PS Plus May 2020 Lineup Allegedly Leaked, Includes Two Major Games

Sony has yet to officially announce the PS Plus games lineup for the month of May 2020 but a leak could have revealed the games that are out next month.

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qalpha100d ago

Dark Souls Remastered and Dying Light are the rumored games.

TheRealTedCruz100d ago

Have the definitive edition of Dyling light, but DS remastered would be nice.

solideagle100d ago

I don't like Souls genre, I wish we could sometime select games out of let's say 5 games?
would it be like gamepass then? I am not familiar with that...

Gaming4Life1981100d ago

That would be nice to be able to choose the games out of 5. No you cannot choose any games on gamepass or the xbl monthly free games.

100d ago
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L7CHAPEL99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

No you don't get to choose with Game pass, it's the same thing,
it's what they give you.
Not quite sure if you mean game pass, though.
games with gold is where they give you 2/4 free games each month just like PlayStation plus.
Game pass is they're subscription style service.
there's over a hundred games and you can download and play as many of them as you wish.
games with gold is included with Game pass, and you get to keep those games they don't get rotated out, you download it and it's yours.

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Smitty2020100d ago

nice not had the chance to play these yet

myfathersbastard100d ago

Dying light is a blast. Dark souls is great (if you enjoy the souls genre)

Ninver100d ago

Thanks, you saved me a click. Should have been listed before the link.

CorndogBurglar100d ago

Have any of these prediction / "leak" articles EVER been right?

nitus1099d ago

I have the PS3 version of Dark Souls and if the article is true I will definitely be bookmarking the remastered edition (I have DS2 and DS3), now all I need is the PS4 remaster of Demons Souls with a "new?" sever.

For players who have never played a Souls game and are interested. Play Dark Souls 2 (it is fairly cheap) first since it eases you into the gameplay but it can punish you if you are not willing to learn from your mistakes. Hint. Early in the game (Forest of Fallen Giants), you will see a monster trudging up and down a river - You can avoid it unless you are really confident in your fighting skills.

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Abnor_Mal100d ago

If true those would be some great choices. I've never played either game, so that's a plus for me.

KnightNumber86100d ago

a Playstation... Plus??..... I'll leave.

Abnor_Mal100d ago

While writing that comment and the word plus I thought of the same thing and decided it would be a little too on the nose to put it in the comment. Glad it was still picked up. :)

Mithan100d ago

Both of those would be awesome. Dark Souls Remastered makes me think maybe we are going to get more Dark Souls info soon? hmmm... Elden Ring definitely needs to release info soon, and there is a rumored Demon's Soul remake in the works by Blue Point as well.

Dying Light is an amazing zombie game too, great game.

monkey602100d ago

I really want both of these now! Hope it's true

Shadow Man100d ago

OMG! Dark souls remaster? Don’t do this too me! I don’t want to go back because once I start playing Darksouls games I can’t stop!

twiggytree12100d ago

Same. I return to Bloodborne and Dark souls 3 at least once a year. Usually when Vaatividya uploads a video, lol.

UltraNova100d ago

Love that guy's work, a truly rare talented YT content creator.

meatnormous100d ago

Replaying Bloodborne right now.

MajorLazer99d ago

I bought DS R about a month ago having last played DS1 on the PS3. I've platinumed it since 😏 Very easy to platinum though compared to say Demon's Souls

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