Phil Spencer Says Seeing the PS5 Reveal Made him Feel Even Better About the Xbox Series X

TGG reports on how Phil Spencer reacted to the PS5 reveal after Mark Cerny’s public rundown of the new system from Xbox’s competitor.

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Kumakai340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

Some ppl care more about the machine than the logo.

Series x is a better machine.

GTgamer340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

Some people care more about the games than the machine

And you already know who got that 😂😂😂

RpgSama340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

"Some ppl care more about the machine than the logo."

You are 100% correct some people care more about the machine than the logo, but MOST people care MORE about the GAMES than the machine.

People complain about Sony showing no next gen games but say nothing about the series X being shown with MINECRAFT and an upgraded gears. I know with Sony we are going to get sequels to generation defining games and new IP's from some of the best developers in the business.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen340d ago

The XSX has better hardware overall, but Xbox hasn't shown any games that will make use of it, especially exclusives.

Saijahn340d ago

Shots fired..ouch. I can’t wait for the second beast to unleash. XSX, where any and everything is possible. Gotta love it

Sophisticated_Chap340d ago

Well, the Series X is going to have a far bigger games library available at launch, on a scale and magnitude that no console has ever had, through backwards compatibility. There was an article within the last couple of days, stating that there will be either 2800 or 3200 games available to Series X gamers at launch. Sony will not be anywhere near that number for a long time, since their focus, as announced, was to have most of the PS4's top 100 games available at launch. PS5 is going to be a great console, but people really need to stop with the nonsense, and get back to reality.

bouzebbal340d ago

what makes you say that? :D
it's way too basic, with basic controller and AA batteries. won't have exclusives during all its lifetime…
better machine indeed.

RpgSama340d ago (Edited 340d ago )


That's actually not true and outdated misinformation, the real information taken straight from the PlayStation blog is:

"We believe that the overwhelming majority of the 4,000+ PS4 titles will be playable on PS5. We're expecting backward compatible titles will run at a boosted frequency on PS5 so that they can benefit from higher or more stable frame rates and potentially higher resolutions"

And having said that, just because they add all the previous generation of games at launch that doesn't do anything for me, I don't buy a new generation of consoles to replay all the games I already platinumed on this generation, I MIGHT play something I missed and that's a big might, but definitely not a reason to buy a new generation.

Rude-ro340d ago

Sony actually makes game engines and spent the better part of this gen blowing everyone’s socks off...
the Xbox x will be good for pixel counters.. the ps5 will be good for games.

frostypants340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

Better specs on paper. That's all one can say. How it all fits together and who winds up with the better looking games remains to be seen. But if this gen has been any indication, MS shouldn't be comfortable. The One X is the most powerful console currently and yet the best looking games (never mind best in general) are on the other side of the fence.

I'll say this, if MS can't keep the price within $50 of the PS5, they're in trouble. No one's gonna pay $100+ more just so the latest Call of Duty has rocks that look 1.5% more detailed to the naked eye (and no launch exclusives).

JesusBuiltmyHotrod340d ago

How? What exclusives wil it have? How will devs take advantage of SSd and better IO bottlenecks on PS5? A 15% flop difference is "Not" a better machnie

jambola340d ago

machine could be 100 times better
i'll still go for better games
If all we cared about was the better machine or power, backwards compatibility would never even be brought up and remasters wouldn't be a thing

Muzikguy340d ago

What's wrong with the logo? Are you implying Xbox doesn't have a logo?

xTheMercenary_340d ago

Like i said in my comment, better machine? Too early to say. Faster yes no problem, but the numbers mean f all if they dont have the games to utilise. Rather than run his mouth, lets see what microsoft have in store for their fanbase this generation.

fiveby9340d ago

Based on what? A TFlop? XB will give some children a perceived bragging right but in the end it will be a distant second maybe 3rd. 4K60 is 4k60. How many people are using televisions which are 120hz? Some people care about the games rather than the machine.

Bruh340d ago

Man I must really be living under a rock, as I didn't know the PS5 already had a slew of titles slated for launch. Care to inform us?

Mithan340d ago

It might be, but I buy a system to play games and the PS5 will have at least 10-20 must play games the X4 wont have over the lifetime of both systems. My PC will play everything the X4 can play.

So the winner for me is, Playstation 5.

1Victor339d ago

@sophisticatedchumb the console with most backward compatibility was the 60gig PS3 with BC to all PS and PS2 disks so go back under your bridge and start counting the games you got and play them while you wait for 2+ years for new MS games for sx

Segata339d ago


PS2 played all PS1 games
PS3 launch system played PS2 and PS1 games. All of them. PS2 had about 4500 games released for it. PS1 about 3100. So PS3 at launch played 7600 games approx. XSX is not BC with every single Xbox game that will work tho. Select games. I doubt it even comes close to the number for launch PS3 ability.

