Final Fantasy VII Remake: When Too Much Filler Becomes a Lore Killer

Remake’s first episode is bloated and beautiful in equal measure. This is, of course, because there’s a gargantuan amount of new story crammed into this (once) brief opening section. While the idea of exploring every nook and cranny of one of the most beloved locales in video game history may have you salivating, it comes at a cost.

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UnSelf163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

I attempted to play the original when it was released as a PS classic on the PS3. Got as far as the train area.

Im 35 hours into the remake and i am so happy im not blighted by nolstalgia because what is considered "filler" for those ppl i cant get enough of

On a side note, Cloud is the living personification of the perennial axiom "Women love douchebags" lol

franwex163d ago

Cloud is simply obsessed with Sephiroth.

Rocketisleague163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

It has good and bad filler. Finding cats/generic fetch quests are meh, added lore and story content is good. Some extra character development is good. For me I'm loving it so far,

Shame it's basically only the first 8th of the original, midgar really is only 5 hours or so, hoping they pack more story content into the next ones and no meh filler.

Music gameplay and story additions are great. One big gripe I have with it is..sephiroth reveal is way better in original, hes barely mentioned for first 5 hours until a big scene, hes much more...foreboding and in the background, like he might not even be a threat or villain in the game them bam, crap gets real, shinras true power/lack of power is shown. Sephirith interrupts the main story out of nowhere and everyone realized they screwed.

Not a fan of the hooded creatures too. I can understand why they did it for sure you could hardly remake ff7 with 35 hours in it and have no sephiroth. But still, it kinda stamps on the next few games with sephirith. The whole jenova Seph thing was amazing in original

Either way, still loving it. It drags on a little in places especially as main plot is escalating. But o don't care, can't wait for next 2, or 3 or 4. If they do what they dud with this their will be alot more parts. Unless they skip content or character backstory..

Also..How is..materia, abilities, etc..gonna carry to the next game..

UnSelf163d ago

i do also wonder how is your progress, etc, going to carry over into the next installments. This is unprecedented territory theyre charting, and ill be lying if i said a complete reset of my character would be ok with me

bellome163d ago

I guess you didn't start playing videogames in the ps1 era or before.

sampsonon163d ago

I think they did a great job. I hope they release a proper box set when all the chapters are done.

UnSelf163d ago


theres a high chance ive been gaming before you were born. With all due respect, a game where u had to wait for your turn to attack was some of the most unappealing gameplay for me and my social circle who made the most of the Tomb Raiders, CTRs, MGSs, GTs, and japanese chip-accommodating Dragonball titles, to name a few

Blackcanary163d ago

I just completed it and I loved every moment first PS4 game that has made me smile and cry their was a part where i couldn't hold back the ties. I am now working on getting all my characters to level 50 so I can play all the chapters on Hard.

I main a FF7 die hard fan and i love all the changes they have done including showing Sephiroth in this game sense even though you didn't see him you knew he was there all along in the shinra building. Can't wait for part 2.

MeteorPanda162d ago

Cloud is a douchebag? what? have you seen the denied high five scene? Have you seen him charge 3gil to kids?

The guys got issues. they did a really good job showing how sweet he is despite being so conflicted.

Babadook7162d ago

Gameplay 10. Story 10. No filler at all.

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dumahim163d ago

Finding cats or missing children is fun?
The stuff they've added that ties in with the story? Great! Random stuff helping people out that has absolutely nothing to do with the story other than to help people and is generic filler stuff? No thanks.

smashman98163d ago

All optional if you just want to go through the story that's fine. It literally tales like 5-10 minutes to do those quest and in turn you get neat moments with characters you love. While also getting materia and gil for the trouble.

-Foxtrot163d ago


It’s optional but it’s clear they didn’t learn from FF15

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Babadook7162d ago


Or maybe they did learn? I love FF7R. And got bored with ff15.

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NukeDaHippies163d ago

Yea....Some of the filler in the main story filler is painful to sit through. I dunno what people mean by "added lore". None of it is interesting or new.

Heck, a great few parts of the game were replaced by some stretched out dungeon.

Sephiroth has also been botched up hard, with his random appearances. But someone would know that, if they played the Original.

