A Final Fantasy XIII Switch Port Needs To Happen

A Final Fantasy XIII Switch port would be perfect on-the-go, and the game despite being 10 years old holds up to this day.

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Outlawzz358d ago

Would be cool but I just got it on my laptop for like ten bucks so I doubt switch could top that lol

Rebel_Scum358d ago

Yeah pass on that one. I'd rather Square concentrate on VIIR. If they want to port it, pay some other goosey business to do it.

SegaSaturn669358d ago

I agree. This game is trash. Belongs on the switch with 22fps.

DethWish358d ago

Please release downloadable versions of 4,5,6 on PS4/5 instead. I’d rather get that.

esherwood357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

You would really replay this games today as is? I have fond memories of other old rpgs but know way could I play through them again

DethWish357d ago

Yup! The only issue I might have with them is that they might be a bit hard, requiring too much level grind.

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The story is too old to be commented.