Kojima Productions employee diagnosed with COVID-19

Kojima Productions has learned today that an employee
working at the studio has tested positive for COVID-19.

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SegaSaturn669293d ago

This was bound to happen. Konami learned countless covert assassination techniques from Metal Gear and this is the natural consequence.

King_Noctis293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

Best wishes to the guy/gal that is infected with this.

By the way, are we gonna start reporting these kind of news now? What next, Blizzard staff got infected?

gamer7804293d ago

It is relevant, game delays at a studio could be a result of this.

sampsonon293d ago

Agreed. People down voted you because they most likely think you are being insensitive. I think you 're right. Will there be an article for every person in every studio? Cause if they do there won't be any articles except virus articles.

We all feel bad for anyone that gets the virus.
But this is life for the foreseeable future.
Let's celebrate gaming and keep the virus talk for everything else that is a part of our lives now.
Hope the person gets better.
Now let's talk about games.

Elda293d ago

I agree. This site should be a platform to escape from what's going on in the world right now as well as videogames are a medium of escape. Hearing about Covid 19 every single day on the news media is just depressing.

CorndogBurglar293d ago

At this point, pretty much every large company has had at least one person infected with Covid.

I don't think this needs to be reported every single time.

Fist4achin292d ago

Yes, I hope they along with everyone else whom is afflicted by the virus gets better.

If it were Kojima himself, he'd still be plowing through working on his next project. He's a machine.

rainslacker292d ago (Edited 292d ago )

I agree with both sentiments. I hope anyone diagnosed with CV recovers, game industry person or not.

I also don't think it'd be prudent to announce every studio that has an employee effected. If people care about individual studios enough, then there are means to get this news directly from them, and the discussion over these things tends to be sophomoric at best when it hits the forums. It's something we can be sympathetic about, but I don't really see the need to know every person that gets it. It ceases being a novelty when someone famous, or associated with something/someone famous, when the death toll rises so high.

A death of someone in the industry is a different matter, as that is news we mostly handle in a respectful way, although there is always that one person.

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Relientk77293d ago

I hope the employee makes a full recovery, and hopefully none of the other employees got it. I hope everyone stays safe.

DaReapa293d ago

If everyone was able to get tested, I'm sure the numbers would be staggering.

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Unarmed_Civilian293d ago

And there is no test specifically for Covid 19 , they just test for a regular corona virus dna, that probably half of population has, and why many have mild symptoms or are asymptomatic

rainslacker292d ago (Edited 292d ago ) They've isolated the RNA sequence that makes it CV-19, which allows them to test for the anti-bodies that would be present specifically for that strain of CV. Other versions of CV have create different anti-bodies. The method being used is why a test was able to be made so quickly, because when a body makes anti-bodies for a disease, part of the diseases RNA structure is inherited by the anti-bodies.

There are currently only three known SARS corona viruses known to infect humans, and no, you aren't likely to always be walking around with one of these viruses in your system. You're talking about three of the more deadly viruses that have caused, or came close to causing, major epidemics or pandemics in the past 20 years. They also aren't a learned immunity, so it's not something where you get it once, and you will never get it again, so the RNA immunity doesn't always exist within a person. A person after recovering may get sick again, and have worse symptoms or die....not unlike how the common cold can vary between infections, or some flus end up being worse than others.

There are other forms of Corona viruses that aren't SARS or MEIRS types, which people may become infected regularly, and are the cause of common human ailments, but the tests look for the SARS type virus, not these other types. This same test can be used to test for MEIRS type viruses, which most people also aren't likely just walking around from and getting sick from regularly.

PS4Gamer1984293d ago

For God sakes, enough is enough already. I'm so sick of hearing about this, look, here is the deal. We are close to reaching the tipping point where prolonged quarantine is going to do more harm than the virus itself.

This is literally the first time ever we have completely shut down the world because of a new virus. What is the end game here? 4 months passes, 6 months passes, no cure and no vaccine, the Trump stimulus has run its course and that's 2 trillion down the drain and the economy tanks anyway, then what?

And who is to say we are not doing more harm by self isolating because we won't build up an immunity to it anyway and all we are doing is kicking the can down the road and we just catch it anyway a year from now.

