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COG writes: It might not be necessary, but the Dual Shock 4 Back Button Attachment makes some games' tricky control schemes much more approachable on a standard pad.

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Knushwood Butt783d ago

These things are like rocking horse **** where I am...

toxic-inferno782d ago

Where are you? I know that they're hard to get hold of in the UK - my friend has been looking for one since they launched.

I pre-ordered one, and I have to say that it's great. Very robust feeling, and easy to use.

Knushwood Butt782d ago

Japan! You'd think they would be common, but no.

Definitely want to try one. Only thing is I rotate between 2 pads so would probably end up getting two, if I could actually buy one...

toxic-inferno782d ago

I also rotate between two pads. It's easy to remove and put on a second pad, and it remembers all your settings.

stefd75782d ago

That's because Game are the only store who got the license to sell them, why I dont know however I do find that before i had it i only needed to change my pad every few days but with it on i have to change it every day. It does drain the pad a bit

one2thr782d ago

Walmart had them, but I bought mine from Gamestop, I got 1 of 2 that were left. I thought about buying the second one but I felt like that would've been a real cunt move.

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782d ago
GTgamer782d ago

Yeah I just checked ebay (USA) and their all expensive 🙄 their gouging prices like crazy

Abnor_Mal782d ago

Checked Amazon the other day and prices are anywhere from one hundred nineteen dollars to one hundred fifty dollars. People are price gouging like crazy, I'm think stores have them in stock right now, but this lockdown due to the virus makes it near impossible to try and go get one.

Smok91781d ago

I got one day one but my friends haven’t been able to get one in store anywhere in our area.

Silly Mammo782d ago

I got one back in January. Love the thing.

boing1782d ago

This thing is really great when you get used to it.

rlow1782d ago

Looks really cool. I'm guessing their adding this so it will be compatible to the PS5? Anyways nice addition.