Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack 2: Ash Williams DLC may be dead in the water

A new interview with Bruce Campbell suggests Ash Williams DLC in MK11 could be nothing but rumour and speculation.

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TrueStoryGuy161d ago

Bruce Campbell won't break his NDA discussing his involvement. The character "Ash" from Evil Dead has already been leaked by an official Warner Bros. e-mail that went out to people who bought the Mortal Kombat Premium edition. The leak was the copyright information at the bottom of the e-mail.

NecrumOddBoy161d ago

The legal copyright dilemmas with the multiple "Ash" characters and properties are rediculous. Just give full control over his character and make a new game already. I was really hoping TellTale was going to make an Evil Dead game but that never came to light. Hail to the King on PS1 was fun and Evil Dead Regeneration on PS2/Xbox was one of funniest and coolest IP games I have ever played. Also, Ash is probably the most MK-ish third party character. He is perfect.

161d ago
Locutus_of_borg161d ago

This is the only reason I will purchase this game the inclusion of Ash ... I’m keeping my eye on this one ...

xTonyMontana161d ago

NOOOOOOOOO I need some Ash in my life.

Rambokind161d ago

Have your Mom butt out a cigarette on your forehead.

Knightofelemia161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

It would be neat to have Ash the Evil Dead and Army of Darkness fit the MK11 atmosphere. But as for Robocop that would be interesting to see hope they don't use that 2014 piece of shit Robocop and use the real 1987 Robocop. I'd also like to see Jeepers Kreepers, Bughuul from Sinister added to the roster as well.

Xb1ps4161d ago

I say save them for the next game,plenty of fighters already..

Maybe next game can be a huge roster of fighters like Armageddon?!

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