Final Fantasy XIII Staggered so Final Fantasy VII Remake Could Run

From the stagger mechanic to the pacing of its main quests, FFVII Remake and FFXIII share some stark similarities.

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CaptainOmega383d ago

I didn’t quite like FF13’s combat system for this reason.

MasterChief3624382d ago

I loved the combat in XIII, especially the Stagger mechanic. When you're able to read the situation and know which paradigm and team composition to use, and it just works, it is so satisfying. That stagger gauge starts creeping upwards towards that breaking point, and you hit that final strike, and then all the health leaves your enemy so much more quickly.

So satisfying! <3

mikeslemonade382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

The game should be turn based. Systems and development budgets aren’t good enough for action RPGs yet besides Souls/Borne games.

rainslacker382d ago

Just did air buster last night, and trying to get him staggered with everything going in was a nice challenge. Cant imagine what hard mode will be like. People saying there's no strategy in the combat system either havent played it, or havent tried more than button mashing.

But, on the opposite side of that, you have things like the Reno fight where you're finally in your groove getting that gauge up, and then you mess up once and it resets while he tears you apart. That can be frustrating.

382d ago
xXMessiah23Xx382d ago

I liked the battle system in FF13 a lot once I got used to it. Now Final Fantasy 15 was just bad IMO, from the stupid car rides to bad battle system.

UnSelf382d ago

My platinum trophy disagrees

Spurg382d ago

You can platinum your way through the game with just one button

UnSelf382d ago

3 buttons are pressed in the first 10 secs

MasterChief3624382d ago

I have a Platinum in Hannah Montana: The Movie. It doesn't mean it's a good game. It does hold a special place in my heart as the first Platinum I've garnered (of 2 total, the second being the PS4 Ratchet & Clank). But it is a bad game.

Not to say I don't play many PlayStation games, either. I just don't tend to complete many games. I was in quite the Hannah Montana phase at that point, so it just made sense. For comparison's sake, I have played roughly the same amount of games on my Xbox 360 and Xbox One, as on my PS3 and PS4, and I only have 1 game I 100%ed in achievements: Viva Pinata, one of my favorite games!

That was quite the tangent, I apologize. Focus on the Hannah Montana point, because I'm trying to say that a game doesn't need to be good to be platinumed. I know many people that chase trophies/achievements that do it regardless of the game's quality.

UnSelf382d ago

“I have a platinum in Hannah Montana”


That’s kinda sad man.

b163o1382d ago


I agree, I don't chase trophies cause it turns games into chores. I've got maybe 4 platinum my first being SlyCooper remake, and all you really had to do was complete the game.

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-Foxtrot382d ago

The reason FF15 is accepted more is because FF13 was so bad

FF15 literally became

"Well...least it's not as bad as FF13"

morganfell382d ago

I didn't play XV so I have no opinion. But I loved XIII. I liked the battle system and constructing various paradigms to suit the situation and my play style.

ahlimani382d ago

xXMessiah23Xx i am same side with you

Godmars290382d ago


13's narrative was utter crap throughout all THREE entries, the mechanics of the 1st game a compromised mess that did get any better till the 3rd game, and Square has never once admitted or apologized for any mistakes. Only repeated some with FF15.

I mean, does this "article" even address that 15 is between 13 and 7R? Was also an expensive, overly produced, example for the KH copy for all 7R entries yet to come?

CaptainOmega382d ago

At least in FF7R magic doesn’t obliterate the enemies.

rainslacker382d ago

I'm loving ff7 narrative. The depth of the character development, and the interpersonal relationships just feel so natural and the voice acting is great for the main and avalanche characters. I thought it was going to be another japanese grunting dialogue game after the demo because they did a lot of that, but the interactions between characters is just so good after that, and it really makes you like the characters a lot more. Cloud has so much more personality, and Tifa, barette and jessie are really expanded on. Even aerith so far since I just got to her joining the party is really well done.

If nothing else, I think I square set a new bar for dialogue and story telling in the game, despite the people that want to complain about the changes made

Godmars290382d ago

Think the only "lesson" Square learned was not use an unfamiliar, complex graphics engine for a major project that then forces production compromises from gameplay to character scripting, adds dev time, only to give up on it and switch to something easier.

I mean, FFS, even the *original* FF7R Square showed for the PS3 was based on the scratch build in house engine they also stuck on 13 and 15 before going to UE.

Eamon382d ago

For me, the issue with FF13's battle system was its paradigm shift mechanic. Most fans of the FF series want to be able to control individual commands - not just change job classes and press Auto battle. Vast majority of enemies were easy. Only bosses required more input. Also, the summoning system was really bad.

FF7R rectifies all of this. You have control over what specific materia abilities your characters use. Thus you have control over what commands you want to use in battle. Enemies aren't hard but most are not pushovers. I wish we could summon when we want to like the original but it's clear they took FF15's mechanic of using summons when the battle gets too long or your characters keep reaching low health. But at the very least, they work far better than FF13's system.

In terms of linearity, FF7R learns all the mistakes of FF13. Like the article mentions, linearity isn't inherently wrong. And that's the difference between FF13 and FF7R. The former had these narrow corridor-like environments with no notable things to make you feel encapsulated by the world or engrossed by its story. FF7R's levels, though still mostly linear, are much wider and full of immersive scenery. But also, FF7R has actual 'towns' unlike FF13 which was one of the biggest complaints about the game at the time.

It's clear that Square took a whole console generation to learn how to evolve the FF series. Now that FF7R has covered the Midgar section of the original game, the next game will cover the open world. I'm curious how they'll handle that.

UnSelf382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

the open world is gonna be amazing. Theyre going to improve on things like the camera in battle (where when a large enemy traps you in the corner you might as well close your eyes and mash buttons because you cant see a thing) i can imagine because right now thats probably my only gripe. That and the degree of freedom your character has when not in battle –– ill be honest, as much as i love the game, it can feel quite restricting at times, where a game like XV got the whole free movement down pat. Regardless, its only going to go up from here

il-JumperMT382d ago

shows you didnt play remake on hard some bosses are so punishing on hard

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