" and "unoriginal", "uninspired and "boring", comments from people who will "probably never play it but just want to announce their blind dislike for it", so lets not act like the thing you're annoyed about isn't rampant on both sides here becasue it is, there's no need to point fingers. Lastly if people are largely praising what they're seeing for GoT and are not impressed by yet another Halo game maybe there's a legit reason for that.

The-Matrix-has-you1114d ago


I know what you mean man. It does get old after a while. Sometimes I miss the old bubble system so much. It had its issues but it was a decent system. I feel like it kept discussions more civilized and you wouldn’t see the same user all over the place trolling the comments sections.

Focus401114d ago

Finally some one who isn't a puppet to either company I wish more adults were like you unfortunately that isn't the case

umair_s511114d ago

Yea there is an unhealthy ps bias here

rainslacker1114d ago

The problem is that the Xbox side, and likely the PS side from the Xbox sides perspective, have some rather rampant and vocal fans who really like to escalate this contention between the two sides. It's really hard to have a decent conversation about games themselves without getting into a pissing match about something as stupid as what will be better on another console, or how a game sucks because it's on a particular console, or some other such nonsense.

More objectively, and taking any kind of bias against MS out of it, there are certainly games that MS will be showing that I have an interest in. On top of that, I'm always open to MS revealing new things, that I in turn may be interested in. I've gone a better part of this gen being disappointed in them, and with my purchase of their system, but if they can manage to make it less disappointing by showing a good number of games I want to play, then I call that a positive. I'll still criticize them where I feel it's prudent, but I won't take it out on the games themselves, outside some cases where distasteful business practices are applied to said games, which MS hasn't done much of since the whole BF2 thing blew up in EA's face.

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tontontam01114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

Optimized for Xbox Series X, Held back by Xbox One.

Fishy Fingers1114d ago

Guess we'll see.

Personally I don't get the impression Gears 5 or Horizon 3 feel held back when I play them on PC.

BenRC011114d ago

Gears hasn't changed in a decade.

tontontam01114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

The fact that I can max out gears 5 on my pc @ 4k and play it at 100+fps, is proof that it is being held back by xbox one, if that is not the case they should be able to push the graphics quality more. gears 5 looks like a high res ps3 game with very high restextures..

Fishy Fingers1114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

Sure you can. A 2080ti averages about 60fps @ 4K Ultra, so I guess you're running 2 in SLI yeah?

I mean its cool to play fanboy, it passes the time while waiting on puberty, but don't make such obvious BS up dude, it gives the game away too easily.

Neonridr1114d ago

@tontontam0 - your PC hardware is miles better than what's in consoles though. And just because you could run it at those settings (which I doubt you were getting 100+ fps @ 4K since a 2080ti can't even do that), did it make it a bad game? Did you not enjoy it?

PS3 game.. lol. Now I've heard it all.

umair_s511114d ago

Unless he's running 4k on medium

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Lennoxb631114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

Y’all keep saying this but what about the majority of gaming PCs that won’t be up to par with the Series X or PS5 at launch?

Neonridr1114d ago

my 1080ti from like 4 years ago still holds its own against these new consoles (minus ray tracing).

1114d ago
rainslacker1114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

The base X1, which all X1 titles have to consider, is less powerful than the average gaming PC nowadays, and significantly less powerful than the new consoles, or a modest gaming rig.

PC is going to ebb and flow, but PC generally holds itself back because devs and pubs go for a lower standard setting in order to maximize potential sales.

Graphics wise it's a moot point. But design wise, lowest common denominator holds back games.

Morbid Bulldozer1114d ago

I hate it when lower-spec machines hold games back. Like with Horizon: Zero Dawn - since it's coming to PC, it was obviously held back by all the min requirements PCs it will run on. And there's Witcher 3 on Switch! Imagine how great it would be if it wasn't held back by Nintendo...

1114d ago
Shane Kim1114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

Or with all the games on xbox one.

1114d ago
1114d ago
Pickledpepper1114d ago

Tontontam0, physically mature body, held back by immature brain.

rainslacker1114d ago

I dunno about being held back. It was designed as an X1 title. It's like saying that BOTW was held back by the Wii. It really wasn't, because it was essentially a Wii game.

Unless they really went back and redesigned significant portions of the game, I can't see how it's being held back.

It's supposed to be a launch title for XSX, but it's really just a cross gen game.

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--bienio--1114d ago

Well I want different games. Never got into halo. We see what Microsoft got

umair_s511114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

I am interested in Halo infinite. ESP if it is more of a reboot.

rainslacker1114d ago

I've always respected the series, and overall, I like what has come from it outside the gaming particular, Red vs. Blue. But no matter how hard I try to get into the games, I just can't. I can appreciate the technical merit and game design itself objectively, but FPS is one of my least favorite genres, and space marines in general are not a favorite storyline trope that interests me. Some of the supplemental fiction surround the universe and lore of the world is pretty interesting though, and it's very well fleshed out.

I really don't have anything bad to say about the games themselves. They just aren't my cup of tea. Gears of War is much the same to me, although I do like the cover shooter genre well enough. But it's over the top space marine vibe just turns me off, and the world isn't as interesting to me. First game was a technical marvel though, and I did play through that. I lost interest in the story after GOW2 though. I'd like to try Halo Wars though. I like that kind of game.