Inside Xbox: Aaron Greenberg Addresses Fan Response

General Manager of Xbox Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg has addressed the response to May's Inside Xbox 20/20 stream, noting that the team "set some wrong expectations" about the presentation.

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Godmars2901539d ago

Which should have been this first one.

Thy needed to show at least ONE 1st party title. Might have even gotten away with just a teaser trailer.

LOGICWINS1539d ago

They specifically said this would be third-party only.

Something that no one is talking about is that CyberPunk wasn't shown, despite it being the biggest third-party launch title (even bigger that Valhalla).
What if the reason that CyberPunk wasn't shown is because it's a FIRST PARTY title? Just speculating here 😏

WickedLester1539d ago



LOGICWINS1539d ago

@WickedLester Bookmark my comment. See you in July!

monkey6021539d ago

Watch dogs, battlefield, cod, star wars

These are a few of the 3rd party games not present at yesterday's show. Have EA, Ubi and Activision been made 1st party Microsoft studios too?

CDProjekt Reds acquisition of GOG makes them one of the most valuable developers in the world right now. I seriously cant see Microsoft buying them out.

DOMination-1539d ago

"CDProjekt Reds acquisition of GOG makes them one of the most valuable developers in the world right now. I seriously cant see Microsoft buying them out."

I'm pretty sure the parent company of CDPR (CD Projeckt) have always owned GOG.

monkey6021539d ago

Yes they have my bad but their net worth only recently ballooned

smashman981538d ago

@logic it likely is because cd red is doing therir own show on June 11th

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Dragonscale1538d ago

Thats somes serious delusion you've got going on there logic. Ms dont own cdpr for a kick off and if that were true ms would be screaming it from the rooftops fgs lol.

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UltraNova1539d ago

Oh Aaron... Halo is the worlds most anticipated game? Talking about high expectations...

-Foxtrot1539d ago

Especially after the Guardians letdown

SyntheticForm1539d ago

He's a mouthpiece for Xbox, and as such, I'd completely expect him to say something like that. He's not my favorite personality (actually a little annoying) but he's doing what he's paid to do.

leejohnson2221539d ago

Maybe 8 years ago but not now

Sunny_D1539d ago

Lol, Halo has been losing popularity since Reach. I think there is still debate whether Halo 5 even sold 5 million copies when usually before they would easily announce a Halo game surpassed 10 million copies sold.

crazyCoconuts1539d ago

Even as an American I find that statement super cocky. Maybe that kind of suggestive imprinting works on some but I find it off-putting. Personally I respect more humility.

UltraNova1539d ago


He is a PR head at the worlds biggest company not your run of the mill small town 2 person "company" trying to make heads turn their way, he ought to be more... grounded and professional.

SyntheticForm1539d ago

He's never been grounded and professional, which is why I said he's annoying. He's a hype guy of the 'What's goin on everybody, it's your boy Aaron' variety.

He's pretty cringe and he's always been that way. I guess the higher ups don't mind.

annoyedgamer1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

Its more corporate PR rubbish. Microsoft team is a bunch of hacks in suits. Halo has been ruined and the last trailer looked terrible, I expect the next one to be just as bad. I cant wait to hear the diehard fanboys make up some BS story to excuse the inevitable T rating too.

morganfell1539d ago

"He is a PR head at the worlds biggest company..."

Just curious, what is your metric for that?

UltraNova1538d ago


In terms of overall value but I guess Apple is a touch ahead at the moment. Why are you asking?

morganfell1538d ago

Simple. Employing common metrics of business there are plenty of companies ahead of MS. I am attempting to understand how someone sees a company in such a light when it is by most standards not the case. Understanding their thinking in such a matter assists in comprehending other comments they post.

UltraNova1538d ago

I was simply referring to their stature in the industry as a whole and that I expect more of them when it comes to higher ups running their mouth all the time causing them PR problems they have to address later on.

"Understanding their thinking in such a matter assists in comprehending other comments they post."

A normal gamer(casual) is not in a position to understand any of it especially if they are oblivious to history, so there's that...

morganfell1538d ago

I absolutely agree with you when it comes to those higher up in the industry and the requirement for them to be not only honest but to be clear. Not hide behind a vague remark that is designed to be misleading in order to paint that person's company in a better light.

I think the idea that he owned up to his deception should in no way shape or form be considered a positive. Coming clean doesn't deserve a pat on the back. He is a head PR guy for Xbox, not an 8 year old caught stealing a pack of gum. He "owned up" because his feet were held to the fire. Of course he admitted the truth. To do otherwise would only have increased the damage.

Largest company in the world means largest company in the world. Within the industry, well, then that would be largest company in the industry and even that by some metrics is not Microsoft's title either. No excuse for Greenberg, but in some respects that position of largest industry entity belongs to Tencent. Thanks to their purchases including a rather large stake in Epic they are officially part of the western market.

If you look at the context of my remarks, I was attempting to better understand your thought processes rather than Microsoft ha ha. All good :)

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caddytrek1539d ago

"Wait for E3" "Greatest line up ever!"

I guess some things never change...

RpgSama1539d ago

Now it's wait for July!!

Greenberg: We lied, but I mean, I'm sorry, I guess? Wait for July!!

leejohnson2221539d ago

Pahahaha should be their slogan, just wait, indefinitely