7 NES classics headlined by Double Dragon hit Xbox One

Neil writes: "Harking back to the glory days? No not of 2019 but years before that. Well, you're in luck if you are as today we see a smattering of old, new, titles arrive on Xbox One with ARC SYSTEM WORKS porting over some NES classics for the modern day gamer to enjoy. And yep, it's Double Dragon that steals the show."

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P_Bomb1075d ago

Double Dragon 1-3, River City Ransom, Renegade, Super Dodge Ball? Omg I played the living daylights outta these! Shoot, nice adds!

Knightofelemia1075d ago

Hopefully there will be an option to turn off those stupid side borders. Great line up never played the NES version of Double Dragon I only own the SMS version.

Neonridr1075d ago

hard to do when playing on a 16:9 monitor with a game that was designed for 4:3

whitbyfox1075d ago

Thought this was going to be Nintendo returning the favour to Microsoft for their exclusives.

autobotdan1075d ago

Why is the final boss of Double Dragon the only character in the game with a gun? There is an entire gang running the streets with baseball bats, dynamite, giant rocks etc. But none of them carry guns. They will kill you throwing giant rocks at you

Knushwood Butt1075d ago

Giant rocks are cheaper than guns.

Also, whips were in plentiful supply.

Auron1075d ago

Nice. Will definately get RCR.

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