Review: Rogue Galaxy [IGN]

Rogue Galaxy definitely brings the noise to longtime RPG fans. Though its storyline isn't on the same level as other great PS2 games in the genre, its mixture of strong combat mechanics, addictive sidequests, and absolutely stunning visual style more than makes up for what it doesn't do. Congrats to Level-5 for a great follow-up to Dragon Quest VIII and a great send-off for the PlayStation 2.

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InMyOpinion4903d ago

They did'nt make it next gen. Looks good tho.

the_bebop4902d ago

If tour dissapointed about the fact that there is no next gen look for it then check out Level-5's next game "Shirokishi Monogatari" other wise known as "White Knight".

bilal4902d ago

i was waiting for this game...

also i am sure that White Knight would kick a$$