No Mutants Allowed Review: Fallout 3

Compared to the first two Fallout games, Fallout 3 is a pale imitation that may anger many fans of the original games. However, comparing Fallout 3 to similar games like Morrowind, Oblivion, Gothic, Two Worlds, Assassins Creed, etc presents a much more favourable reaction. I think that it's the best game Bethesda have produced since the Daggerfall days and that really says something about the game. The most important feature of the game is the promise of great things to come from Bethesda in the future, so let's get those monkeys out of the office and kick some ass. God knows, it's been long overdue.

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krakdol3837d ago

Excellent review... Much more accurate than the 'game of the year' bull$hit written elsewhere.

Bethesda universe makes no sense. He's right Fallout 3 looks like a 'amusement park'. I'd say it sometimes looks like 'World of Falloutcraft', with people waiting at every corner of the wastelands.

The main quest is stupid and clearly the combat system is poor : vats makes things too easy, and the opponent can't even fight back properly, whatever your stats are, since you can chain your actions.

All in all, it looks like Oblivion with guns, with a karma system where everybody in the world knows instantly when you do something wrong... It can't be called a RPG with such 'feature'.

Still a nice game, but more like 75 or 80/100, and in no way the game of the year...

Slinger4203837d ago

I have to disagree. This game is soooo vast and it all comes together so realistically. If you say V.A.T.S. makes the game easy, you didn't play it. You run out of points and you can't always rely on V.A.T.S. and it also isn't always accurate. Some enemies snipe, super mutants charge at you with overwhelming strength and you have to cripple limbs to slow them down, so you're claim that enemies can't fight back is also BOGUS. The game starts off a little slowly but by the time you reach Tranquility Lane you know you're witnessing a masterpiece in interactive entertainment. I'm about twenty hours in and the game is huge with so much to explore and do. Everything from the gameplay, graphics, sounds, music, controls, gunplay are all awesome. The save anywhere feature is also great especially when you pass a tough part of the game that had you stuck you can instantly save, perfect. The karma system that you say shouldn't be in an RPG is awesome and makes for good replay value. You can play the game as someone that helps people or who hurts people. Some guy needed water because he was dying, i tried to give him radiated water, he didn't want it. He said it makes him puke. I only had one bottle pf purified water so I blew his head off and put him out of his misery. Another guy in my party had heart problems and we couldn't continue on without him receiving proper medication. I had none so I blew him away also which made the others with me angry. GET THE POINT? So next time you say the game isn't excellent, try playing it for more than two hours noob.