Joe913339d ago

How are you not going off the logo you have yet to see what this machine can do? Also, why do Xbox fanboys think like 1.8 of teraflops will make the xsx so much more powerful? The key listen to developers and most of the devs speaking out is praising both boxes but are more interested in Sony's super-fast SSD. If it is really as fast as they say it will do more for gaming than the xsx if it had 5 more teraflops.

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SyntheticForm340d ago

I like Spencer, but it doesn't really matter how he feels. His confidence doesn't guarantee us anything, but, I am impressed by the hardware.

Let's just see some powerful software compliment it.

Kumakai340d ago

You will. We were just awarded jobs at my studio for trailers to 3 separate exclusives that haven’t even been announced yet. Two are a big deal. Would love to tell more but I’m under NDA and could lose my job. You’ll see Soon tho.

AngelicIceDiamond340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

People haven't caught on to IGN's flame war tactics but I have. Every new console gen that starts IGN will put up polls, or vote for which console is better or vote for who had a better E3 etc. They do these things because it drives traffic and clicks to the site. They claim its to build "excitement" for next gen .All I see is People fighting and arguing, even though they claim they don't condone violence amongst the gamers, very contradicting. Remember IGN in 05 through 2010? Might as well call them IGXN IN Game Xbox News. Anyway Phil actually dodged the question when asked but Ryan asked him again. Why? Easy, clicks and hits, pay outs. He was hesitant but he answered the question. "Phil said it, not me" BS Ryan you pressured Phil into the question that he tried to avoid. Most cases I'm fine with Ryan, but IGN gets real scummy around every new console generation.

S2Killinit340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

Haha yup and then watch PlayStation wipe the floor with them with hit games all generation long.

timotim340d ago

Such hostility, why? Phil was asked how he felt after seeing the PS5 reveal. He was very respectful during the whole interview, not just of Sony, but everyone he spoke about including Platinum, Microsoft, IGN, and all the people effected by the virus.

Like usual, all some of you can think about is hardware sales...

BlackTar187340d ago


Saying you feel better about your product after seeing someone else's is not being humble it's a cheap underhanded comment.

timotim340d ago


No...he was asked DID HE feel better about SX after he saw the PS5 reveal. Phil did not just come out and say that, the interviewer asked if he did. Phil is in charge of Xbox...its not he's job to sugar coat, he has a platform to talk about in the end and he gave his answer. Sony can't be upset by that, neither should you. And no, thats not a cheap shot...a cheap shot would be what Sony did concerning used games and sharing games with quickly we forget.

PertySlick340d ago

@BlackTar187 No disrespect, but you should watch the whole interview and not just take this headline. This headline isn't even the actual wording of his comment. Sony and Microsoft have been pretty respectful to each other. It's the fanboys that drum up hostilities.

S2Killinit340d ago

Hostility? I think I'm entitled to stating what I think of MS’s business model. I’m just saying, we’ve been here before. Thats all.

skiggy34334d ago

You aren't going to see a new God of War or Uncharted anytime soon. Those games take 5-6yrs to make. You might see an Infamous. But I'll bet you don't see any PS sequels until 2-3yrs into the next gen. PS3 took forever to get good games while 360 was killing it. PS4 took a few years to get going and has been doing good that whole time. I just think you wont see many exclusives next gen until maybe year 3

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Livingthedream340d ago

It should make him feel better, this go around they should be on the same level from a graphical standpoint. The Xbox one, was underpowered compared to the PS4, that won't be the case this time. Now they just need to deliver the games.

solideagle340d ago

Phil Spencer is still the boss of Xbox for next-gen makes me feel even better for PS5 hehehe don't kill me :)

RedDevils339d ago

Phil is only talk, most like average games released with him leading the xbox division. While Sony releasing hits after hits on the PS4.

peppeaccardo340d ago

Reveal !?!?! Which reveal !?!? this was ONLY a showaces of the technical decision they made during the design process of the PS5. There was NO hardware, NO games, nothing tangible to see. We had an insight on the philosophy behind the decisions made to bring PS5 to life. He is already talking smack BEFORE the real reveal and this is going to bite him in the ass once more !! [email protected] !!

derektweed1339d ago

An SSD is Hardware, a GPU is hardware, a CPU is hardeware, so yes there was hardware specs revealed

peppeaccardo339d ago

This is is the same as FORD revealing the new family sedan, by showing numbers of how many horse powers has its engine, the specs on the tires and the number of seats it has .... but no exterior nor a test drive on a windy road or a straight line.

skiggy34334d ago

Yeah because anyone with a little hardware sense knows the XSX easily has the power advantage. Whether or not that correlates to good games is yet to be seen. But hands down the XSX is a beast compared to ps5

Sitdown340d ago

Was waiting for this to hit, and wondered how mind before people just took this isolated message and will run without context. For all we know, it made him feel good that they have a capable machine. People should really listen to the interview. He never really took the bait to bash the competitors.

scofios340d ago

"Phil Spencer Says Seeing the PS5 Reveal Made him Feel Even Better About the Xbox Series X"

In reality shit that thing made me shit my pants " Do we have any toilet paper left ? ??"

