There is now a Dino Crisis Mod that you can download for Resident Evil 3 Remake

DSOGaming writes: "Dino Crisis is a game that would significantly benefit from a remake. And while Capcom is not currently working on such a project, its fans can now get a taste of such a remake via this mod. As the title suggests, Dino Evil 3 is basically a mashup of Dino Crisis with Resident Evil 3 Remake."

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Knightofelemia1133d ago

After RE 3 I am scared to see how a Dino Crisis remake will turn out I love the franchise

Tross1133d ago

It depends on whether it's made out of a desire to revisit a beloved game of the past and expand on what made it so beloved, or because the RE remakes have rolled in a lot of money for Capcom and they want more of it. Either way we would at least get meh, but in the former case we would likely get something awesome.

roadkillers1133d ago

RE3 was a good game. Honestly after playing RE2 back in the day, RE3 was sort of a let down. Same feeling here, RE2 original and remake were just better than RE3.

Knightofelemia1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

I and other fans have been waiting for an RE3 remake because the original RE3 was awesome and we got one yes its a good game but its too short and Capcom is charging full price for it. My thing is if Capcom were to do a Dino Crisis remake which I am sure people are also wanting. Will Capcom chop half the game out and charge full price or will Capcom make the full game and charge full price. I know if Capcom were to chop out half the game of the Dino Crisis remake I won't be buying it day one I will wait for it to go on sale I all ready learned my lesson with the RE3 remake. I love Dino Crisis and if Capcom were to do a remake I want the game to sell well and do well so Capcom can do a remake of Dino Crisis 2.

KyRo1133d ago

RE3 is a good game? Why would you be scared for anything other than how long the game is lol?

Wolf8731131d ago

Exactly, I don't want Capcom rushing it or giving it to that half-assing company M-two who released a rushed bare bone RE3 remake.

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gaffyh1132d ago

Regina outfit looked spot on, but those dinosaurs were a bit odd looking. Should've done smaller velociraptors instead of trying to scale down a T-Rex

Wolf8731131d ago

Release the damn Dino Crisis remake already Capcom!