Call of Duty Warzone 2FA Added to PC, Cheaters Upset Due to Account Restriction

Call of Duty Warzone 2FA (two-factor authentication) has been added by Infinity Ward on PC, and it has made life hell for cheaters.

Fluke_Skywalker1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Good, I don't even bother playing online PVP games these days because there are so many cheaters. If this stops some of them then it can only be a good thing.

excaliburps1229d ago

Yeah, this is definitely good news. Hopefully, other games can do something similar but I can see why they wouldn't want to though.

gamesftw2501229d ago

It sucks coming across cheaters especially when there are only 5 teams left....*sigh*

anubusgold1229d ago

What was that online forum before reddit that made you use you ISP email to create a account because they had to ban so many people? Trolls were mad about that.

Chocoburger1228d ago

NeoGaf, which stood for 'new gaming age forum'. Terrible nazi mods there, even after a mass exodus that forum is still chugging along. Ugh.

CDbiggen1229d ago

Good news though is that Ground War doesn't require crossplay anymore.

Majin-vegeta1229d ago

Wait that got rid of that?thats why I never touched that mode

CDbiggen1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Yeah, must've been a recent change but definitely not required now. It still asks you everytime you select it "are.you sure you don't want crossplay? You may struggle to find a game." Lmao, with the amount of people playing this game you'll never struggle to find a full game.
Even when it had found me a game with 63 out of 64 players, it asked again if I wanted to enable crossplay.

anubusgold1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

I blame consoles greedy companies like EA, Sony, Activision and Microsoft loved these closed systems on console and try to bring that mess to PC. This wasnt a Issue when Pc had Private dedicated servers for most games. They ran better we had better tic rates and we instantly banned hackers when they joined our serves they never stayed long. These so called AAA games have taken all the control from the communities so its been a dumpster fire ever since. People saying racist crap in chat some guy kills everyone on the server with a Knife hack and he does it all game before hes kicked or he may not get kicked at all. In the old days you would get kicked for sitting in a bush all game by the admin. Also when EA decides to shut down servers the private servers take over and you can still play to this day.

CDbiggen1229d ago

Ah the way gaming is going we're lucky to have any control these days, not just on the network side of things but on aspects like ownership, denuvo, always online, etc. Sometimes gaming now almost feels like a chore, instead of something special and fun. I know my standards for good games have slipped as well as I say things like "at least the microtransactions aren't shoved in my face" or "oh the DLC is free".
These companies ruin everything, some worse than others of course.

DerfDerf1229d ago

Consoles are not to blame for all the pc cheaters. Also crossplay isn't a greedy move. It actually takes money out of companies like Microsofts hands since people don't need an Xbox to play with their friends. Next time you want to make a pointless rant at least use a little logic.

Servbot411229d ago

It's the PC crowd that's cheating. Should just rope them into their own mode and let the other consoles crossplay.

anubusgold1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

@Servbot41 There is cheaters on consoles forever their are plenty of used xbox's and playstations in pawn shops that have been perma banned from online services . Its been going on for years thats why you dont buy used consoles unless you know the person. Plenty of modded consoles out there that have been modded all the crap so they are banned. And you can report them all day long and nothing happens to them because you have no control.

anubusgold1228d ago

@shloobian Yes they are Microsft tried this crap before with Games for windows and DLC crap they tried it on pc and we told them to go to hell. But consoles bought Horse armor like crazy people and off to the races it went. The Loot boxes that was Fifa on console that started it then everyone started doing it.

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excaliburps1229d ago

Oh? I haven't played Ground War in a long time. Might look into it. Lots of under-the-floor spots stil though.

CDbiggen1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

To be fair I've not been killed on a Ground War map with that under map horseshit in a long time. Worst was under B on the port map. I tell ya, I was just about ready to quit when it happened xD.

franwex1229d ago

Cheaters upset?
What about all the legit players they made upset?
So much entitlement and hypocrisy. Goes to show what kind of person a cheater is.

Sieg1229d ago

Good. Give the cheaters as much hurdles so they're discourage to even think about cheating. Now Activision just need to go after the cheat makers and send them to the gulag with lawsuits.

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Jin_Sakai165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

Scummy company and garbage tactics.

just_looken164d ago

i agree hence why i do not get all the money sony is spending over making sure this ip is on there platform.

Compared to the old titles numbers are less revenue is down and look at the other games in the revenue space cod is small.

All these scumy moves they are doing is not making them genshin impact money or activisions candy crush numbers.