PS5 And Xbox Series X GPU Difference Won’t Matter, Tempest Engine Is Awesome – Helheim Hassle Dev

Perfectly Paranormal’s creative lead Ozan Drøsdal talks about next-gen consoles.

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caddytrek173d ago

I am actually really excited about Tempest, I imagine something like Uncharted in VR in a jungle where all the animals can be heard positionally in 3D all with movement instead of only 3 or 4 things.

I imagine listening to the movements of the enemies as they move around causing a flock of birds to take flight and fly over your head in full 3D motion sound while a breeze rustles the leaves from behind you to your front of you as a panther sneaks up behind you ect.

Having the ability to aurally track the motion of nearly unlimited objects will offer crazy levels immersion especially when combined with PSVR 2.

Cupid_Viper_3173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

I agree man. Or just imagine what this does for a co-op horror game in VR. Just imagine "A Quiet Place"-like game in VR where sound is critical and you actually have to watch your steps when there are debris on the floor (such as empty bottles or cans, etc)that could make noises which could mean death, lol.

You don't have a map, or a HUD really. And you have mostly rely on your sense of sight and hearing

I'm really excited for what's to come, especially in VR.

Kaiou173d ago

haha I like your example. yes that would be awsome.

173d ago
jerethdagryphon172d ago

Hrm outlast or outcast whatever it was called with full 3d audio would be a bit much

Jin_Sakai173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

I’ll take a 100% difference in SSD over 17% difference in GPU any day.

I’m also excited for the Tempest engine. Really happy that Sony has put effort on improving the audio.

NewMonday173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

Texture quality on consoles has always been limited by console memory and speed. checkout this clip explaining why Megatexturs didn't workout as planned on consoles. the PS5 seems deliberately designed to eliminate these issues.

Vits173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

On PC is pretty much the opposite a 100% of difference in SSD have little to no impact in games (hell, you can argue that even a 400% difference doesn't do much either). While a 17% difference in GPU is a huge deal and the difference between maximizing everything or not.

But with games beeing made with SSD in mind. That might change. So I'm waiting to see how it will play out.

NewMonday173d ago

Because most developers still make games based on HDDs on PC.

But Star Citizen is practically unplayable without an SSD.

Vits173d ago (Edited 173d ago )


The difference between a SSD and a HDD is clear as day. And there are already a couple of games that suffer tremendous when installed on a mechanical drive. Gujian 3 for example become a pop in festival.

However between SSDs there is very little gain even with huge speed differences. My computer for example features a 970 EVO (3500 MB/s) and a MP300 (1600 MB/s). That is a 120% speed difference but in games that is not noticeable. Even while using editing softwares like Sony Vegas, I don't feel a difference.

As I already mentioned. Yes, with games targeting a SSD from their conception that might change. But only time will tell, as currently there isn't a game out there to do so.

Jin_Sakai173d ago (Edited 173d ago )


On PC is pretty much the opposite a 100% of difference in SSD have little to no impact in games (hell, you can argue that even a 400% difference doesn't do much either). While a 17% difference in GPU is a huge deal and the difference between maximizing everything or not.”

That’s because PC is an open platform and you have to factor the lowest common denominator.

The super fast SSD will be a game changer for Sony’s first party studios who will take full advantage of the hardware.

Vits173d ago (Edited 173d ago )


That is why I'm saying that this might change with games being made with the SSD in mind. BUT they have to prove that will be the case. As there is no precedent for a bump on SSD speed mattering for games after they left the old Sata standard behind.

OB1Biker173d ago

And the SSD is only half of the story when the whole chip is optimized for it

Melankolis173d ago

"That is why I'm saying that this might change with games being made with the SSD in mind. BUT they have to prove that will be the case. As there is no precedent for a bump on SSD speed mattering for games after they left the old Sata standard behind."

Ha. Fair enough. Sony has to prove it. I'm being optimistic here, i don't think Sony put that fast & more expensive SSD (with smaller capacity) just to eliminate loading time.

DerfDerf173d ago

All that says is that you know absolutely nothing about tech.

