Crysis Remastered May be Just the Beginning, Saber Exec Hints More Games Could Return

Crysis Remastered has finally been confirmed, but could further entries in the series also be making a return? New evidence points to "yes"!

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Fishy Fingers109d ago

I think the general rumour assumes that Warhead (DLC campaign) might be included and not so much "more games"

L7CHAPEL109d ago

Yes, please.
Console players never got that expansion, I would love to play through it.

mikeslemonade109d ago

No we don’t need more games from them if all they are making are these shooters that make want to take a nap.

L7CHAPEL109d ago

are you familiar with crytek at all ?because shooters is 95% of their library,(and good ones)
what is it you're expecting...
I'm curious ?

mikeslemonade109d ago

Other than Bioshock or a new Half Life there’s no great single player shooters.

angelsx109d ago

hopefully we get new Crysis game next gen

ABizzel1109d ago

I'm assuming that's likely to happen depending on the reception of this version. I think they're trying to bring their name back to the forefront of gaming as well as their engine, by making another "But can it run Crysis" moment.

I imagine a sequel fully utilizing Ray Tracing, 4K and 8K textures, insanely impressive models, that push PC GPUs to their breaking point for the next several years, and be another benchmark for the PC world and moreso a challenge of building a PC that's capable of running the game in 4K @ 60fps and eventually 8K @ 60fps over the next 5 - 10 years.

L7CHAPEL109d ago

This is definitely them gauging the interest.
the third one just didn't sell well which is why it's been so long,
if the remaster(s) sell well and people keep asking for more, we'll definitely see it.
what it all comes down to, it's got to sell.

C-H-E-F109d ago

How about we get new games? Mofos is really just banking off of the past, this is really turning into a drag. Not just Crytek but all of these remasters, yes I will probably buy a few of these games again because of Nostalgia, however, having new product on the shelf is great to. Like a new Crysis game to launch alongside this or something, the same goes for the saints row remaster, atleast COD released warzone/MW and then dropped a surprise MW2 remaster although it was finished since 2018. Rumor has it that MW3 has been completed already as well.

yoshatabi108d ago

Fr! I've been saying the same thing. I hate all of these remasters from all these different developers. Seriously, why would people want to play a game that they already played before? I rather just play a completely new game. There's no joy in me playing a game I played in the past. Already know what's going to happen, already know what your can unlock etc. Boring

C-H-E-F107d ago

Yeah, using all of these resources to remaster a game when they can make a new one. And they are charging top dollar in some cases. SOME games like TLOU I did buy again I can't lie, but dang it must be really hard to come up with a new game concept/story nowadays.

Terry_B109d ago

Just make it a Trilogy of the remasters, all together for 4 bucks just like the Halo remasters on Steam

spicelicka109d ago

I'd like to see BLACK remastered.

Fist4achin109d ago

Black was outstanding. Too bad it is with EA. They suck.

Abnor_Mal109d ago

That's a remake that I would buy in between a heartbeat.

yoshatabi108d ago

I loved that game. So underrated, not many people knew about it

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The story is too old to be commented.