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RE3: Massive Performance Upgrade for Xbox One X after Patch

The game now holds higher framerates than its PS4 Pro countrerpart during gameplay, while still drops frames in cutscenes.

"A story with a happy ending? You bet! When we first took a look at Resident Evil 3 Remake's playable, we were impressed by another storming technological showcase for Capcom's excellent RE Engine - but there was a show-stopping problem: the Xbox One X rendition of the game significantly under-performed against PlayStation 4 Pro. Indeed, in certain scenes, frame-rate could even drop beneath Xbox One S's output. The good news is that the game has been patched, delivering a huge increase to performance."

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Kribwalker1328d ago

Wow. So more available power does make it run better when optimized. Who’d have thunk it. Great job DF, i think i’ll get this for my OneX when it goes on sale in a month or two

Tech51328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

(trying to give the best answer for this case scenario...)

it was initially optimized for 4k, with a variable frame rate.
some gamers preferred it to run at a constant 60fps. (their preference)
so it's not that the game is not optimized, a number of gamers wanted it at 60fps.

- secondary thoughts.
in this case situation it would probably just be better to support options.
so that if gamers want it in 4k with a variable frame rate they can do so.
and the gamers that want it in 60fps can also do so.

timotim1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

Running at 4k is NOT the same thing as being optimized for 4k. You need to understand what the word optimize means.

Also, 1X being more powerful is what helped the game hit a solid 60FPS while also running at a higher resolution than PS4 Pro with higher frames.

RangerWalk2671326d ago

I hope this song and dance doesn't continue all next gen on account of the series X being 40% more powerful. Just play it on the console you enjoy and have fun. Or... Do as I do and purchase both consoles. Play the exclusives on the respective hardware to the game. And multi-platform games on the more powerful hardware. Easy.

dantesparda1326d ago

"Massive Performance Upgrade for Xbox One X after"

Dropping the resolution to the PS4 Pro res.

Aquanox1327d ago

This reflects the impact of being the main developing platform. In this case (as usual with Capcom) it was the PS4, and it makes all sense.

By next gen though, I do expect some developers to switch to the Series X given its higher specs, predictable performance and mainly, the easy translation to PC thanks for DX12 ultimate.

RazzerRedux1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

No, it is the impact of one version needing a patch to fix some issues. This isn't the first time this has happened and it doesn't matter if we are talking about the "main developing platform" or not. Hell, this happens on first party games as well. You are coming to some exaggerated conclusions from something very simple and common.

" By next gen though, I do expect some developers to switch to the Series X given its higher specs, predictable performance and mainly, the easy translation to PC thanks for DX12 ultimate."

Ultimate will definitely have a positive impact on PC especially considering it will be bring over some cool stuff such as DirectStorage. But all the console tech is being used are mirror images of themselves with variances in specs. PS4/Xbox One, PS4 Pro/Xbox One X, and PS5/XSX....these are all AMD-based tech. I think you are making way too much out of which is the "main developing platform". That was a common topic of conversation during the PS3/360 years, but it is an afterthought these days. No one even asks devs that anymore. Back then you were talking about an extremely hard system to develop for with PS3 and the much easier alternative in 360 and significant differences in comparing the games. This gen the differences have been minor in comparison and are reflective of the power of the console rather than one console being enormously more difficult than the other. Primarily because the tech is ultimately the same. That isn't going to change next gen.

Aquanox1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

@RazzerRedux About DX Ultimate, NO... it's not just "cool stuff" as you conveniently summarize it. I'm not saying it would be a direct mirror of what happened in the 360/PS3 generation. What I'm saying is that, DX Ultimate will also bring nVidia and its features to the equation... DX Raytracing (keep in mind the Series X also should have much more RT Cores than the PS5), Variable Rate Shading, Mesh Shaders and Sampler Feedback. Those are even in the Series X publicity, including the 12TFlop number, and for good reasons. This is not minor or just "cool stuff". Therefore, if the numbers make sense (sales) it will be a no brainer for devs.

This a discussion not being touched this generation asthe lead platform is always the PS4 and both systems are very similar, just that one is considerably more powerful than the other.

Next gen, tables will turn around in terms of power. No mid-gen consoles in the market yet and while similar configurations, they will use different APIs, one of them making their lives easier for 2 platforms. So indeed... if Series X becomes the lead dev platform, we will not only see better running games, but also better looking on Series X. Taking advantage of its power and "seamless" porting to PC. Things like RE3 Remake aren't likely to happen (unless it's CAPCOM again) and would probably happen more often on the PS5 side. Being then main system does matter in the final product when its the one with superior hardware (just like it mattered with the Ps4). It's not the same to make something thinking about the superior hardware and then cut things down, than just throwing in the same base game and see how framerates go higher on more powerful hardware, like in this case.

PS. Of course this also happens with 1st party games but that's a whole different situation. They had the game already running smooth on one platform in this case.

