Crysis Remastered leaked, coming to Switch/PS4/Xbox One/PC

Crytek is bringing its classic first-person shooter Crysis Remastered to Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Fishy Fingers167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

Oooh I think we've all known its coming at some point so hopefully this will push Cryteks hand to reveal it asap.

Really excited to see if they can push the PC platform like they did back in the day and the Switch version will be interesting

Imalwaysright167d ago

Crysis was the last game to push tech to a whole different level than anything we had seen up until that point. I too am I excited to see if they manage to do it again.

Livingthedream167d ago

Yeah it was wayyyy ahead of it's time. I still think what they were able to pull off on Xbox one base with ryse was impressive. So maybe this switch version will impress as well

sampsonon167d ago

it's a remaster, not a remake.

Visceral89167d ago

Wasn't Crysis developed thinking that dual core processors were going to be at 8ghz,Instead of the 8-16core/16-32thread processors we have now?

ABizzel1167d ago

I'd say Red Dead is somewhat that game currently, although nowhere near what Crysis 1 was to gaming tech over what 15 years ago.

bouzebbal167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

Killzone 2 blew console Crysis out the water when it came out. That's an FPS that aged extremely well.

mikeslemonade167d ago

This is lame. We don’t want this game.

mandingo167d ago

Killzone 2 what a joker you are hahahah

ProjectVulcan166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

'Killzone 2 blew console Crysis out the water'

It did because it was a Sony game developed by a Sony team that spent the better part of 5 years building its engine dedicated solely for one unique platform.

Crysis ran on a multiplatform CryEngine, ported to look as close as possible on each to a PC game. A game 360 and PS3 couldn't have possibly hoped to emulate in all its glory visually. So it turned out to be. They looked nothing like the PC version on a decent machine, not to mention they were allergic to hitting 30FPS for more than two seconds.

Gaming101166d ago

The PS5 and Series X are so close, Crysis should have been developed for next gen to really flex the muscle of what this engine can do.
The X-bone is going to limit it incredibly. It would have been so much more impressive on PS5 and Series X if it were made only for those consoles.

PrinceOfAnger166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

[email protected]
"Killzone 2 blew console Crysis out the water'

Lol not sure if serious
Killzone 2 uses pre rendering cutscenes
,same with 3 and uncharted games
Unlike crysis games on ps3 and 360
Real time in game with more advanced techs quality textures etc
You should see df analises first

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sampsonon167d ago

remastered isn't a remake. it will look sharper and clean, but nothing new graphically.

shauzy167d ago

hardware optimized, it will be

Casepb167d ago

PC version confirmed to have raytracing.

FlyingFoxy167d ago

Saints Row 3 remaster has obviously better graphics, so it seems developers have different takes on what's a remaster, and what's a remake.

UltraNova167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

Remasters can vary in quality and usually focus on basics visual and performance enhancements(see SotC). Whereas Remakes could see significant changes from the original title, like fully overhauled or new game engines, additional content and altered/expanded storylines(see FF7:R).

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umair_s51167d ago

It amazes me that once a game that pushed even the highest end PCs to their limits can now run on a portable...

Sirk7x166d ago

An upgraded version at that.

AnubisG167d ago

If it can run on Switch......

I_am_Batman167d ago

If it runs on a handheld it might be time to lay that meme to rest.

167d ago