Jin_Sakai173d ago

“All that says is that you know absolutely nothing about tech.“

I think you should tell yourself that. First party developers will really take advantage of the SSD which will be more important than a 17% more powerful GPU.

mandingo173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

Sorry ur console of choice is weaker bud. Stop the damage control. No one in their right mind takes a faster ssd over more power.

EasilyTheBest172d ago

"I’ll take a 100% difference in SSD over 17% difference in GPU any day."

Yes you probably would right now, but if it was Microsoft with the fastest ssd & Sony with the better gpu & cpu your comment would be different. Something along these lines perhaps..

"I’ll take a 30%+ difference in GPU/CPU over a faster SSD any day"

Toncsipapa172d ago

Ofc you are ....thats the only specs in ps5 better:D now when xbox is stronger ps5 specs doesnt matter
:D:D i like sony fanboys

dreadz74172d ago

lol the SSD is not gunna produce better graphics smdh.

buffig172d ago

Theres a fundamental misunderstanding when it comes to the significance of this SSD. Lots of people online seem to be saying that an nvme m.2 drive makes minimal difference to pc gaming. You have to remember, when it comes to pc gaming and even the series x, the SSD is just a location for storing data and very little surrounding that technology has changed. Sony even demonstrated, if you simply took a drive 100x faster than which is available in the PS4 and placed it in a PS4, the difference would only be in the region of 3-4x better loading speeds. Sony then took on the task of removing every single obstacle in the path of that speed and completely designed the architecture of the console around it. So 100x faster, equates to exactly that. It's so fast that entire level data can be streamed as you turn to face it. People comparing this technology to pc gaming, only highlight their lack of understanding as to how significant and impactful Sony's efforts in this field are

Jin_Sakai172d ago (Edited 172d ago )


“Sorry ur console of choice is weaker bud. Stop the damage control. No one in their right mind takes a faster ssd over more power.“

People will choose the console that has a history of delivering amazing games. A 17% more powerful GPU isn’t going to change anyone’s mind. A 100% faster SSD is just icing on the cake.

172d ago
morganfell172d ago (Edited 172d ago )

"lol the SSD is not gunna produce better graphics smdh."

It does affect what you see in some ways. An example already discussed by developers is how an ultra fast SSD can actually allow for faster physical travel through an environment. One example previously provided discusses how rapidly Spider-man can move through New York because current gen is limited by how fast the buildings can fill the environment which is more of a HDD contraint.

"That’s just one consequence of an SSD. There’s also the speed with which a world can be rendered, and thus the speed with which a character can move through that world. Cerny runs a similar two-console demonstration, this time with the camera moving up one of Midtown’s avenues. On the original PS4, the camera moves at about the speed Spidey hits while web-slinging. “No matter how powered up you get as Spider-Man, you can never go any faster than this,” Cerny says, “because that's simply how fast we can get the data off the hard drive.” On the next-gen console, the camera speeds uptown like it’s mounted to a fighter jet. Periodically, Cerny pauses the action to prove that the surrounding environment remains perfectly crisp. (While the next-gen console will support 8K graphics, TVs that deliver it are few and far between, so we’re using a 4K TV.)"

The PS5 has custom silicon to assist the SSD.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. The Division 2 devs have stated they can't add motorcycles or horses, as without an SSD it takes too long to load in. Now with an ultra fast SSD that will not be an issue.

Extra Teraflops lose their benefit if they are bottlenecked.

carlosjrix172d ago

You will be disappointed if you think that having higher ssd speed will improve the graphic quality having a lower gpu, cpu and ram configuration. Has no sense.

Jin_Sakai172d ago


“Just curious, who is saying 17% difference?“

skiggy34169d ago

Yeah we'll see. When no 3rd party devs take advantage of the Sony SSD and all 3rd party devs take advantage of the XSX cpu and gpu power you may retract your statement. Just an FYI, all an SSD is going to do is load a game faster. You will not get any better graphics, frames etc etc from an SSD. I have had one for 3yrs and all is does is boot my pc up faster than a regular hard drive. Also XSX has an SSD also. So a PS5 game may load 1.5 seconds faster than the XSX but XSX will do 4k 60fps at high to ultra settings while PS5 does 4k 30-60 at maybe high settings..

skiggy34169d ago

If the PS5 clocks run maxed out all the time then the XSX is 18+% more powerful. When the gpu clock on the PS5 downclocks the XSX GPU can be anywhere from 20-30% more powerful. In tech terms that's a LOT of power...

