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Montreal has become a hub for producing the best and most popular video games in the world. And some of the top programmers are coming here to get in on the action

Erik Leijon writes

"Perhaps it's the nightlife, the food or the relaxed atmosphere, but video game programmers are leaving their parents' basements and coming to Montreal in droves. The two main gaming hubs are situated in California and Japan, but Montreal is primed to become the East Coast's premiere gaming city.

The building blocks are already in place. The city boasts some of the most important development teams and most popular franchises. In 2004, Electronic Arts, the biggest game publisher in the world, built its state-of-the-art studio in Montreal. EA Montreal general manager Alain Tascan says this city, with its history of digital media (especially with animation) and the close proximity to four big universities, has "the competitive advantage to become the Hollywood of gaming.""

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