Xbox Series X Trailer Shows the Power of Microsoft’s Console; “Hundreds” of Games Teased for 2021

Following its Inside Xbox showcase Microsoft launched a new trailer showing off the many games that were included in the show.

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_SilverHawk_621d ago (Edited 621d ago )

Nothing looks better than games I've seen on ps4. I can't wait for sonys ps5 event

NecrumOddBoy621d ago

This entire presentation was very weak, and the game selection didn't grab me much.

I am interested in Yakuza: Like a Dragon which should be on PS4 or PS5 as well. It's going turn-based which looks wild like a Persona take on the series. The Ascent seems like a really cool idea but it's a co-op game so it looks like a shoot 'em up instead of a good Sci-Fi RPG.

Abriael621d ago

Yakuza is confirmed for PS4 (has been for months). Not yet for PS5.

Smclaren1985621d ago

Yakuza like a dragon has already released in Japan on PS4 it’s due to be released here later

UltraNova621d ago

Scorn was the only thing that intrigued me tbh.

Unspoken621d ago (Edited 621d ago )

Everything in the trailer stomped on the PS4. Not even the Pro's soupy textures could take a bite out if what the series X showcased. Sony is going to have to rely on the cult to keep it afloat with the inferior graphics hardware on the PS5.

b163o1621d ago

They seem to trying to get a piece of the Eastern market, a lot of Japanese inspired titles in there.

On another note, I am impressed how they are look to be expanding there libraries. First Xbox trailer without Halo, Gears, or Forza. Kudos...

neutralgamer1992621d ago


110 million cult


50 million cult?

621d ago
b163o1621d ago


Who said anything about numbers?

For the record I am a Sony guy, I have been since I got my Ps1. I do understand competition is good for both sides, and it's good to see M$ trying to get there $hit together. I don't plan on buying a XsX, cause I plan on getting a day1 Ps5, but M$ upping there game is only gonna make Sony up there's even higher then what it already is...

bouzebbal621d ago

Lol hundreds within a year? Not even the number of games x1 got since release..

621d ago
YodaCracker621d ago

@bouzebbal There are 2,465 games on the Xbox One.

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AngelicIceDiamond621d ago

"I can't wait for sonys ps5 event" You mean to watch more 3rd party games that'll be cross gen?

AspiringProGenji621d ago

Im sure Sony has a couple of exclusives for PS5. And at the very least they still have to show the console and talk about more features, so they have the chance to have a much better show

AngelicIceDiamond621d ago

@Pro Of course. We still haven't seen exclusives yet from either of them. But current gen games are still very much a thing. Same physics, graphical and CPU output, just "optimized" for next gen take advantage of key features like frame rates and SSD. That's pretty much it.

I agree they have a chance to have a better showing. Let's just hope PS5 only games are really gonna be worth it.

Lol @downvotes Struck a hard nerve with that comment. Oh wellTruth hurts though.

oakshin621d ago

You intrigue me your underdog complex is next lvl I love how you always champion whatever isn't popular and try to make it something it's not lol

leejohnson222621d ago

Oh you know the games Sony are showing? Cool

Unspoken621d ago

Microsoft shows games... Sony provides stand up comedy with Dana Carvey! Lol what a joke. SSD™, 3D Audio®, Haptics feedback©

BehindTheRows621d ago

The only truth is Microsoft’s event today was lukewarm. Shame you have to have a go at PS5 before you can admit that.

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Donnie81621d ago

Hey I can recommend a good eye doctor

Wetpapertowel620d ago

I wouldn't get a recommendation from you since you thought Microsoft had decent exclusives this gen.

Donnie81620d ago

Well I’ll recommend you get used to hearing how the series x pounds the ps5 every time a game is compared. Lol

Smclaren1985621d ago

Couldn’t agree more it’s still early but seems to be most of the best games 3rd party will chose PlayStation to show there game as per usual

CaptainHenry916621d ago (Edited 621d ago )

I have to agree with you on that

starchild620d ago

And I have to disagree with both of you on that. AC Valhalla looks better from what I can tell. I will wait for actual gameplay before I can say for sure, but what the trailer showed is above any current gen game. Ghost of Tsushima might be close, but I want to see more actual gameplay from that one too.

What I can say for certain is no currently available PS4 exclusive looks better than some of the better multiplats on PC, so I don't know how they're going to look better than the better looking upcoming multiplats on PC.