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gamer7804173d ago

Dolby Atmos is really cool when I can’t use my entertainment setup a good pair of Dolby atoms headphones does a fair job.

silenthillstrangler173d ago

Except you don't need Dolby Atmos headphones at all because it is virtual Dolby Atmos and all done by the system not the headphones.

gamer7804172d ago

yah true, just a good pair of headphones @silent

Muzikguy173d ago

All that is great. It really sounds like a ton of development time to me. Hopefully not

SirBruce172d ago (Edited 172d ago )

PS4 PSVR has its own sound chip and it improves sound, as well as liberates PS4 CPU and GPU from some tasks... PSVR with a good pair of Headphones is really better than PS4 and PS4 Pro default sound output. I can't imagine how PS5 can improve it with so much power as it will bring for positional HiQ audio... It "sounds amazing". Thanks, Sony, for innovating with VR, Sound, haptic imput and provide the tools for developers. I hope PC adopts all of this as an standard and improves it ASAP, too. It can be a return for sound cards and a wide variety of new controllers, joystics and 3D peripherals for PC, thanks to PS5 "standarization" of new imput modes and PC VR+AR following it.

172d ago
IRetrouk172d ago (Edited 172d ago )

What? How are sony over selling their tech? How is it just an amd feature? Cerny explained what the tempest engine was:

"With the PlayStation 4, audio typically gets a very small chunk of available processing power, or even less than the SPU (synergistic processor unit) cores of the Sony PlayStation 3’s Cell processor. By comparison, the PSVR virtual reality headset had 50 different sound sources available. The Tempest Engine has enough processing ability (with a kind of processing called single instruction, multiple data, or SIMD) as all of the PS4’s eight-core processing capability combined — just for 3D audio."

Heres the link to all the info on tempest

So far sony gave every detail of their audio chip, from power to how it's made, it's a custom gpu that was made more like the cell it has more power than all of ps4s cpu power, that's a crazy amount of power for an audio engine.
Then theres the ssd.....that's something else? No?

angelsx172d ago

that could happen probably next gen ps6

WickedLester167d ago

"lol the SSD is not gunna produce better graphics smdh."


And neither is a mere 17% power difference. Geez you Xbots are SO eager to claim this meaningless spec sheet victory you are not even bothering to look at it for what it really is. The R E A L I T Y is that the actual differences between multiplat games are going to be so negligible, you will need a magnifying glass to even see them. So congratulations! You win the pre-launch spec sheet crown. Woohoo! Your merit badge is in the mail.

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joejoejoe173d ago

I really hope the Tempest engine leads an advancement in visually impaired gaming.

darthv72173d ago

Well it certainly wont help the audibly impaired ones. My very good friend of over 20 years (who passed recently) had been deaf since he was 12 but he loved to play video games and I always felt he was missing out on a huge part of the experience because he couldnt hear them. But... he never let that stop him from enjoying them the best he could.

jznrpg173d ago

Well yeah that’s a given . But at least he can still play games .

Genkins173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

"PS5 And Xbox Series X GPU Difference Won’t Matter,"

we'll see how much it matters with ray-tracing.
last time i checked SSDs and Memory have nothing to do with it.

Tekken66634173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

ray-tracing has had a major impact to performance. many gamers i think are overlooking this.
in which case more horsepower will matter in this retrospect. you can see what it does to expensive cards on the market. https://cdn.mos.cms.futurec...

Eidolon173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

Ps5 will have hardware ray tracing, but I'm still curious to see how CUs will matter over clock speed.

mkis007173d ago

Ray tracing is going to be this generations resolution wars. Lot's of power required for very little gain. The mid-generation consoles are when Ray tracing might start to actually matter.

Just having it will be enough for now, we are not in the realm of the Star Wars RT demo.

883172d ago

The headline is potentially misleading. In the article it is very clear that it won't matter *for them*. They are an indie developer with relatively conservative plans where graphics are concerned.

“Both consoles seem very powerful and way beyond the capabilities needed **for anything we will be making for the foreseeable future**!”

"...thinks the gap won’t end up making too much of a difference – especially for their own games – is Ozan Drøsdal..."