TheScotsman340d ago

He was hardly gonna say he was fearful or less sure now was he:)

S2Killinit340d ago

Its all pre-arranged. The questions and the answers. All parties get a copy of the transcript. This is how its done everywhere.

PyroMessiah86340d ago

Wooop woop
We got a fanboy over here!

Khalina339d ago

"feel even better" and "at least someone does" don't go together the way you think they do.

Unless you are implying that everyone already felt so good about Series X, that it was impossible to feel better about it, but now Spencer is the one "someone" who feels "even better" about it.

DarXyde339d ago


You know, it's honestly surprising to see people completely dismissing PS5 already. [Book]Mark my words, people will be surprised when they see how well PS5 keeps pace with less TF.

I don't doubt Microsoft will have some great and likely the best optimizations as they are a software company... but the genius behind the PS5's hardware achievement is criminally underrated for two reasons: the consistent memory bandwidth and dat SSD.

Will it outperform Series X? In some games, I would definitely say yes. Not all, but I think it's clear that both machines have their strengths and neither will be particularly bad at anything.

If Phil feels good about it, hey, that's fine. But for what we know about both consoles so far, I'm easily more excited for PS5. I'm so interested in the unknown features.

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Tekken66634340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

does that mean Lockheart is officially scrapped? or possibly saved as a mid gen upgrade?
will there even be a mid gen upgrade for the next Xbox?

CharlesTGG340d ago

Lockhart is the rumoured weaker Xbox Series S that's meant to be a bit more in line with the PS5 and an entry point to Next Gen but still no official word on it.

TheTony316340d ago

Lockhart is rumored to be around 4-5 tf. More in line with the Pro and X

Imalwaysright340d ago


Why would it be in line with a platform they already have on the market?

NecrumOddBoy340d ago

I think Lockhart is just going to be the Xbox One X reskinned with some comparability changes. It's clear with Halo coming to Xbox One and XSX that MS is trying to go for a platform gameplan. I wonder if having to meat the common denominator standards is going to hurt the nextgen games.

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Genkins340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

Lockheart has never been mentioned. not until prices have been settled. (presumably)
the only reason for it's existence.

BLizardXD340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

creditable sources have claimed their prices may very well be the same.
with each of their parts exchanging price values give or take; pricier GPU compared to pricier SSD.
if this be the case Lockheart may not even be a thing. unless either company decides to take a larger loss.

RosweeSon340d ago

Of course there will be they did 4 consoles in not many more years. Pretty certain there will be a new series X console 18-24 months after launch for all those next gen games.

CharlesTGG340d ago

I personally wouldn't expect it so soon after launch

RosweeSon340d ago

Charles TGG: that’s fair enough buddy but me personally seeing how they did this gen ie a new console every other year 1, S, SAD, X and that they have already come out and said we’re going down an iPhone cross gen ecosystem and proper next gen exclusives are another 1-2 years away. Microsoft won’t launch a few new games without a new console extra teraflop etc even if it’s just a slightly smaller quieter bigger hard drive version Microsoft probably already got that one planned out IMO.
Like elite controller sure it’ll work with next gen but if you want one with a dedicated share button here’s our elite controller 3.0 launching 2021 tops ;)

Feedog6340d ago

Imagine how powerful that machine would be. Sony wouldnt be able to compete.

caddytrek340d ago

There was never a second console, that was a rumor that was started on a forum and then the press went crazy. Phil said months ago there was only one console but people still keep repeating it over and over.

Kumakai340d ago

It will be announced. Just not yet they wanna build the hype on X. I know this b/c of my job.

CharlesTGG340d ago

Anything you can share on it? I thought it was closer to PS5 numbers (7-8tflop range) versus the 12 tflop Series X. Why release a 4-5 tflop machine when there's the Xbox One X?

RosweeSon340d ago

Oh of course they not gonna announce now a second model already being planned would massively dent their launch surely as other than the fans who will buy each and every iteration regardless majority will go im good I’ll wait it out a year 2 max either get the launch model cheap or the newer more powerful or just slimmer quieter model.

340d ago
Profchaos340d ago

Anything in the way of VR as well I think it's the one main area that's lacking for me

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AngelicIceDiamond340d ago

Phil teased that he had a "pricing plan" that he feels really confident about that ppl will be really excited about. That means Lockhart is that plan or MS is really gonna price the machine at 400 which would be insane. Phil also said (Paraphrasing like crazy here) sometimes you have to take a short term hit to really get to where you want your platform to be. That could mean 400$ console as well.