Top Five Possible New Video Games from National Geographic Games


"National Geographic has announced that they will begin developing video games. The non profit educational outlet has announced National Geographic Games which, is part of their profit division National Geographic Ventures. NGG has already released one title "Herod's Lost Tomb" which was released for mac and Iphone. NGG has stated that some games will be developed in house and others through partnership. NGG has said that their main focus is to release games that further geographic knowledge.

As excited as you gamers must be to hear this, we have decided to compile a comprehensive list of possible games that NGG could release in the near future. Enjoy.

1. Tribal Drum Hero
2. Woodchuck Breeder for Gameboy DS
3. Kill Zone "O" Zone "

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HolmesSPH3840d ago

Alright listen there are just some things that NG needs to stay out of and video games are it... Listen if I want to know about the arctic wild cat's mating habits I'll read NG or watch Discovery but I don't want it in a video game! Do what you do well.. and do it well lol this is not it though!