DICE: "Tech Isn't There" to Support Battlefield 5 Double XP

Wondering why we haven't seen any Battlefield 5 double XP events? It seems the tech isn't there to allow it says DICE.

isarai1546d ago


I don't...

Im done.

Nitrowolf21545d ago

What the actual F lol. You would think, after what, 6 games (counting Battlefront) with Double XP that they would have had it in 5. That just a silly oversight

RacerX1545d ago

Dice: "We will not make the game a total grind, and won't gouge Microtransactions"


gamesftw2501545d ago

I think DICE needs to fire their IT tech specialist

Just because


Relientk771545d ago

What? Lol

Call of Duty has been doing this for years.

excaliburps1545d ago

Battlefield has been doing it for years too. It's just BF5 that has issues with it.

Kumakai1545d ago

Uhhh. This is a joke right?

angelsx1545d ago

bf5 is the worst in the series.Shame

Kornholic1545d ago

No it isn't. Hardline still has the same gameplay and gunplay styles BF3 and BF4 had. BF1 and BFV are the worst in the series.

Wolffenblitz1545d ago

Any of you guys consider april fools?

one2thr1545d ago

Thanks Wolffenblitz

No one noticed "0", disagrees lol

AuraAbjure1544d ago

Some of my most fun gaming experiences were playing the blood money and heist gametypes in BF Hardline.

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