Quantum Error Lead Platform Is PS5, Will Be 15-20 Hours Long

“At first everything is going to be calibrated” for the PS5, according to TeamKill Media.

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mikeslemonade1144d ago

They need to stop making games for PS4 and Xbox one. It’s holding the games back.

Mozillayaseen1144d ago

They can't just stop making games for the Xbox one & PS4.Millions of people have these systems so there is money that can be made from them besides the next-gen hasn't event started and it's going to be a while before we start seeing a lot of games for them

Obscure_Observer1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

"They need to stop making games for PS4 and Xbox one. It’s holding the games back."

Read the article. The PS5 is the lead platform!

“At the moment our focus is primarily on the PS5, so at first everything is going to be calibrated for that platform and we won’t do most of the optimizing for the PS4 until we are close to being finished,”

"We are targeting 4K 60 FPS full ray-tracing. The quality settings of the ray-tracing will depend on how things run."

True next gen game!

iplay1up21144d ago

Right! Over 100K PS4's sold this gen and 40M Xbox Ones. Why make games for next gen, when the Combined numbers will be Similar next gen

Most gamers play on consoles. Not many people have a PC that can run Next gen. Most of us don't want to deal with a gaming rig. That is just a fact. To the people that do want to invest in PC, go for it.

Next gen, should be pretty ideal for developers to do much of anything they want.

Zjet1144d ago

You don't know what install base means do you?

When the first Bluray player came out, they didn't stop making DVD's did they?

Bronxs151144d ago

All these guys were ragging on ms for supporting Xbox one after series x. Now look at them it’s a true next game Cus ps5 is lead platform. What a joke. But if Microsoft makes games for series x and and also Xbox one they say it’s held back and not true next gen. Which is it guys??

mikeslemonade1144d ago

Hehe if they make it for PS4 or Xbox One period I’m gonna say it’s held back. I don’t like PS4 or Xbox One equally. Next gen should have started several years ago if it were up to me.

S2Killinit1144d ago

You are right, as long as its on older systems as well, its being held back. This is why Im glad PS5 will have its own exclusives.

Segata1144d ago

0 people own a PS5 or Xbox One X. About 150 million PS4's and Xbox One systems. So no that would be stupid. As always current-gen will receive games 2-3 years more. You will only have a base of 2-3 million PS5/XSX by year-end.

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JEECE1144d ago

Eh. I mean no matter what, unless they are doing two different versions of the game, everything is going to be inherently held back by the PS4. I mean I'm sure they're going to optimize the PS5 version graphically in many ways, and maybe they'll be able to eliminate loading screens in that version, but it's not like they can change the designs of levels on the basis of the PS5's SSD (as some devs are suggesting will be possible), because even if they're graphically downgraded, they still have to run on PS4. Same thing with AI systems etc.; all of that has to revolve around PS4 as the lowest common denominator.

GTgamer1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

I 100% agree the PS4 version would be massively downgraded in many areas so I'm curious to see how this turns out.

AngelicIceDiamond1144d ago

True. When it comes to cross gen games, devs are still coding for Jaguar CPU GCN architecture. For various reason, cost effective, lowest common denominator platforms, familiarity. Plus sells for a game. Its always risky for to true next gen game because of lofty expectations.

JEECE1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

Yeah although I think people always overestimate the "install base" factor when releasing on old systems after new ones come out. All the enthusiastic people move over to the new platform and are looking for things to buy, while the people who remain tend towards the established annual franchises. Gran Turismo 6's significantly diminished sales compared to Grab Turismo 5, despite a much larger install base of PS3s, is a good example of this. As is 2K's scramble to get Borderlands:The pre-Sequel into a PS4/XONE release after their those systems sold like crazy and they released the game for the old systems.

Harryvok1144d ago

This is my problem with Xbox Series X exclusives having to run on Xbox One X as well for the first year at least. Building a game to run on both systems at a core level is just going to hold those games back.

I don't think we'll see the truly amazing next gen games on PS5 or Series X for at least a couple years after launch.

JEECE1144d ago

They won't just have to run on One X; they have to run on the Original Xbox One as well. And I agree that this will be a big problem. Although practically speaking I think it won't provide PS5 with the advantage that it could, because during that period there will probably only be a small handful of high-caliber PS5 exclusive games that really show off that console, while the majority of games are still going to be hampered by a last gen version.

Meanwhile, we'll continue to hear people forward the inherently incompatible claims that the new systems open up design choices never previously possible, while "scalability" allows games to be made across generations without limiting the new systems. People are unwilling to admit that embracing this concept of scalability is to accept that all improvements of the next gen will be technical only (i.e. resolution, framerate, loading, etc) without any previously impossible features of game design.

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jznrpg1144d ago

They mostly sold Og Xbox and Xb1S . I doubt they sold more than 5 million Xb1X

LordJamar1144d ago

Y’all have no idea what next gen is or what it looks like wait until you see the games

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Abnor_Mal1144d ago

With a quick glance at the title I at first thought it said Quantum Break coming to PS5. Said to myself "why?", then actually read the title correctly.

I will have to look up this game and see if there's any more information since this is the first I've heard of its development. Hopefully there's a video of some gameplay or concept.

GaboonViper1144d ago

Abnor, here is a trailer with some brief gameplay, those monsters look scary.

Abnor_Mal1144d ago

Thank you for the trailer.

The corridor section and flashlight at first glance reminded me of Doom I think for XBox 360, then later ported to PS3 at the end of the gen iirc.

Looks good, will keep an eye out for more about this game in the near future.

morganfell1144d ago

I liked the trailer because it presents the premise that you find in the best scifi horror films. Alien is always cited as the bar to achieve. That premise is the old axiom, "Fear of death is worse than death itself". It was the same way with games like the first Dead Space. The horror creeps in when you don't see anything. Once a monster shows up its all combat and time to put on your big girl panties. But it is the moments in between, the what the hell was that, that really ramp up the atmosphere.

darthv721144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

So you could say you made a 'quantum error'.... hahahahaha

I'll show myself out.

edit, don't feel bad man. i get Outer Worlds and Outer Wilds confused all the time.

Abnor_Mal1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

Lol please do.

I got disagrees but I wasn't throwing shade on Quantum Break, just wondering if it was coming to PS what would be your reason. I know Remedy went full third party with Control but I thought MS held the rights to QB. So I questioned what I read with "why".

But once I reread the title everything became clear. So Quantum Error indeed.

I have to stop at first glancing and actually take the time to read the titles instead of scrolling quickly through the home page.

Abnor_Mal1144d ago

*"...what would be the reason."

isarai1144d ago

Guess that means when we see footage it should be PS5 footage?

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GaboonViper1144d ago

Looking forward to this, more horror games the better IMO.