Quantum Error Gameplay Will Be “Very Similar” To DOOM 3 and Dead Space

TeamKill Media says the upcoming horror title will be “a slower paced FPS.”

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CaptainHenry9161138d ago

I'm surprised this game isn't coming to PC. If it's like Dead Space, sign me up

SoulWarrior1138d ago

Dead Space? Fine. Doom 3? ew

REDGUM1138d ago

A combination of these 2 games...... yes please, where's me copy????? 😜

greywolf391138d ago

This game seems really really interesting. Cant wait to see some more gameplay and story about it

Abnor_Mal1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

I said this two days ago that it reminded of Doom with the corridor, flashlight and armor.

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