Video-game development surging in quebec: study

Quebec has become one of the top regions for video game development, a new study contends. The province, which boasts an estimated 6,200 jobs in the video-game industry, is considered "mature," as it features a high growth rate and complexity of games, said the study by Secor-Taktik, a consulting firm.

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No FanS Land3837d ago

The biggest Ubisoft studio is here (twice a big in number of employees than ubi central in france). All the good tom clancy's are developped here, Assassin's Creed, and they're about to launch Prince of Persia.
That's where I'm going later.

Gothdom3837d ago

I think NHL 2009 was made in Montreal. I might be wrong, but I know EA made one sport title there.

Also, the schools around here really pushes the multimedia formats, from publicity, to programming passing by arts.

No FanS Land3837d ago

Yeah in the college I study, it's so much advanced that I'm allowed to skip one year in university.

Montrealien3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

they do the PS2/ports of NHL here in MTL, the original game and concept is all done at EA Canada`s Vancouver`s Black Box studio. EA did Army of Two here, and are curently working on *cough*Army of two, ummm 2? *cough* atm.

For a good idea of what`s going here in MTL, I suggest you guys check out this article, it features the tip of the iceberg of the of the pople working on games here.

Surfman3837d ago

Yea orginally NHL 0* were in Montreal for few years, but now in Vancouver since 2 years i think, both are doing a pretty good job anyway for that game.

BattleAxe3837d ago

Alot of the EA sports games are made in Vancouver. Montreal can have Slant 6, because after Socom: Confrontation, we don't want them.

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4wire3837d ago

There's nothing like poutine to induce a creative buzz. :)

BattleAxe3837d ago

Poutine is available all over Canada now. So much for french culture.........

firetaw3837d ago

whitch makes it ideal for cooling down the servers. more power to put into servers then on air conditionners. quebec also has killer mountains to ski and snowboard on. nothing like canadian culture.