Here is my solution, everything should re open for business, let the virus run its course like literally we have done in previous generations and yes there will be casualties, and it's sad, but it's just how it works. Enough is enough

sprinterboy293d ago

Grow up, wouldn't want you in charge mini Hitler

PS4Gamer1984293d ago

How am I wrong though?! Obviously self isolating isn't working because so many people are still catching it. You will see. 6 months from now when this country is basically bankrupt and crumbling because we are still self isolating, then what?!

PS4Gamer1984293d ago

And spare me your holier than though dribble, before the coronavirus you know how many people died daily because of cancer, Aids, opiods and natural disasters, where is everyone's sympathy then?!? You onlu care now because the media is just making that Kool aid on a daily basis

293d ago
rainslacker292d ago (Edited 292d ago )

Self-isolating isn't working because too many people are ignoring the stay-at-home directives. Too many people also aren't practicing social distancing.

I have a prediction. All these people working essential jobs....the grocery store workers, or the hardware store workers, and likely the restraunt workers that get to keep working, are all likely to be in the next wave of reported cases, because people keep going out and interacting with them when they don't have to. These same people are getting close to these people. I've watched employees at lowes keep trying to back away from customers who are within arms reach of them. Apparently lowes has enacted a very adament policy on social distancing for it's employees. But these customers just keep getting close, and when the employee backs away, they get even closer as if they are clueless about what might be going on.

I'm in NC, and our stay at home starts tonight. But lowes over the weekend, while i was there getting a water heater had lots of people buying stuff to remodel full bathrooms. And I don't mean just one or two people, but 5-6. People buying new appliances that aren't necessary. Buying enough flooring to do a full house.

yeah, the quarantine isn't in effect yet, but my friend in Ohio who actually works for lowes said that their paint department is busier than it's ever been. Like 3X busier than normal, doing twice as many sales in paint on the weeked than they normally do all week.

So tell me, if there are that many people buying that much paint, can you honestly say that a state that has been shut down for two weeks really has enough people following shelter-in-place, or practicing social distancing guidelines? I live in NC, in an area that has a lot of wealthy people who are very entitled. We're blessed with some major and plentiful hospitals like Duke or UNC, and many other well known names....and they're already filling up.

Yeah, quarantines aren't affecting the virus in the US, because it's like the quarantines don't exist. Look at China and Italy. When they cracked down on this people ignoring the quarantines, it stopped the virus.

Oh, and all those people dying of cancer or other things are even less likely to get medical attention because of CV. So, expect those death rates to increase, but not show up on the CV death toll. That would make Trump look bad if we accounted for incidental deaths due to neglecting the needs of others who are sick.


There is no herd immunity with SARS type viruses. You do not build up an immunity to any type of corona virus, SARS or otherwise. It's why you can keep getting the same common cold or flu over and over again.

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gamer7804293d ago

Yah no, this would result in catastrophic death numbers and overrun hospitals where supplies are already low. Thanks but no thanks Dr. PS4Gamer1984, let’s not go back to the dark ages....

SamPao293d ago

You are completely ignoring the problem.
The problem is that when too many people get infected at once and they need medical assistance and there is NOT ENOUGH, they are just going to die while they could actually be saved. you can say your economy good bye if you just let a virus like that run its course. you are going to have dead people inside houses and on the streets, oh nice but the economy is running right? no it wont.

PS4Gamer1984293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

Again, this doesn't answer the most important question. What is the endgame though, one year down the road, there is no vaccine, no cure, the US goes bankrupt along with the rest of the world. he unemployment rate is 50%, then what? I mean let's be honest, you really want to be alive anyway at that point is if you are just going to be a prisoner in your home anyway. That's why the saying exists, get busy living or get busy dying

sampsonon293d ago


Ah! a loner with no friends or family that loves him. I understand why you think the way you do.
Now kiss your dog because it's the only kiss you will ever get in your life.

MeteorPanda293d ago

Skip the middle man. Go kill your parents

goldwyncq293d ago

You’re a danger to society and should be locked up.

Sitdown293d ago

*in my best Killmonger voice* PS4 Gamers, is this your king?

Oh another note, I can understand the logic...buuuuuut being wrong would be monumental.

