EVERY Blur Game Ever

Whilst it’s rather disappointing that there are no new Blur games on the way, we can still look back at the series and reminisce.

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Kumakai1113d ago

there was more than one? man i must have really checked out after the first one.... or my lack of interest is showing. that game was..... not great.

SickSinceSix1113d ago

"there was more than one?" This is exactly what I just thought too. I just remember the one on PS360 and PC. The game was fun but I didn't play it much tbh

IRetrouk1113d ago

Wanted to love this game so much, but just couldn't, it was the cars handling more than anything else, why they couldn't have kept or remade the pgr handling model is anyone's guess.

JonTheGod1113d ago

2 mobile variants and a cancelled sequel do not a franchise make.

Gunstar751113d ago

Blur was a great game. Such a shame Bizaree Creations went bust.

Azraeia1112d ago

Tbf didn't know there was more than one. But looking at the other games in this list no wonder the series died after the first major title. Racing is an awkward series to compete in imo. You can't really go down the simulation route cause games like Forza have got that covered and if you want arcade smash up style racing then just play the old NFS or Burnout.