Codemasters Hints At New Game Saying "Prepare For Something Different" - DailyGamingTech

Codemasters hints at new game saying “Prepare For Something Different”. What could the latest game from them be? With F1 2020 already announced could it be a new Dirt game but "prepare for something different" could mean something else completely!

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DailyGamingTech147d ago

I think it will be some sort of new Dirt as the Dirt Twitter account posted the same thing

RosweeSon147d ago

Maybe they’ll call it filth this time 😂 pure filth 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

DailyGamingTech147d ago

They had the Dirt logo in the comments as well so I would think it means a new different type of Dirt game but it could just be a different game altogether

IRetrouk147d ago

They sent me this in an email a day or two ago, it's something to do with dirt from what I remember.

Majors147d ago

Not another RPG rally game ffs even first person shooters are getting the rpg crap forced into them..,

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