Blackcanary163d ago

Ur forgetting its a Remake not a remaster. So they can change as much as they want they could rewrite the whole god damn story line if they want to. Also in the original Sephiroth was there you just didn't see him only his sword and the blood that was left behind.

They have done really well with what they have done and the fillers help you to understand the characters more which is a really nice touch since you get to see them grow more you start to care for them more and understand them better.

MeteorPanda162d ago

you...know sephiroth isnt really tere until the HQ building right?

We just actually see what Cloud is spazzing about now - l love it.

NukeDaHippies162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

@Blackcanary @MeteorPanda
It's called building up the bad guy. In this he just appears, delusion or not. In the original, he stayed very elusive until you get the back story. When you finally see him, you see why he's such a big deal. This game just throws him at you, expecting you to know who he is. That part you're talking about was great, and I hated its removal for some crappy lab.

They could re-write whatever they want, but the re-writing they've, done has only been worse so far. The best parts are basically just the original game. The filler is mostly bad, don't kid yourself.

It's funny you mention the crap moments Cloud is spazzes out......It represents one of the bigger problems of the game. This remake has no subtlety what so ever. Every time there's a red herring, there may as well be a neon sign saying "IMPORTANT". At times they spell things out for you WAY too early in the story. Being left in the dark works well for some stories like...... I dunno...FF7

lucian229163d ago

amazing for me; i don't want to hear complaints; people would complain if it was short and now complain that it's long >_>

dumahim163d ago

It's not about being too short. It's about adding pointless generic sidequests. If you want to add something, add something meaningful. To be fair, they did quite a bit of that and I've enjoyed it, but they didn't need to add the generic fetch stuff.

Eonjay163d ago

The game is amazing. Every RPG has side quests. You can't bitch a good game into a bad one.

Redrex7000163d ago

meh... its not bad
not GREAT when it come to side quest
its not bad
some people are just making it worst
then it really is

lucian229162d ago

Almost every single game especially jrpgs have these fetch quest. So does skyrim, so does witcher and etc etc. They are side quest.

Sure not awesome side quest like yuffie and Vincent in the original but oh well.

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isa_scout163d ago

There's a lot of people complaining, meanwhile this is the best that a numbered Final Fantasy has been in years imho. Almost every RPG has filler side quests at least these ones aren't overy long or tedious. I'm loving it so far.

Rocketisleague163d ago

Agree, whike I'd prefer they not be there able to at all, they are quite good compared to other rpg filler

isa_scout163d ago

Yeah I agree, and most of the side quests can be completed in 15 or 20 minutes so they're not huge time sinks.

hulk_bash1987163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

Love the added lore, can't speak for everyone. But FFVII has remained my favorite FF since I played it on the original PS. This remake has added so much to the lore and reignited my love for this world and the characters. Even though I would've loved a complete game, I'm really enjoying my time with the game. And I can't wait for future installments in this remake to, what is in my opinion, one of the greatest RPGs of all time.

isa_scout163d ago

I feel ya. This is the first time in months that I'm excited to turn on a game because I know I'm going to love it every time.

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FullDiveDerail163d ago

This is the best Final Fantasy game ever made in my opinion. I like being in this world and diving into the lore more. I want more of it. I would love for them to do with 8 as well.

Blackcanary163d ago

I really hope they do, do this with 8.

galmi163d ago

Seems you havent played a lot of final fantasys

CorndogBurglar163d ago

So.....because he has a different opinion than yours that must mean he hasn't played many FF's?


Blackcanary163d ago

@galmi I have played all the final fantasies and my favourite is 7. And I love what they are doing with the remake. People need to remember its a remake not a remaster. So if they wanna add new content to flush out the story or change it one way or another they can.

And for the people that don't well that's not a problem since you still have a HD version of the original.

franwex163d ago

It started out kinda slow, but now I love it.

It’s surprisingly challenging in some areas, but not unfair. I’m looking forward to replaying in hard mode.

dumahim163d ago

Have you done the pull-ups yet?

Blackcanary163d ago

I did all the Pull up's you get something really nice for doing them. The last one is ass it speeds up quite a bit lol.

dumahim163d ago

Last one took me a while. It looks like most were saying they spent an hour on it, saw some saying 2 before finally beating it. I was probably about 45 minutes. Gotta be perfect and not rush. I won 45-46. Saw some say he will sometimes only get like 38, but I never saw anything lower than 42.