Dino Crisis Rebirth, Dino Crisis Remaster using DirectX 9, is now available for download

DSOGaming writes: "Back in January, we informed you about a Remaster Mod for Dino Crisis, called Dino Crisis Rebirth. And today, we are happy to report that this mod is finally available for download."

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BlackIceJoe200d ago

Hopefully some day soon Capcom will bring out a new game.

gaffyh199d ago

Looks almost the same. Hopefully Capcom will remake this series too.

198d ago
Software_Lover199d ago


Have any of you received a weird PM from surge2120? Im not clicking on it as I think it is spam but I wanted to bring it to everyones attention.

monkey602199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

Ignore all PMs at the minute would be my advice. If they arent Spam then they're Last of Us 2 spoilers...

...or you've possibly pissed off a fanboy of some sort and its abuse as usual 😂

198d ago
curtain_swoosh198d ago

just ignore and report it xD thats what I do. i get atleast 2 per day. itsrly annoying

SickSinceSix198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

Let me guess, was it asking if it's you on some website, that includes your user name? That's been a problem on here for over a month now

Software_Lover198d ago

That's exactly what it was. I trashed it immediately.

Viryu199d ago

All those remakes and remasters, but still no new Dino Crisis or Parasite Eve /sadpanda

Knightofelemia199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

I want a Dino Crisis remake for 1&2 but after RE3 and how much of the game was chopped out. A Dino Crisis remake would not be a day one purchase for me unless Capcom learned their lesson with RE3.

TheRealTedCruz198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

The lesson had there was not to task one of your B teams to quickly piggy back off of the success of something like Res 2 remake.

Knightofelemia198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

The lesson is don't make half a game and charge full price for it because of this I won't be buying Capcom games day one anymore. The other lesson is Capcom keeps this up and they will eventually follow the same path as EA and everyone knows how this path played out for EA. Yes Capcom did make RE3 the same time as RE2 if Capcom postponed RE3 another year and added the other half of the game I would have been happy to pay full price for it. But like you said they rushed it so it could ride the coat tails of RE2.