Amazon Opens Pre-Orders For Borderlands Legendary Collection

During the Nintendo Direct Mini, it was revealed that 2K would be brining Borderlands to the Nintendo Switch in the form of Borderlands Legendary Collection.

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neutralgamer1992446d ago

I have yet to buy borderlands 3. I am a huge fan of the series love the first one and bought collections editions for the 2nd. Pre sequel even though it was done by a different studio left a sour taste and borderlands 3 is more borderlands and I don't know after such a long break in between 2 to 3 I was expecting more

I may pick it up down the road if there is a complete edition with all the dlc. I know many defended borderlands 3 saying it was more borderlands which is fine but after 3 games I feel like the series has made tweaks but not evolved( just an opinion and I know I am in the minority)

apollo06443d ago

Borderlands 3 IS AMAZING!!! I still played 2 the most BUT 3 has to be my favorite.