Quantum Error Developer On Possible Xbox Series X Version: “We Won’t Say Never”

“However, at this time our focus is with PlayStation,” says the developer.

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Fishy Fingers1140d ago

Man, gamingbolt have been riding on this interview for a fortnight now.

Kribwalker1140d ago

i guess it’s a paid timed exclusive. That’s typically how it is when devs word it like that

SpaceRanger1140d ago

I mean if you want to make up stuff to feel better, sure?

But the article is pretty clear that their dev-publisher relationship is a key factor, alongside the fact that ... “we feel that our game will run its very best on the PlayStation platform.”

Considering PlayStation has more than double the userbase transitioning into its new console next gen, it only makes sense financially for small studios like theirs.

FanboyPolice1140d ago

What makes more sense financially is taking the game to more people, not restricting it.

Kribwalker1140d ago

if you want to deflect to feel better then sure, it won’t be coming to other platforms. If you want to look at the trends when people say “we’re focused on H platform right now, but we won’t rule out Z platform later” you will see it’s consistently that H platform helped pay some of the cost of development for limited exclusivity only to release on Z platform after the time is up

SpaceRanger1140d ago


“What makes more sense financially is taking the game to more people, not restricting it.”

It’s easy math my friend. They have enough money to focus on one major platform. Will come to other platforms shortly after when more money is made.

gamer91139d ago

Holy fanboys in the disagree votes - this is basic facts. You're suggesting it takes quite a lot of effort to develop for both systems vs the benefit of the extra sales, which just isn't true. If this was true then why would every multiplat game not just start with ONE of the two to develop on? Change my mind with a logical response please.

rainslacker1139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

It does cost money to develop for a second platform, or a third. While costs to port have gone down as time goes on, not all devs can commit enough resources to actually release on all consoles at once. Beyond that, there are real world licensing fees that have to be paid before you ever make a penny on your release.

Not sure what the resources of this dev are, but my understanding was that it was a smaller team, and they didn't have huge investment to make a huge game.

Not all exclusives that come out on other platforms later are paid for, nor are all console exclusives which never go to the other platform, nor PC, paid for by the console makers.

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S2Killinit1140d ago

I expect a lot of developers will lean toward PS5. Whether timed, paid, or simply prioritizing their efforts.

gamer91139d ago

PS5 and XSX are similar to develop for. If a company is limiting themselves to 1 of the 2, then they are being paid for it.

S2Killinit1139d ago

I dont think they are very similar. At least not from what we have heard so far. But your opinion is your opinion.

rainslacker1139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )


They have similar APU's, at least at the core level, but about all that makes similar is the processor hardware calls. There are other similarities due to the nature of how CPU's and GPU's work, but in general, no, the two systems are more different from one another than the PS4 and X1 are now. They have completely different "best practice" recommendations on how to maximize their potential, and each system has quite a lot of custom process calls that simply aren't available on the other system, or require different implementation.

If one is using a multi-plat game engine, then a lot of this stuff will not be that difficult to port, because there is also PC to consider. But, it does mean that optimizing each version takes longer, and depending on the design of the game, one system may be better than the other in overall performance.

IRetrouk1140d ago

I think most of these third party exclusives will be timed to be fair, get them out on one ecosystem then hit the next once development costs and any contractual exclusivity etc have been covered.

SpaceRanger1140d ago

Doesn’t seem contractual at all. They’re just that small of a company. It happened a lot this gen as studios made money and then transitioned to other platforms with less players.

IRetrouk1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

I was talking about 3rd party exclusives as a whole and not just this game, we dont know what or if any deals took place for this games exclusivity🤷‍♂️, I did cover cost in my original statement aswell.

waverider1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

they are just going where the money at. More gamers, more sales. That is what happend when you got more then 110 million players. It wont be the only studio to do that.

Futureshark1140d ago (Edited 1140d ago )

PS5 as lead platform from a third-party developer then? I wonder if this will be the trend going forward.

arminukxbox1140d ago

Because Sony paid for timed exclusivity that mean ps5 will be lead platform too who cares it’s just an indie game

Dragonscale1139d ago

So where does it say Sony paid for exclusivity? Its not in the article and fake news tbh.

Kabaneri1139d ago

XSX versions will still be better looking. Raw numbers are more important than secret sauce SSD.

Dragonscale1139d ago

Raw numbers means jack shit, just ask the switch which is currently kicking scorpios ass. The most powerful console never wins.

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