Horizon Zero Dawn Gets A New Comic

This looks like a fun way to expand the story and universe for the game as a new comic has been revealed.

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zacfoldor7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Okay, 1 going to PC, few exciting next gen games announced, now this. My guess is that Horizon Zero Dawn 2 will be announced this year, and will be released sooner than expected.

Garethvk7d ago

Possible PS5 launch title?

zacfoldor7d ago

That would be AWESOME! I can only hope.

generic-user-name7d ago

I'm sure the current crisis is going to have an impact on a lot of launch window titles, assuming Horizon 2 is one of them.

Garethvk7d ago

Very true. My p.r. reps are working from home but it is silent often with not many replies and nainly mass emails. I have seen more responses this week but I think many companies are scrambling to figure out reveals, releases, etc.