Wetpapertowel620d ago


God Of War certainly does. Good attempt though.

spicelicka621d ago

LOL these same games are on PS5, you saw no first party games. Can't wait to see you praise the same games on PS5 when you see through your fanboy goggles.

621d ago
mike32UK621d ago

Oh come on. I've never even owned an xBox, always had PlayStations (except this time around I'll be getting both) but what you said simply isn't true. If you can point me to a FPS that looks better than Bright Memory I will happily redact this comment.

Although I'm with you, cannot wait for Sony to get their ball rolling.

neutralgamer1992621d ago


Just wait we can't compare until we have seen what both will offer. If you are a long time PlayStation fan than you know one thing Sony exclusives always look great

mike32UK621d ago

SilverHawk is comparing Xbox Series X and PS4 claiming the latter isn't beaten in the graphics department, which isn't true.

Yes Sony do have the best looking games, one if the reasons have always stuck with them. But claiming otherwiise to the above is just sheer fanboyism

starchild620d ago

Yeah, I'm wondering that too. Because it sure isn't Battlefield 5, Killzone Shadow Fall or any other shooter I can think off on PS4. Bright Memory looked impressive with its lighting engine and particle effects.

oasdada620d ago

Yeah utterly dissapointing

itsmebryan620d ago

Lol. You fanboys kill me. PS4 doesn't even look as good as X1X. PS4 is only 1.84 Tflops, no ray tracing, no 4k, no 4k60fps, no 120fps, long load times, and that is just to name a few.

I had both systems but passed on PS4 after the lies they told about Gran Turismo 5 and 6 on PS3. They never fixed the sound and both games were disappointing compared to Forza.

You Sony fanboys are odd. You guys are like a cult. You make up facts to defend a corporation like it effects you? Why are you so invested in Sony?

What is the PS5 event going to show you if you think the more powerful 12TFLOP XSX doesn't look better than a 1.84 TFLOPS PS4? The PS5 is only 10.28 tfops maxed out and it is some how going to do better than a 12 TFLOPS XSX?

I forgot that's fanboy logic.smh

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SpaceRanger621d ago

Was pretty underwhelming overall. First impressions matter... yet they’re doing what they’ve done of the last few years.

“Exclusive” reveals and other stuff that ends up being pre-rendered gameplay. All while hyping it up beforehand as gameplay. Hopefully their first party can actually bring something to the table. Halo can’t carry them all.

neutralgamer1992621d ago


their last few E3's were filled with world reveals and than CGI trailer

SpaceRanger621d ago

Yeah I know. CGI trailers is nothing new. This last E3 maybe had more gameplay but every year before that was CGI trailers or games that were later cancelled.

Unspoken621d ago

Denial? It's the first step.

Microsoft has done everything different and more.

SpaceRanger621d ago

I’m sorry that you’re in denial of what we all saw today.

Pre-rendered trailers will little to no gameplay. Talk about blowing it on their first impression.

Unspoken621d ago

Don't worry, Sony will have an event too. I know what I'm going to expect from the trailers.

Dragonscale620d ago

Its the xbox fans who are in denial lol. Ms have done what they always do, next gen aint gonna be any different.

itsmebryan621d ago

Well at least they showed something. Why do you think Sony hasn't shown anything except the PS5 controller?

Melankolis621d ago

Games, for Sony customers, are something to be taken for granted. 4 previous generations have proven that.
And Sony customers don't have to be in a hurry because Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us 2 are near.

CBaoth621d ago

why hasn't Sony shown anything except the controller? Simple really. They're still selling PS4s like hotcakes and IPs like FF7 Remake and Nioh 2 just launched. The next 2 months sees a sequel to one of Sony's best selling IPs ever and one of the biggest new games of the current gen. Why throw away this last year so you can focus on next gen? Wouldn't a better situation be like what Sony is doing now? Sony customers know what to expect the next decade. Honestly, can MS and Ninty fans say the same thing?

itsmebryan621d ago

But, those are PS4 games. What about PS5 games? Your not saying the can just sit back on their laurels and just do nothing are you? The problem with that are the rumors start that can be counter productive.