Saaleh293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

You have a point in economic perspective, eventually it will collapse, but our governments can do far more before we reach that level of self sacrifice.

Your point of view is viewd as crazy except for those who are extremely poor families that got no backup or support or families after corno virus eliminated their jobs.

The less you isolate yourself the bigger the chance you will die, the bigger the chance your family infected. It is common sense to isolate yourself in these circumstances. Over time, people won't be capable of maintaining such imporant precaution.

So don't rush death, don'tlose hope, follow what will protect your family. Keep asking questions. Keep looking for answers. Just don't rush death..

rainslacker292d ago (Edited 292d ago )

As of right now, strong quarantines should only be about a month. The actual Virus and infections/deaths will carry on after that, but they'll be what they're calling flattened out in the media.

Personally, it's kind of shameful that people can't seem to be able to accept that a month of strong sacrafice for the greater good isn't going to really ruin their lives. But as it is, I think many people just aren't taking it seriously, which means it's going to extend how long these quarantines are necessary, and increase the chances that those who have to keep interacting with these idiots will catch the virus, making everyone have to sacrafice more.

These kind of people are making the decision for everyone else that we should sacrafice even more, because they're too enamored with their own entitlement, and God Forbid they just spend some time at home. It'll be harder for some, especially those who lived paycheck to paycheck and now maybe have no paycheck. But it's going to be hard for most by the end. Even those who get to keep working are more likely to get sick, and I think food service, retail stores considered essential, and grocery store workers are going to show a rather large spike in number of cases in the next couple weeks.

Honestly, I'm almost sick of what I'm witnessing across our country. I'm kind of at the point I am thinking it constitutes criminal neglect on these people just going out and exposing themselves, or everyone else to potential infection.

I don't think anyone in the US alive today has really lived through a pandemic. If they have, they probably were too young to really remember it well. Not many people today remember when sacrafices had to be made because of depressions, or shortages of oil or food supplies. We've become a country of self-gratification, and while many of us are willing to say we'll sacrafice, and quick to judge others for their lack of, many are just completely unwilling to do so themselves, because they feel they are impervious to the dangers.

Saaleh291d ago

Exactly, some people are so extreme in their precautions, for example some even sending messages to everyone to close windows and don't even look across the window for 2 weeks. But the other kind you mentioned is worst, even in my country some people got the option to stay home with paycheck yet some are still going to work, at first most people took it as a chance to go out have fun, some people to this day still gather their families and friends in events/funerals/mosques/church es.etc. Some still take their children out to buy groceries and take their time.

The worst part, is that there were actual huge infection spread in a funeral, it became so famous yet people still hold on to their normal habits and rituals. As if their old obligations are more important than their health and their family health and other people health.

So sad, people and governments are in for dark times. But whatever happen, I will do my best to stay reasonable in my actions .

rainslacker290d ago

A lot of people here in the US are treating it like a vacation. Retail that is open is like you see when we have those three day weekends, except now, a lot of them are still getting paid, and they know they're going to be getting this big check that will allow them to do some project they've been putting off. So yeah, in the short term, it'll stimulate the economy, until others who still can't pay their bills end up still not being able to pay their bills, and the people that need the money from those bills can't pay theirs because these people aren't paying, and because of the furloughs, these people can't be evicted(which I'm not saying is a a bad thing right now, but still landlords need to pay rent too).

Maybe as the cases keep rising, it'll finally dawn on people that this isn't a holiday. I think as more people they may end up knowing start getting sick, or they themselves do, they'll understand that they screwed up.

But, part of me thinks that it's going to take stronger government interaction for things to get better. That's what happened in Italy, and China. It's like people just don't understand that we're all connected to someone, who knows someone, who has been somewhere, and interacted with other people. Each person down the line continues a larger and larger branch of people that we may end up having some connection, and potential exposure to CV. Without going too far down this branching tree, most people in the US have some connection with this virus, even if they have no clue who that carrier was.

King_Noctis293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

You do know why we do isolations and social distancing right? It is to stop the spread of virus. It could take weeks, it could take months, but if it could save even one more life, I’d say it is more than worth it.

“ there will be casualties, and it's sad, but it's just how it works”

Surely you wouldn’t want your friend, relative, or family members to get this virus right? Or you’d rather take your chance with this virus?

