Nintendo - The Unconventional Company?

From The Gamers Cafe...

"Ever since the announcement for Wii Remote, then known as the Revolution Remote, Nintendo has really be going off on it's unique and creative ideas. But some of the ideas Nintendo has come up with has been very different from the standard features we see in other game consoles. We all know that Nintendo's unique idea's are really, and I mean really driving the sales of the Wii. But to the core market, is Nintendo's "Unconventional ism" bringing it forward at all?"

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Vizion265305d ago

When you think ahead and go against the grain and innovate you get rewarded with big sales. The Big 3 auto companies failed to think ahead and that's why they are begging the government for a handout.

TheColbertinator5305d ago

Absolutely right.That may be the greatest comment in the entire history of n4g.

thenickel5305d ago

Well it looks like there won't be a handout and they will have no choice but to file chapter 11. Nintendo would of been in the same boat had it not taken off with the Wii which in my opinion is luck anyway.