Remember the 13.3 TFLOPS PS5 rumor. It turned out to be 10.28 TFLOPS max in boost mode. That disappointed a lot of people. They need to control their narrative.
Maybe show some PS5 games that show their at best 1.72 TFLOPS deficit compared to the SX 12 TFLOPS ( remember the PS4 was @1.84 TFLOPS) will not really hurt PS5 3rd party game performance.

BeOpenMinded621d ago (Edited 621d ago )

Last two Sony consoles did start off weak with 1st party and available European games. They go hard late.. different strategy and seems to work so who knows what up their sleeve.

Melankolis621d ago

"But, those are PS4 games. What about PS5 games? Your not saying the can just sit back on their laurels and just do nothing are you? The problem with that are the rumors start that can be counter productive"

Not only rumors, PS3 launch was a real mess if you were mature enough to witness the situation that time.
Bulky consoles, high price, somewhat weak library, less quality port than the competitor, even i thought PS3 was done for.

Not only that, with PS1 they were unheard before, PS2 was hard to develop, and before PS4 launch, they even said console gaming is dead. Playstation's launch weren't always smooth, by sales or technical approach. But they always turn the table anyway, with their games.

If you want "A Show", then their upcoming games always be their main show.
In every generation they always deliver high quality 1st party exclusives eventually until the end of the console's life cycle. So, i assure you, worry not.

And by countering the rumours, the one who is disappointed is the one who really believes in rumors. Be wise and use your head. Don't take rumors seriously.

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darthv72621d ago

I don't mind games being "Optimized for Series X" but I do miss the games that would state "Only on Xbox" on their covers. those days are long gone.

Neonridr621d ago

does it matter if their games show up on PC as well? I never understood why people would care. Does it give you a warm feeling inside if you can only play it on one type of box? If the game is good, it shouldn't matter no?

darthv72621d ago

It was like a badge of honor and they used to have it on games that were also on the PC. I dont know why they just stopped. Unless they were specifically trying to deviate from the exclusive argument and just have games be games (which seems likely the case). Some hold onto that tired argument like its the last roll of TP but others not so much.

The_Sage621d ago

If there were certain games that you were really interested in and the only place to play them was Xbox it gave you an incentive to buy one.

neutralgamer1992621d ago


it means it's s system seller and you don't end up with 50 million while your direct competition 110 million and another 3rd console which launched after and outsold 50 million quick

but i guess ms knows better they may have a different business model. market shares means something and current model won't give them that

BeOpenMinded621d ago

Wise comment, game pass on PC and Xbox is pretty cool. Always seperated the two until a few months ago

Neonridr621d ago (Edited 621d ago )

@The_Sage - but if you have a gaming PC, then you can play it there. What does it matter at the end of the day? You think MS cares because the money they get comes from PC sales instead of console sales? It's actually wise for them to support their entire install base. Lots of PC gamers out there, why exclude them?

MS is in it for the money, not whether or not you get warm feelings about your piece of plastic. I get that it helps justify your purchase. But put it this way. If you have a gaming PC, you buy the games there, if you have an Xbox Series X you buy the games there, and if you have both then you get to choose. Please tell me again why this is a bad thing? I'm really trying hard to understand here, from the consumers end, why having choices is a bad thing now?

@neutralgamer1992 - these are 3rd party games, not system sellers. They are going to show up on both consoles and more than likely PC anyways.

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Silly gameAr621d ago (Edited 621d ago )

So, games that are also going to be on PS5 and other consoles. Gee, thanks Microsoft.

Neonridr621d ago

well they were all 3rd party games. First party stuff is being shown off in the summer, they said that in the video. Most of these are just partnerships with MS so they get marketing rights to show the stuff off first. Sony does the same thing with games like Call of Duty, Destiny, etc.

AngelicIceDiamond621d ago

This showing was a way for MS to tout they have lots of developers working on the platform. More than the early days of X1. MS has been doing this for about 3 years now traveling to different places specifically Japan. Which is why Jrpg's have been hitting the console quite a bit lately. Ascent is Xbox and PC exclusive. I haven't heard Scarlet Nexus being on PS5 or maybe they haven't announced it or perhaps MS has a deal with them but there been no mention of any of the PS consoles as of yet right now.

Abriael621d ago

Do you enjoy games more if others can't play them?

