Damphear5419d ago

the fail of a game this was.

the dlc is fail also.

BrianC62345419d ago

I have the PS3 version of the game and really don't care about missing this DLC. The game itself never really thrilled me. I hardly even played it so far. I'm going to start over soon since they added trophy support but I just didn't care for GTAIV. Rockstar changed way too much. I really hate how you go flying through your windshield if you lose control of your car. You just can't do as much anymore. They took a lot of fun out of GTA in this game.

LeonSKennedy4Life5419d ago

Shut up. The game rocked. Previous GTA's have had shallow storylines and repetitive action/shooting. This one was realistic and had EMOTION in it!!!


nordberg5419d ago (Edited 5419d ago )

"Previous GTA's have had shallow storylines and << REPETITIVE >> action/shooting."

Previous GTA have:
-Assets and missions assets
-Driving schools
-Gang Wars
-Stadium Races (and the others races like in gta4)
-BMX, planes, parachutes, karts way more type of cars
-paramedic, pizza, valet, firefighter missions
-many others things and all the things in GTA4 (except the useless cell and internet messaging which is used by gf and friends to bother you). Even the arcade (not counting the casino games) have way more than only one game. Maybe, you talk about the fabulous new bowling and/or dart???

For the storylines, it's a personal opinion...but i like the CJ story. Still, GTA4 was great, only not as great ( and deep ) than the previous GTA (solo). The GTA4 biggest and only add-on with all the cut his the great online.

BrianC62345419d ago

"Shut up. The game rocked. Previous GTA's have had shallow storylines and repetitive action/shooting. This one was realistic and had EMOTION in it!!!"

Like anyone cares about the storyline in GTA games. Big deal. I didn't play the other GTA games for months because of the storyline. I played them because I could do whatever I wanted. This game doesn't really let you do that. I used to spend hours just getting my wanted level up high and have huge police chases. Then run around and find a firetruck or other big truck and smash through the cops. GTAIV makes it way too hard to do that. One mistake and you're dead. The driving just isn't any fun. I don't want to worry about losing control and flying through my windshield. This game just isn't as much fun.

badz1495419d ago

that's so true! especially the driving part! the driving in GTAIV is no fun at all. it's even less fun than driving in racing games! I played GTAIV but stopped halfway and the restarted after the trophy support but this time I stopped even earlier than the 1st time I played it! the game itself is full of BORING!

die_fiend5419d ago

The game is clearly amazing. The driving's probably boring cos ur crashing all the time due to ur lack of skills. If you're flying out of your windscreen loads then ur a leper. It's clear from these comments than PS3 owners are bitter so they think they'll slate the game. If it's so poor y has it sold like 5 mill and got so many amazin reviews? U PS3 owners can go play Killzone 2, probably the first game that does what Sony has been promising for the last 3 years. But if it turns out like the first then unlucky

Calvin_ISA5419d ago

Haha. Dude, you're rediculous. It has nothing to do with 360 or PS3. This game is boring as hell. The cell phone bull IS more of a chore than fun. Remake San Andreas with the Table Tennis engine (RAGE?) and I'm so happy, I'll buy two. GTA IV: WASTE OF MY MONEY.

Milky Joe5419d ago

Oh... another story... Hooray?

Seriously, GTA IV just isn't that good. It's a pretty decent game in it's own right, the story's sort of interesting and the gameplay mechanics are quite tidy but it just misses everything that made the GTA games so fun to play... ie. the fun stuff.

Yeah, ok mate, I'm jealous that I can't play a few extra hours of a game I got bored of months ago and will be even more bored of in 3 months time... However will I cope? If only there had been a recent influx of terrific games recently to to keep me going...

AAACE55419d ago

A lot of people seemed to hate the new GTA because of it's more realistic approach and because it was lacking alot of extra features from the past gta games. But the main focus on this GTA game was to show a more realistic city and have a good story!

Rockstar will probably add in the extra features that gamers miss from the previous entries, but one thing I didn't like about the past GTA games was that the cities never looked or felt realistic enough. Atmosphere is important to me, which is why I consider this to be the best game of all of them! The city feels dirty and lonely, like real city living. They make you feel bad if you hit an old lady crossing the street. The emotion they put in the game has made me cut down on the stupid crimes, and only commit crimes on those who deserve it!

I don't know.... maybe I just appreciate the little details and extra effort the developers put in this game than the average gamer, who has probably had a sheltered life and cannot understand things that they have not experienced in real life! I don't know! Maybe I just appreciate it more cause I have been waiting 2 decades for games to have graphics and experiences like this!

Milky Joe5419d ago

That's the thing Realistic =/= Fun. At least not most of the time. I respect their boldness in taking an EXTREMELY popular franchise in a drastically new dimension but the game just isn't fun to play. Once the story is over, there's not an awful lot else you can do. Previous GTAs kept me going for months, no, years and it would take me about half that time to actually finish the story. For GTA IV, I finished the story in about a week because there was just not enough else to do.