1326d ago
CBaoth1326d ago

there is no way a $500 product from a company in last place is going to be market leader. Spare me the fabled DX11/12 PC connection. Console sales will be the determining factor not wishful thinking. I've heard this rationale for nearly 20 years and yet it took a misstep from Sony to make devs briefly use the 360 platform as lead. Not some magic sauce between MS console and PCs like you're suggesting and hoping for. How long did that last by the way? Not even the entire gen. How much cheaper was a 360 over a PS3 during that time span too? See every question I ask is also pertinent to next gen - and aside from power, nothing else is a tick in the checklist on MS' side over Sony.

RazzerRedux1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

First....unwad your panties regarding "cool stuff". In no way is calling DirectX 12 Ultimate "cool stuff" diminishing it simply because I don't list all its features. Seems you are one of these types who want to pretend they work in the marketing department for Microsoft.

"Next gen, tables will turn around in terms of power."

lol...where have you been? The "tables turned" in 2016 with the release of One X. So what? Direct 12 has been there all along? So what? Ultimate is going to be a silver bullet? Yeah....that's what was said when DX12 was released. what?

" if Series X becomes the lead dev platform"

It won't make any difference at all. They are targeting similar architecture with different APIs. That has been the case all gen. You are pretending one will receive favor over the other based on nothing at all. There is no "lead dev platform".

"Things like RE3 Remake aren't likely to happen "

That's just a silly thing to say. It will happen.

"would probably happen more often on the PS5 side"

It will happen to both. Suddenly games getting patched, after launch regardless of platform, is a new thing to you? Again....where the hell have you been?

You are trying far too hard to make irrelevant things relevant.

Aquanox1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

@RazzerRedux You need to raise the bar of your replies. Try to start off by leaving insults and personal stuff aside. Also... Just... cool down. Why are you so angry?

Anyway... this one's easy to reply.

• Tables turned? Yes, in mid gen consoles. Base consoles is much different and what matters the most and this is what changed.
• Please read a bit about DX12 vs. DX12 ultimate.
• You clearly didn't understand my first statement. Don't let your anger blind you. I'm saying that, next gen, it's much less likely that a multiplatform game will perform worse worse on Series X than on PS5.
• DX12 Ultimate WILL be relevant, but it's not the "Silver Bullet" from Microsoft. They're addressing next gen from all fronts: Hardware performance lead, deep improvement in 1st party development (we're about to see more of if in the next 2 months... hope to see you then), Gamepass... which will become even more relevant with Series X and seamless backward compatibility with the X One ecosystem, Xbox All Access (great for people with low budget or people like me, who wants to jump in the next gen with a high end TV as well... good to have the option fo "finance" the Series X), awesome 3rd party deals... starting with "Free Next Gen Remasters", and of course, services. PSN has been a nightmare these days, whereas Xbox has kept much stronger during the generation and in the past few weeks.

Am I saying that MS will WIN this generation? Absolutely NOT. Playstation 4 still have the best first party games and for this I'm buying a PS5 as well (when those games come out) No way I'm missing GOW3 or TLOU2 (if it keeps getting delayed, I might as well buy it for PS5) and others. But the Xbox will give much better fight this time around, and this is good for customers. Current gen has been MEDIOCRE at best (my opinion)... the new one looks to be much better thanks to competition, and that' were all gamers win... except those with a fanatic point of view of it.

I'll never understand why people get so mad about consoles.

RazzerRedux1326d ago


You are the guy making a big deal about the phrase "cool stuff". If you want to talk about raising the bar then start with yourself. Don't get upset that someone doesn't reference every detail of DirectX12 Ultimate. You got wound up by that for no reason.

"Tables turned? Yes, in mid gen consoles. Base consoles is much different and what matters the most and this is what changed."

No, it isn't. The same narrative was used when One X was released. It changed nothing, but doesn't stop the same story from being told twice I guess. The ecosystems are in place and moving forward naturally from one gen to the next. This next "gen" is nothing more than a continuation of the last 4 years as far as hardware is concerned where Xbox has had the lead in power. But *this time* it is going to be different. lol....same song and dance as always.

"You clearly didn't understand my first statement. Don't let your anger blind you. I'm saying that, next gen, it's much less likely that a multiplatform game will perform worse worse on Series X than on PS5." telling you to "unwad your panties" really got under your skin. You can make that prediction all you want, but there is no basis for it.

"They're addressing next gen from all fronts..."

You went back into bullshit marketing mode. The rest of your post is irrelevant and you diverged far off from your XSX will be the "main dev console" nonsense and not have issues that need to be patched after launch. Just a silly thing to say really. Your points are entirely speculative, baseless, and regurgitates arguments made from a decade ago.

"I'll never understand why people get so mad about consoles.'

So why are you? You got bent out of shape that I "conveniently summarized" DirectX 12 as "cool stuff" as if that were somehow derogatory and didn't fully itemize and praise this glorious tech like a good MS loyalist such as yourself. It was clear that your panties were indeed wadded so my suggestion that you unwad them stands. Practice what you preach and "raise the bar".

Aquanox1326d ago

Lol... Ok. this got uninteresting. Only in your mind I care about you saying "cool stuff".

Anyway, I'll keep it short this time as you're running in circles.