Saaleh292d ago (Edited 292d ago )

When the worst case arrive, anyone who ( HAVE to / FORCED to ) work in order to survive, they can isolate themselves from their families while working, for example i can rent solo apartment and send my family my money until this crisis is gone. It will be like a military service. This is the worst case if our governments failed us in this crisis. Hope this ease your worries. This is probably what will the governments and desperate people will do at some point if there is no vaccine. Just don't throw your family out of safety ( for the herd immunity idea ). That's what i mean by self sacrifice.

rainslacker292d ago

It wouldn't get to that point, and these people wouldn't have to sacrafice as much, if people would just do the rather moderate self-isolation and social distancing that has been asked of them from the start. There's a reason New York, California, and China all had to go and become more strict with these quarantines...which yes, is just a stronger word for shelter in place. It's because people weren't doing what was asked of them. They didn't take it seriously. They defeated the purpose, and prolonged the time it took to "flatten the curve". But look at China and Italy. When they became strict with it, the virus slowed significantly.

rainslacker292d ago (Edited 292d ago )

What more harm can there be from staying cooped up, compared to hundreds of thousands getting sick, tens of thousands of collateral deaths or severe illness for those who can't get treatment because hospitals are overwhelmed?

I understand there are economic ramifactions from prolonged shut downs. But, here's the thing about the economy. It'll recover. We may have to sacrafice for a while, and times may be tough for a lot of people. But it will recover.

What won't recover is the people dying by the thousands. The grief of those close to those who pass away may subside over time, but it never truly leaves. The hardships some of those who survive a close relatives death...say the major provider of a family...will be long to stay around.

Go tell anyone who's lost someone to CV, or any doctor or nurse currently working at a hospital that the ramifications are worse by staying cooped up. I have two cousins who are nurses in hospitals in largish cities, and it sickens me what is going on with them being able to get supplies, and people dismissing this stuff as if the light is at the end of the tunnel. I pray for their health, and the health of their family, because their families are awesome, and I absolutely adore my cousins kids, and I am in no way a Godly man. Before this is all through, you are likely to know someone who will be affected by this virus. Maybe not them dying, but chances are, at least someone you care about enough to show sympathy for will have lost a love one from this. Think the Kevin Bacon effect....that's how closely connected we will all be to someone else affected by this.

The economy will tank. Not every country has a stimulus package. The stimulus package is there to try and prevent the economy from going into a depression, but a repression is certainly going to happen. Bills will come due eventually, and that stimulus may help those who are without work, but $1200 isn't going to last very long for those with bills to pay, and everyone who is fortunate enough to keep getting paid, or continue working(hopefully safely) are just going to spend that money.

You're extremely optimistic if you think that the peak is here. We're barely two weeks into the quarantine in parts of the US, and the states that are quarantined, too many people aren't taking it seriously enough, and they're just going out shopping because hey, they're getting a check, and they're bored at home. Great to help the economy, but they're exposing themselves, and others to the virus. The people not taking it seriously enough and just going out as if they're on vacation, or it's a long weekend are making this last longer for everyone, including those who are sacraficing their usual comforts. They're increasing the risk that others will contract the virus as well, no matter how much people self-isolate.

No....we've barely saw the beginning of this here in the US. That exponential curve isn't flattening, it's becoming sharper. If people had paid attention to the quarantine, we wouldn't be seeing this kind of rise in numbers, but every day shows an increase in the number of cases from the day before, and the number of deaths per day increasing as well.

You can't say this has run it's course until these numbers start going the other way.

Almost 3000 dead as of noon today. Over 150K infected.

What makes me shake my head is that Bush was able to pull the country together after 9/11, while Trump can only tear it apart, while he makes it about himself. Yes...this is what we've come to. Our president is worse than Bush. Let that sink in. And it's rare I give a rats ass about politics.

Saaleh291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

You are right, government plays a huge role to guide people( especially the careless type) in crisis. They are failing us. All it has to do is take medium measures for a month or two and make sure people follow them and make the consequences and the hope crystal clear and provide safe steps to buy groceries if necessary. And make control measures for those who are defying these normal precautions.

The economy can easily recover from this, these precautions are not extreme compared to what we are facing.

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