Quantum Error Dev: PS5 DualSense Is ‘Super Exciting’, Will Take Advantage of New Features

"We are definitely planning to take advantage of the new features," says developer TeamKill Media.

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CaptainHenry9161129d ago

So is this game a timed exclusive? I thought this game was releasing on PC

AK911129d ago

Timed exclusive I think will eventually come to XSX and PC.

isarai1129d ago

All these words of praise for the Dualsense from various devs are really making me anxious to get my hands on it. GOD DAYUM next gen is so damn exciting, even with all the fanboy toxicity everyone has gotta admit no matter the platform, there's a lot of new and exciting things next gen will bring.

darthv721129d ago

Same here. The DS5 looks to be improving on everything the DS4 did and then some. Im also looking forward to color / theme variants to collect.

silenthillstrangler1129d ago

Let's wait and see if it improves on the most important thing....battery.

SurgicalMenace1129d ago

Everyone talks about the battery, how many hours are you playing? Mine stay charged up pretty well, and I've never had a complaint.

isarai1129d ago

I just bought a $10 charging stand and i just dock it after each session, never had it die or get low battery notifications while playing. Should the battery be better? Hell yeah, but it's nowhere near as bad as people make it seem, just charge your controller

SurgicalMenace1129d ago

Same here. I mean, if you're playing with nothing else to do in a day, what do you expect?

Smokehouse1129d ago

I’m looking forward to this game. Horror games can still be horror with shotguns. There is nothing scary about hiding under a bed.

Software_Lover1129d ago

Thats good. Use the features available for either console.

Thundercat771129d ago

DualSense receiving lots of praise. Can't wait to have mine.

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