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PirateThom5058d ago

Well, if we can avoid more bands like Nickelback, nothing of value was lost.

Smacktard5058d ago

Totally agree. Besides, how many good new bands were created between 2000-2005? I can only think of one: Mute Math.

Music just isn't the same as it used to be, man.

PirateThom5058d ago

Dengue Fever aren't bad either.

jtucker785058d ago

And does he realise that there are dozens of really talented bands out there that will never make it because they weren't in the right place at the right time.

There are some seriously talented people out there, that just never get the opportunity of getting signed.

Guitar Hero isn't to blame for that.

hay5058d ago

Nickelback have like one good song as far as I know.

Smacktard5058d ago

Dengue Fever... I'll give them a listen. Thanks!

Mr_Bun5058d ago

I find the opposite...I can't tell you how many of my friends now taking guitar/drum lessons courtesy of Rockband/Guitar Hero.

ChampIDC5058d ago

Yeah, I think if anything, it's boosting interest in music. Heck, it helped my brother start producing better music. He used to make digital diarrhea if he tried to create a piece, but now his stuff is listenable, all because he attained a greater appreciation for quality music by playing Rock Band.

jammy_705058d ago

nickelback are a great band! the album load road is 1 of the best albums done by any hard rock band
dunno y u guys hate them so much???
i mean there singles aint the best, but there albums fu**king rule

Homicide5058d ago

Aren't Nickelback Canadians? Also when was the last time they made a good song?

Halochampian5058d ago

their newest CD isnt bad at all. Gotta Be Somebody was a really nice song.

I dont like that they are slamming it because I feel that it does the opposite. I feel it gets kids interested into the idea of being in a band. So I would have to disagree with him there.

vizigoth5058d ago

"I find the opposite...I can't tell you how many of my friends now taking guitar/drum lessons courtesy of Rockband/Guitar Hero."

I agree. Every time I listen to rock music now I think of how it would actually play on RockBand/Guitar Hero. Now I've only played Rock Band but I think musicians would have a greater respect for RockBand/Guitar Hero if in place of buttons, color coded strings that actually trigger each note. Then once you've played Eye of the Tiger a hundred times for five stars you might memorize it on an actual guitar.

HemiHalo5057d ago

the number of awesome metalcore bands nowadays is impressive...

Millah5057d ago

LOL, Nickelback shouldn't really speak anything about music. Nickelback gets slammed everytime they play "music"

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buckethead_9115058d ago

But I do like the song "how u remind me"

g3nkie5058d ago

That's because all the good bands stay indie and don't play music for profit but rather play music for an hobby.

TheRocker91225058d ago

Remember when he got stoned there?

mariusmal5058d ago

AHAHAHA i was gonna say that.
yeah now i remembered why every throw stones at them here in portugal

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The story is too old to be commented.