Mafia: Definitive Edition is coming on August 28, its a full remake.

Today, Mafia: Definitive Edition showed up on Microsoft's Store. The listing was immediately taken down not before a lot of people saved the screenshots.

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lovemetal6261120d ago

Honestly, this is the only game that has me excited. Currently all the games now I have lost interest in gaming not the same. But this.... I'm so down for this. I only played Mafia 1 a little bit because I was introduced at Mafia 2, which I loved. I'm bias though because I love that time era of the mobsters.

FanboyPolice1120d ago


I love how the setting changes completely after you are released from jail. From snowy to colorful. Vehicles, music, clothing. It was amazing and refreshing. It felt like you really did spent time in jail. It was so immersive for me. Amazing.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro1119d ago

There's so many good and great games coming out literally every week, it's baffling to see someone say something like this.

Not to mention the older good and great games you haven't played.

Lennoxb631119d ago

People like lovemetal is more of a casual gamer. He just so happens to frequent game sites.

exputers1119d ago

Mafia 2 is awesome, it is my all-time fav game. The environment is so fresh, you really get into the game. Finding out papalardo kiling your father, seeing your mother die while in jail. The Post WW2 environment where people are happy, dancing, christmas. Its so great, I am so happy.

Tex42421120d ago

I was so excited for the mafia 2 remaster we've been hearing about the past few months, so I ordered mafia 1 for PS2. It literally showed up the day they showed mafia 1 remake. It figures, but I am so hyped they actually remade the first game.

smolinsk1120d ago

The first game is the only one i want. Amazing game and one of the best games ever.

Spurg1120d ago

The next GTA 6 should dwell into that era. Not appealing to the masses but would be perfect for it

TheColbertinator1119d ago

GTA can dance in any era if Rockstar would get back to being confident again.

sizeofyou1119d ago

OOI...and off subject really...but why do you think Rockstar aren't confident?

neutralgamer19921119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

Grand theft Auto is all about sales That's the biggest IP for take two so don't expect them to take a lot of chances with that IP

Maybe since they did three characters for Grand theft Auto v maybe they can do more than one location within the game universe and the player can fly there drive there is etc etc

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