• If you believe this is a continuation of the past gen, cool. I'll just say time will tell. The evidence is so obvious that it wont that I will not point it out again. Looks like you really, really want it to be that way, but it wont. I already explained why. I'm sorry it gets you so much on your nerves. Oh and don't get me wrong... I enjoy this =)

* Reads the rest of your post *

This is all "argument ad hominem". Nothing that deserves a reply.

Just keep it cool, it's just games. It will be interesting how people like you realize the next generation will be radically different. Just wait and see. Then again, raise the bar on your replies, don't get mad and reply with arguments not rants =)


RazzerRedux1326d ago

"Lol... Ok. this got uninteresting. "

lol.....but you reply anyway. That's funny.

"Only in your mind I care about you saying "cool stuff"."

Now you are lying to yourself. You quoted me saying "cool stuff" TWICE. You got whiny because you equated "cool stuff" as "minor" and then got snarky claiming I "conveniently summarized". And then got further butthurt when I told you to unwad your panties. Sorry....but they were in fact wadded and they still are. If you can't take it then don't dish it out.

"Looks like you really, really want it to be that way, but it wont. I already explained why. " made a prediction that I think has no basis. You trying to channel Aaron Greenberg isn't doing yourself any favors. You are trying to mask the fact that this patch has nothing to do with "main dev platform" nonsense with a grocery list of Xbox features. Phil is so proud, I'm sure.

"Then again, raise the bar on your replies, don't get mad and reply with arguments not rants =)"

Don't get snippy because someone does not lavish something with excessive praise. That's what happened. If you want to pretend you had nothing to do with this conversation going the way it did then fine. You'll make the same mistakes again and point the finger elsewhere. But now I know you are just a walking MS billboard so nothing you say is really of any value anyway. You are not the first I've come across but you are all so hilarious in your tunnel vision views of gaming.

See ya.

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giovonni1327d ago

I actually finished the game yesterday and it performed great from start to finish🤷🏾‍♂️

Bigman4k1327d ago

Nah dont because you'll probably end up selling it a month after you buy it

tombfan1327d ago

Mmmmmm no, there was no optimation, it was just an adjustment in the resolution so it could hit higher frames.

Obscure_Observer1327d ago


"Great job DF, i think i’ll get this for my OneX when it goes on sale in a month or two"

Same here! That´s why DF´s work is SO important to gaming and has great respect from ALL major developers and publishers like Sony, MS and Nintendo despite some jealous fanboys often try and discredit them.

Keep up the good work, DF! :)

Kribwalker1327d ago

it’s really weird isn’t it. like why would sony have given them an early sneak peak of cerny’s presentation if they weren’t a respectable outlet.

Kornholic1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

That's not optimization. The resolution was dropped from native 4k down to 2880x1620. Essentially the Xbox One X version was downgraded for it to run as smooth as the PS4 version.

gravedigger1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

RE3 was never native 4k on X1X. It was reconstructed. Not it's down to reconstructed 1620p, same as Pro

Lexreborn21326d ago

Wouldn’t the PRO have indicated that already though? The PRO version was optimized day one and ran at the 1620p 60 they reported from the beginning. Now X runs it identical and the most the “improvements” warrant is cleaner fences without jaggies at 600% magnification.

If anything this tells us brute strength alone wont achieve better results. As the X is brute strength and it’s still not giving super great results. Pro and X are still for the most part identical.

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RookieMonsterLives1328d ago

I almost pull the trigger and bought RE3 for my PS4 Pro the other day. This patch seems to make the XB1X run faster in fps in gameplay and DF said it look a bit better too. I am switching my purchase for the XB1 version. I didn't expect the patch to be out this fast.

My initial reason for wanting the disc version of RE3 remake for the XB1 is that the the 4k code is embedded in the disc already so I can install it on the next gen XSX console offline and it'll still keep the 4K resolution plus of course locked 60fps. The PS4 version is coded as 1620p on disc so even if it can be locked 60fps on the PS5, the resolution will remain at 1620p.

Bronxs151327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

I’m a bit behind. Tempted to pull the trigger on re2 but I feel it’s coming to game pass. Probably a swap out with devil may cry 5 which I already played.

Ps. Still pulling the trigger tho on sale Cus I love re games and will want to own to play it down the road again. Still nice when games come to game pass. For example I was planning to purchase neir automata with all the positive reviews. And I played it first on gamepass and glad I didn’t Cus it would have been one of those games I regretted Cus I’m not really enjoying it and I’m not going to finish it.

RookieMonsterLives1327d ago

RE2 remake is one if the best games of this generation so if you can grab it on the cheap, go for it as you won't be disappointed

timotim1327d ago

It was just a matter of the devs needing to adjust according to what the engine could do. Every dev has to make those decisions...Capcom just got it wrong at first, but I'm happy to see that they've corrected things and the more powerful console resulted in better image quality and frames in the end.

JackBNimble1327d ago

It makes no difference if it's on disc or not , all it takes it a patch to bump resolution.
Don't forget, ps4 and ps5 only install what's on disc , it reads the game from storage not the disc.

DJStotty1326d ago


Even if the console is online on Series X, you will still get the 4k resolution.