Ever wonder what car has been in the most video games?

One car has been in more video games than any other.

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375d ago
badboyz09375d ago

As a Kid the Dodge "VIPER" It seemed that was my go to every Racing game and it was always there.

ilikestuff375d ago

I remember saving up credits in the first gran turismo to get that bad boy. Stayed up all night with my brother taking turns on some real easy track that gave 1000 credits as a reward. We weren’t that good at it in the beginning. Anyway, yea, the viper was my go-to as well

DrDeath375d ago

I did the same thing lol grind

Elit3Nick375d ago

The Gen 2 viper in particular, I don't see many games with the RT/10, but the late 90s GTS is common.

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The story is too old to be commented.