God of War creator David Jaffe says Kratos was 'never a misogynist'

God of War creator and director David Jaffe has said that Kratos was "NEVER a misogynist," and that the character has been mischaracterized since the 2018 GoW.

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annoyedgamer486d ago

Violently murder scores of males = ok
Sex with female prisoners = not ok

Simp logic.

rainslacker485d ago

Being an asshole to everyone is misogyny apparently.

A better adjective to use would be he is a sociopath, and unapologetic about his actions. They changed that some in the new game.

His general attitudes towards women, or men, is probably pretty typical of spartan warriors in the time the games were set.

annoyedgamer485d ago

The general attitude of men being expendable hasn't changed since Spartan times. Its the exact same today.

Gaming101485d ago

Everyone likes to pretend that if they weren't living in present times, they wouldn't have the exact same morality as those who lived thousands of years ago in all different parts of the world.

You most definitely would not be a feminist, or virtue signalling social justice warrior. You would not be crying about toxic masculinity like a bitch, and shaming men who had sex with women without making it into a fucking romantic comedy first.

rainslacker485d ago


Not suggesting that the world, and perceptions towards how we treat people haven't changed over the past thousands of years. Just that for the time the game was set that it works for the story. His reasons weren't based on what is considered sexist today. Sexism, in this case, is more about intent, and his intention was never to be discriminatory because of someone's sex.

Gaming101485d ago

Misogyny is also about a deeply ingrained hatred and prejudice towards women.
Feminists have tried to lump men who use women for sex into this category.
They are idiots, and just hate men. They are brainwashed by their liberal studies professors, and see the world through a lens of victimization which leads them to living a life of pure misery. I don't know a single happy feminist.

P_Bomb485d ago (Edited 485d ago )

Definitely a different time, different place with a strictly defined class structure and gender roles. It’s our history, loosely based but still.

Anyone who has AC:Odyssey (or Origins for that matter) check out the fantastic historical tours mode. Whatever it was called. I’ll look it up. An informative look at the Spartan way of life, dare I say educational. Yay videogames!

Had my son walk through a virtual day in the life of. He’s healthy so his age he’d have been conscripted, head shaved, no shoes, sleeping on sticks and swimming every day starting a 20+ year military training where he couldn’t be with a woman until his 20’s with the expectation to be married by 30...or face fines and stigma. Women sewed clothes.

Edit: Discovery tour. That’s it. Check em out.

Fluttershy77485d ago (Edited 485d ago )

Maybe not God of War 1 but I remember the "Bros before Hos" trophy in GoW: Ascension after you beat the sht out of a female character... If that's not misogynistic, I don't know what is it. That was a low moment for the franchise...

KillBill485d ago

Does not change the fact that he was a misogynist... simply because everyone else back then were also misogynists.

rainslacker485d ago (Edited 485d ago )


I'd say he was a misandrist also then. He was an equal opportunity discriminator. His intent wasn't there to make him a least not in the context that Jaffe was using here. he was just an a**hole.


That doesn't make Kratos misogynistic. That's just a play on words for a common saying that exists today. The saying is indeed disrespectful towards women, but the word hos itself is also a colloquialism that in it's original form was actually made into a term of endearment, and later changed to be inclusive of all women. But the saying itself is more about not chasing after a women while you leave your friends behind.

I think it's a stupid saying myself, and sounds like something men use when they are too insecure, but that's beside the point of the discussion.

In the case of where you got the trophy in the game, Kratos wasn't smashing that female characters face because she was a woman. He was doing it because it was an enemy. The context of the trophy was that you were helping, and being supported by another male character, and you were needing to kill this woman before you could progress. If it had been a male character, and they used the "Bros before Foes" that they eventually changed the trophy name too, no one would have been upset on the play on words. But, because they used the "Hos" saying, and it happened to be a female character, it's suddenly misogynistic?

I don't think so. I think it's just a quippy saying, and while i don't care for saying women are "hos", and have never used the colloquialism, or other potentially disrespectful colloquialisms that describe a group of people, I don't see that the term was used here to be offensive, nor that it makes Kratos himself misogynistic.

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Eamon485d ago

I'm pretty sure Kratos disrespected women less than men. When a guy is in his way, he brutally rips him apart without question - regardless of the guy's cries or begging. If a woman is in his way, Kratos usually asks them to stand aside, and if they do not comply, proceeds to rip them apart.

Also, Kratos is not cruel to children and has never harmed any. It is ancient Hellenistic society that is misogynistic, not Kratos.

generic-user-name485d ago

"Also, Kratos is not cruel to children and has never harmed any"

Hmmm, he killed his daughter but that was not deliberate, however in GoW III each time he killed a god he unleashed catastrophe upon the earth (or just Greece? Or just 'his' version of earth?) and he knew what he was doing then, he killed probably millions indirectly.