Besides, there were plenty of games in the showcase announced only for Xbox and PC.

neutralgamer1992621d ago


remember these comments from today where xbox fanboys are happy with timed exclusives only when sony does it bigger and better they will cry about it. Yes exclusives matter and it's not about enjoying what others can't play if that's the case every game should be available on every platform

you have covered gaming long enough to know exclusives matter and we won't celebrate one company buying up timed exclusives while bashing the other

Abriael621d ago

@neutralgamer1992: exclusives only matter to fanboys and shareholders.

To me, all that matters is that I can play fun games. Why the hell should I care about locking others away from them?

I have covered games long enough that this kind of bickering is nauseating.

Tross621d ago (Edited 621d ago )

It's not the exclusivity in and of itself that is important, so much as the incentive exclusives provide to check out a particular system. Slight power advantage or not, the two upcoming systems are going to be relatively similar and are going to share the vast majority of their games. But, I'm obviously going to pick the one that has more games coming to it that interest me, and I've long since learned that a PlayStation will always be a safe investment for me. If MS wants me to get a XSX to go with it, they have a lot to prove.

I don't want Xbox and PC exclusives, as I can just play those on PC and save a ton of money that way. I don't want timed exclusives because they will eventually come to the PS5, and trust me, I can wait. I don't even want Xbox exclusives, as the XB1 will play those games too. I want XSX exclusives, or I'm just not going to buy one. Sure, in most of those cases I would end up giving MS my money, but it won't help them sell this particular product. I'm not sure how much they care about that, but I'm sure as heck not investing in a system if I'm not particularly impressed.

If sales figures from this gen are anything to go by, I'm certainly not alone in seeing exclusives as a good incentive to own a particular system. The systems with the most exclusives (PS4 and Switch) easily dominated. If MS doesn't play their cards right, a similar scenario could play out once again this coming gen.

Melankolis621d ago

Psychologically, buyers tend to have more satisfaction towards exclusivity. It gives them the right to judge that their purchasing are the correct one. It's a fundamental thing to build loyal fanbases. After all, the gamers, are human too.

Technically, exclusive games tend to be developed with the best utilization of the hardware they're using, and usually with a decent budget. So the expectation the exclusives have to be in high quality is quite high. No wonder they're using exclusives as one of the comparisons which system to buy.

So, having exclusive titles, is important. Especially when someone can only afford to choose one console at a time. The importance may be lower when someone have the purchasing power to buy all systems or only tend to play the games that traditionally being multiplatform.

neutralgamer1992621d ago

Yeah not like FF7 sold 3.5 million in few days and moved 75+ consoles in Japan alone

But to you exclusives don't matter that's a bubble you are living in. That's now how business works if you have been covering gaming than you should know that. To us it's a hobby and it shouldn't matter bit to console makers any advantage they can have that will have them move hardware and software matters

Neonridr621d ago

@neutralgamer1992 - but why does a game being available on PC and Xbox matter if you are an owner of either hardware. It still doesn't change your mind as to who you are supporting. So what if MS releases their games on both platforms. 1st party wise they are still getting money either way.. and FF7 is a timed exclusive.. you don't think it won't sell a few million easy on PC when it releases next year? Who cares? Do you enjoy FF7 more knowing that you can only play it on PS4 currently? Will it hurt next year when it's available on other platforms? Why the attachment to such a silly thing?

starchild620d ago

"exclusives only matter to fanboys and shareholders.

To me, all that matters is that I can play fun games. Why the hell should I care about locking others away from them?

I have covered games long enough that this kind of bickering is nauseating."

Well said, man. I completely agree on all points.

Well, if you don't have a PC and you are a console gamer and you want to play those games you're probably going to be considering the Xbox. On the other hand, if you already have a good gaming PC like I do why would you want to have to buy a console anyway? That has never made any sense to me. It's not something I crave to have the incentive to do. Ideally I would like to just be able to play them on my PC.

I'm not sure whether it's in Microsoft's best interest, but it's definitely in my best interest and I'm glad they have taken that approach. I'm also glad Sony has moved in that direction to some degree.

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Spurg621d ago (Edited 621d ago )

The Medium
Call of the Sea

Will be day one on gamepass

Also, they especially said several times that its a third party showcase even at the beginning of the show.

waverider621d ago

Day one on gamepass, amazing stuff...

--bienio--621d ago

Idiot. That was all about it! Show games run on Xbox x series

Silly gameAr621d ago

You guys don't want to admit that it was disappointing and a little underwhelming. That's fine. MS loves people like you.