Flewid638172d ago

Ray Tracing would have to matter in the first place. Side by side comparisons of it on and off arent making the world care.

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Tech5173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

Because most developers still make games based on HDDs on PC.

But Star Citizen is practically unplayable without an SSD."

and here I thought Star Citizen was dead to console gamers.
now it's information is somehow useful for a console debate?

DevilOgreFish173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

it's been 7 years called vaporware. either it's vaporware to them or it's not. console gamers will have to make that choice. if so i would imagine all of it's information to be useless in their debates.

xX-oldboy-Xx173d ago

Tech5 - Turn it up, console gamers don't care about a 300+million, 10+ yr developed game. That at this stage is still nowhere near releasing.

It's 100% relevant to the conversation, because it was forward thinking in developing with an SSD in mind.

Just like next gen PS5's and xsx will have very fast SSD's.

Not some of them, like a PC - ALL OF THEM.

caddytrek172d ago

What does what someone thinks about the the game have to do with the tech involved with running it?

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waverider173d ago

No matter how much thet try. They cant find a studio talking about teraflops. Some still dont understand that the big jump next gen isnt rez. That the smallest. Because of the mid gen upgrades.

WireMucks173d ago

I don't know the guy but I find it somehow correct,.(cannot find the link). Floating point operations have an impact on performance, but,..
PS: calculation is cheap,memory is expensive, accessing memory is really fucking expensive,..
So yes,.. I think PS5 will actually run circles around Xbox series X performance wise,.. If there is a reason I get a xbox,.. is because I really dig their engineers

waverider173d ago

maybe games? you get the series X because of the new 15 studios. I think thats the main point to get the series X

Dragonscale173d ago

And most of those studios are mediocre lol.

ChristopherJack172d ago

A lot of that is done by RAM, XsX has better video memory.

Improvements made by the SSD will more often than not hit a design bottleneck, while improvements over HDD may be noticeable, the gap between PS5 & XsX SSD speeds maybe almost irrelevant to the actual gameplay.

Maybe extra features will benefit from this, such as switching between games, transferring data, etc but virtually all the SSD benefits touted by Cerny, apply to the XsX too, to which extent still remains a mystery but graphics will 100% be better on XsX. .

IRetrouk172d ago (Edited 172d ago )

The ssd will be used for much more than just faster loading, and cerny designed the io controller and relevant chips to avoid bottlenecks, the whole point of going for a crazy fast ssd was because of the benefits, you really think sony would build a custom ssd that is twice as fast as its rival for no reason?, that would be like saying ms put a more powerful gpu in for no reason.

skiggy34169d ago

Sorry my man. The PS5 is not outperforming the XSX. That's like saying an RTX2070 is more powerful than an RTX2080 or 2080 super. Its just not happening no matter how much you overclock.

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343_Guilty_Spark172d ago

How come we aren't seeing standard PC SSDs improve graphics over standard HDDs despite being significantly faster? I think Sony PR is in full over drive...every article is Tempest will do this or do that, TFs don't matter anymore despite the PS4 and Xbox One X showing that TFs do matter, or SSDs will improve graphics...

I want hear from big 3rd devs like Bethesda, Epic, Valve, 4A games, GearBox, Infinity Ward, CDPR etc.

WireMucks172d ago

Dont think Gpu talks directly to Hdd on PC,.. Consoles are a bit different.
That is why PS5 is kinda revolutionary.

skiggy34169d ago

Yes Sony would build that for no reason. Tell me what happened with the cell processor that was supposed to be the next miracle in tech. No dev knew how to use it nor wanted to. Hence why 360 games were better looking and performing. The SSD Sony put in the PS5 is a very fast SSD. No pc has this yet so that means NO 3rd party dev will take advantage of it. It would not be cost effective to make a totally separate multiplat game to use PS5s SSD which really isn't going to do anything more than the XSX's SSD except maybe load the game faster. There are NO other advantages to an SSD and that's why Cerny showed how fast the game booted up. If it had advantages elsewhere they would have shown that. Sorry but its just an SSD. resolution and frames will be better on XSX hands down, end of discussion, its a fact and even DF has stated that. Every REAL tech site has stated that.