485d ago
rainslacker485d ago

He would sometimes try to help people in the games, more often than not women. He'd usually end up killing them eventually to solve a puzzle, and conveniently remove them from the story of the game. Sometimes they'd kill themselves by running away when he was "escorting" them. He's certainly doesn't show remorse for his actions towards others.

Fluttershy77484d ago (Edited 484d ago )


I mean you can explain it all you want, but at the end of the day people find that trophy to be misogynistic and highly inappropriate, to the point that Santa Monica patch it up almost immediately and the studio and Sony apologize, and promise a better "quality control" for the future...If the trophy wasn't misogynistic, and they meant like you say that you were being "a bro" to kratos while he beat the crap of an "enemy", and "hoes" is just like a coloquial term... Why change it? Why not keep the trophy? Why apologize?

I remember at the time there was a little bit of backlash on regards of how Kratos himself was a misogynist...
Idk about that, you decide.
But my point is that David Jaffe can't really act all surprised and "piss off" when people remind him that this version of Kratos (that is 2018) is not misogynistic... Because there are some precedents to the whole thing

BlackIceJoe486d ago

I know off topic, but still on topic, because of David Jaffe, I'd like to see him make AAA games again.

I remember in the past he had an idea about making a third or first person shooter and it was about making the Chinese government, attack America, so you become a freedom fighter, to free America. I'm not sure if he was going in this direction or not, but I always thought of it being something like Wolfenstein.

I doubt a game like that would be approved, in this day and age, but I really would like to see it.

porkChop485d ago

Sounds like a mix of Wolfenstein, Homefront, and Red Dawn. Could be cool. But we've seen a lot of similar stories so he'd have to find some kind of hook to make it more unique and interesting.

Mr_Writer85485d ago

The thing is with Jaffe, and a few others designers (Cliffy B springs to mind) he's like a sportsman.

He has a shelf life.

And his has now expired.

He made good games, but they were very of the time. Time has moved on, but he has not.

I doubt he will give up, but he peaked with GOW and will probably do nothing of note until he retires.

generic-user-name485d ago

I dunno, if there's space in modern gaming for Doom games to be successful then there's space for Jaffe.

Mr_Writer85485d ago


I'm yet to be convinced. Like I said sometimes these guys have 1 maybe 2 hit IPs in them and that's it.

Doom is a very different beast, it's a well established IP, and the original team have nothing to do with it.

Ironically, Romero is another example of one or two good ideas followed up by less than.

8bitRey485d ago

IIRC That game was titled HEARTLAND

StormSailor485d ago

In today's world where nothing can be said against China and everyone pretends to ignore the tyranny and the risk they pose to the world, I find it very difficult for a game like this to come out. Only an indie funded by donations from ordinary people

BlackIceJoe485d ago

Sadly you're right and now more than ever do we need someone to be brave to stand up to the Chinese government. I just don't know who will be strong enough to do it.

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jambola486d ago

Oh thank God
I never could enjoy the games because I thought he might be
Now I can finally enjoy them

camel_toad485d ago (Edited 485d ago )

I'm happy to see that you didn't have to add the "/s" and everyone still seems to of gotten it. It gives me hope that our society (gamers at least) arent just drooling drones bumping into kitchen counters.

ApocalypseShadow486d ago

Of course not. He was a lady's man and an equal opportunity @ss kicker.

If you were a God that butted in or a worshipper of those Gods, you received equal punishment from his blades to create social change. Was willing to die for his believes and come back(escaping hell was so fun) to continue his struggle.

That's a progressive man. Lol.

rainslacker485d ago

He'd use anyone to further his own goals. Didnt matter who they were. He even killed people who tried to help him. For the most part, if any other character existed in the game, you could pretty confidently say he'd likely kill them. One of the few exceptions were the women in the sex scene mini game...which funny enough, was someone he killed in the new game.

ApocalypseShadow485d ago

That's how you effect change rain. Kill everybody. Lol.

rainslacker485d ago

Since the people in the US don't seem to be taking these stay at home orders seriously, the pandemic will probably do all that killing for us.

Saaleh485d ago

Very proactive even in hell..

NecrumOddBoy485d ago (Edited 485d ago )

Can murder a god with his bare hands; takes time out of his day to f*ck another man's wife; rises to power; falls again

Kratos = Dwight Schrute

rainslacker485d ago

Hes angry because he doesnt have a super desk

rainslacker485d ago

Oh yeah...damn. Can't keep your jello stapler in a super desk. not enough refrigeration.

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