Kikizo: Need For Speed: Undercover Review

It's the time of year when that raft of regular EA franchises makes its annual appearance, and of course no holiday charts would be complete without the inclusion of a Need for Speed title.

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spongeboob3836d ago

They should stop trying to reinvent this series and take it back to its roots. They obviously don't know what the fans want and are just ruining the series. I would love to see this series return to the hot pursuit style.

ape0073836d ago

EA,wtf is this?

dead space was awesome and so was mirror's egde

please EA,bring back the HOT PURSUIT series

NFS:HOT PURSUIT 2 on ps2 is the best nfs game ever imo

TheColbertinator3836d ago

Yeah I got Mirrors Edge.Its truly amazing though I wish it was more polished.A year in which EA had Burnout:Paradise,Rock Band 2,Boom Blox,Dead Space and Mirrors Edge has to be ruined by trash like this

Delta_FX3836d ago

One of the worst games I've played this year.

Fu*k EA.

DR-IVO3836d ago

Once again EA hypes up another popular sequal game, people fall for it and it ends up being a crappy title once released. When will people learn to stop believing EA and stop purchasing EA products all together. The company is too big and making to much money to make good games anymore. They could care less what the final product comes out to as long as they hype up the product enough to get those who dont pay attention to game previews and reviews to just buy it.

TheColbertinator3836d ago

I disagree.EA has put quality games like Dead Space,Boom Blox and Burnout:Paradise on the market and has pushed new IPs as well.The company that I believe is getting greedy and troublesome is Activision with tons of unnecessary Guitar Hero games and garbage like Spiderman:Web of Shadows.

gaznutta3835d ago

Firstly do not rate this game unless you actually own it! Just because Ea does not pay you to give a good review it does not hurt to actually say this is not a bad title as far as Wii racers go.

The handling on the wii is by far the best control system and there is just the right amounts of grip and over/under-steer.

The 360 version is awful as the analogue does not allow a slick clip back rate. This means that after turning despite the stick clicking back to the centre, the car takes around a second to centre which is simply terrible in a game of this nature.

The graphics could be better, although there isn't really much to compare to on the Wii and the acting is fine, it's a game for gods sake we are not expecting oscars here.

The scenes do well to set the pace and add the overall excitement of the story and becomes more a driver-esque game at heart.

Loads of customization, add ons as well as a great soundtrack!!!

he game is not perfect by any means, but 4/10 is very harsh

A real gamer = me and i give it 6.5/7 out of 10