Gothdom5419d ago (Edited 5419d ago )

The story wasn't that bad. It was different from the usual "I wan't to be a master criminial, but I'm a thug" story. And when you unlock the 3rd Island, all the emotion is drained out by the last missions.

what killed the game for me was

-the lack of Rhino tanks
-the driving (I've been spoiled by Burnout Paradise)
-the stupid cell phone with this buisness about friends and girlfriends
-the multiplayer is too broken to enjoy
-the cop system, but I like the idea of a perimeter you have to flea from. It just needs a bit of work.
-the 200 pigeons with nothing every 10 or 20 pigeons. This was the worst "hidden packages" hunting I had to do.

and on a side note, the fist fight controls needs just a teenie bit tweaking.

thor5419d ago

I don't think it's awesome.

What are they adding?

It's not an "area the size of San Andreas".
It's not adding in a bunch of content that fans thought were missing in GTA4.

It's adding some missions with a different character - in the same places as you've already been.

It might take a long time to complete - but it will just be more of the same, in a DMC4 "let's make more content by getting you to replay the same bits with a different character" kind of way.

It depends on how much it costs, but it sounds as though it won't really be worth your money, especially if you've already got bored of GTA4.

Waste of $50 million...

SCFreelancer5419d ago


I agree. It might seem cool at first, but it gets on your nerves really quick. It should keep a bit of arcadeness imo.

Bnet3435419d ago

What a waste Microsoft :( I am ashamed. GTAIV sucked. I haven't played it since the week it came out, no joke, I'm not even exaggerating on that. Only like 60 Gamerscore on it and that's only because I like hopped off the boat and did something else.

prowiew5419d ago

woah... it seems nobody likes the game now. Personally I never like the GTA series. But one thing is for sure. This will sell a lot. Especially since is a different character with probably a different story. This is the kind of downloadable content that every company should do. Me? Will not buy it. I think.

AAACE55419d ago

Realistic can equal fun, to the person who likes it! CoD 4 was a more realistic game than alot of other military shooters, and it was fun as hell to me! Some loved the new Socom, but some didn't! It's just all about perception! Alot of people were probably expecting GTA to be like the past ones, but was excited to find out about the change up. I will admit, that at first, I was thrown off by the changes when I actually played it. But after some time with it, I loved it and respected it once I stopped comparing it to previous GTA games.

@Thor... You mean to tell me that you have explored every nook and cranny of the city? You remember the city backwards and forwards?

I felt the city was too big, and am looking forward to more missions so I get a chance to see areas that I might have missed! The city is not as stretched out as San Andreas, but you have alot more places to go within the area provided!

Do me a favor and play the game without thinking about the fact that it's a GTA game! Just play it like it's a new IP and not compare it to any other GTA games. Explore the city. Don't ride in a car and just walk around and look for alleys, stairways, etc.

There is alot of stuff about GTA 4 that some gamers might not have figured out yet! I prefer to look at it as fun in a different way!

jadenkorri5419d ago

When ever people say a game is bad, if its multiplatform, its always because ps3 fanboys are jealous cause of achievements, dlc, or some other reason that the ps3 version don't have... Seems the game won't be at fault ever as long as its on multi...anyways.. GTA 4 sucked, i haven't even fisnihed it yet, why, cause it sucks balls, i have a ps3 and 360, got it on ps3 for a reason... GTA 4 sucked cause of the cell phone and your so called friends annoying the crap out of me whenever i was really busy, and if you didn't they wined about sh!t all the time... the story was sub par, and losign all the other stuff from previous GTA's really made this game suck, i all honesty, 360 could of had this game along with your exclusive dlc, i would of been just as bored on the 360... so die_friend, shut you pie whole, ur just a wastless fanboy...

Dpa5419d ago

Its total idiots that criticise GTA4.

It may not have been everything the hype said but it was still a fantastic game. Who cares about stupid little stuff like tanks etc?

The aim of GTA4 was to create a far more realistic world and it really succeeded in that and i enjoyed the game more than the previous storyless, repetitive games in the series.

Yes it had a few flaws, but to say its crap is just so idiotic.

Megatron085419d ago

sounds like more of the same boring crap. I guess if you really like gta4 it will be ok

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TheColbertinator5419d ago

I hope it turns out better than the full game was.I hated GTA4

Magic_The_Celt5419d ago

^ did he? i dont recall........ wow man febuary....will anyone seriously care by then? i just cant see this selling well enough to make up micro$ofts 50 million.

And it dont sound that good.. i was expecting................more. .

hell i cant even be bothered now to put gta in and play again to get the new trophies. how are people expected to be bothered to want to buy a $20 DLC which is just a storyline? about a f*cking biker gang dear god.

PoSTedUP5419d ago (Edited 5419d ago )

oh man i was expecting like...buying property and personal stats and more weapons etc. like make it better no? w/e *sigh*


KILLZONE 2 ...................I FORGOT GOD OF WAR 3