Condemned: Criminal Origins Deserves a Remake

As one of the best methodical, slow-burn horror games of last generation, Condemned: Criminal Origins really deserves a remake.

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RaidenBlack259d ago

Yes, Please. Monolith needs to revisit FEAR as well as Condemned and NOLF.

Marcello259d ago

And it needs a VR Version

xTonyMontana258d ago

YES this would be amazing in VR

scofios258d ago

Would be cool if that happened

mynameisthumper258d ago

10000% agree. Such an awesome game!

snoopgg258d ago

This is one of the scariest games I played on my 360. I kept it, cause if was a instant classic.

SickSinceSix258d ago

I remember when the first trailers for Xbox 360/PS3 games were coming out, this was the first game that screamed Next-gen to me. It still looks good now

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